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  • Ochanomizu Cell Clinic “Ochanomizu Cell Clinic”, which cures joint pain with the most advanced stem cells! Japan’s first orthopedic clinic with CPC specialized in regenerative medicine

Ochanomizu Cell Clinic “Ochanomizu Cell Clinic”, which cures joint pain with the most advanced stem cells! Japan’s first orthopedic clinic with CPC specialized in regenerative medicine

Medical corporation association Yachiyokai The “Ochanomizu Cell Clinic”, which cures joint pain with “the most advanced” stem cells, is now open! Japan’s first orthopedic clinic with CPC specializing in regenerative medicine Rescue joint pain with 20% of Japan’s total population * with new regenerative medicine! …………………………………………………………………………………………… Ochanomizu Cell Clinic (4-1-1 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will open on October 10, 2019 (Thursday). This is an orthopedic clinic specializing in regenerative medicine that treats joint pain and osteoporosis such as knees with the most advanced stem cells.
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This clinic is headed by Tomohiro Terao, who has studied regenerative medicine at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, the world’s top researcher in ES cells. In addition, we welcome Dr. Atsushi Saito, Orthopedic Surgery, University of Tokyo Hospital, who has specially researched and examined osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, and will provide a new treatment, “regenerative medicine” using stem cells. The hospital has a CPC (Cell Processing Center) in place to provide an environment where “stem cell therapy” can be performed in perfect condition. “Stem cells” are effective not only in joint treatment, but also in muscle, tendon, spinal cord, ligament damage, osteoporosis, cerebral infarction, collagen disease, emphysema, hypertension, etc. in worldwide research. As a typical example, obesity, aging, and excessive exercise continue to wear out the cartilage of the knee, so that it can be effective in “degenerative knee arthropathy” that cannot absorb the shock to the bone and cannot walk. This is an innovative new treatment with low risk that can be expected to be effective for treating athletes as well as elderly people who suffer from knee pain. The effect depends on the individual, but in general, the pain due to inflammation starts from about one week, the symptoms due to joint deformity are effective as early as one month, and gradually improve over one year. Sometimes continue. * Source: Impact of knee and low back pain on health-related quality of life in Japanese women: the Research on Osteoarthritis Against Disability (ROAD)
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What is “stem cell therapy”? Taking stem cells from the tissue collected from the patient’s abdomen, cultivating them, increasing the number to a sufficient number, and then returning them to the body by injection or infusion, returning them to their normal functions again This is a “new” treatment aimed at. This clinic uses mesenchymal stem cells obtained from abundant abdominal adipose tissue, so it has been proven that there is no risk of developing cancer cells, etc., and the administration also uses injection or infusion Therefore, it is a treatment that minimizes the physical burden on the patient. ≪Outline of facility≫ Facility name: Ochanomizu Cell Clinic Address: 4-1-1 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Consultation time: From 9:00 to 17:00 Closed consultation day: Saturday (first, third, fifth), Sunday Access: 3-minute walk from JR Ochanomizu Station St. Hashiguchi, 2-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Shin-Ochanomizu Station B2 Exit ≪Doctor introduction≫
◆ Director, Tomohiro Terao
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Director Tomohiro Terao ・ Specialized diseases General regenerative medicine ·book Universal Cell Medicine Metamol Publishing If you wear “the right habit”, your back pain will be cured! Yosensha ・ Qualification Japanese Orthopedic Association specialist Japan Sports Association Certified Sports Doctor Sports physician certified by the Japanese Orthopedic Association Japan Regenerative Medicine Society ・ Academic societies Japan Orthopedic Association Japan Society for Regenerative Medicine Japan Sports Association ・ Career Graduated from Tokyo Medical University School of Medicine Tokyo Medical University Hospital, Orthopedic Surgery Tokyo Police Hospital Completed Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University Shenyang Hospital ・ Director’s message I was interested in regenerative medicine around 2000. In the paper I happened to read, there was written a theory for creating new lost tissue using cells. The more I read related papers, the more I became interested in regenerative medicine. I retired from a hospital where I worked hard in 2003 and went to study abroad at Kyoto University, the world’s top researcher in ES cells (stem cells). . Since then, he has been involved in regenerative medicine at several medical institutions, utilizing his research knowledge gained at Kyoto University. The Ochanomizu Cell Clinic was established with the aim of providing the most effective cell therapy at the present time by utilizing nearly 1000 clinical experiences and knowledge as an orthopedic specialist and regenerative medicine specialist. This clinic also has a cell culture facility (CPC). Because it is in the hospital, the staff can directly manage the cells every day and treat them with fresh cells.
◆ Prof. Saito
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Dr. Satoshi Saito ・ Specialized diseases Osteoarthritis osteoporosis ・ Career Graduated from the University of Tokyo School of Medicine Department of Orthopedic Surgery, University of Tokyo Metropolitan Komagome Hospital NTT Kanto Hospital Completed Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo University of Tokyo Hospital, Bone and Cartilage Regenerative Medicine Course, Associate Professor Associate Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo ・ Qualification Director, Center for Osteoporosis, University of Tokyo Hospital Japanese Orthopedic Association specialist Japanese Orthopedic Association Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine Councilor of the Japanese Society for Bone Metabolism Councilor of Japan Cartilage Metabolism

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