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“Pearl Abyss” latest work Project K, Project V, Project CD G-STAR ahead of the teaser site!

Pearl Abyss JP
“Pearl Abyss” latest work Project K, Project V, Project CD G-STAR ahead of the teaser site!
Korea Pearl Abyss Corp. (Head office: Anyang, South Korea) will take action battle royal “Shadow Arena” through “Pearl Abyss Connect 2019” (PAC2019) to be held at G-STAR 2019 on Thursday, November 14th. ”Will be announced. On the day, live broadcasts are also planned for the whole world. The teaser site is also released today, Project K is “ Plan Eight ” (English: PLAN 8), Project V is “ Dokebi ” (English: DokeV), Project CD is “ Red Desert ” (English: Crimson) Desert) will be informed that the official title name has been decided.
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● PAC2019 special site: https://gstar.pearlabyss.com/
● PAC2019 streaming site: https://gstar.pearlabyss.com/en/PAC/Index Project K / Plan Eight (English: PLAN 8)
Developed dramatically after Minh Le, the creator of FPS ’s monument “Counter-Strike” joined the project, and the title was decided to be “Plan Eight”. The first shooting genre of Pearl Abyss, Lee Seung-Ki General Producer and Min Lee Development Technical Advisor will release a trailer at PAC2019. Lee Seung-gi is the world design director for Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile, and has been working on this work since 2018.
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Project V (English: DokeV)
Project V, where only concept art was revealed, was named “Dokebi”. Dokebi means “ghost” in Korean. This work is a collective open world MMORPG that goes on an adventure in search of “ghosts” that grow with the power of people’s dreams. Pearl Abyss Kim Sang-Young, V
Development Studio, who has led the animation of Black Desert since the beginning, and Choi Sowon, who has been responsible for planning R2, C9 and Black Desert Choi Suh-Won) Development Producer is in charge.
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Project CD / Crimson Desert
“Crimson Desert”, which was called by the code name of the project CD, is the next flagship MMORPG of Pearl Abyss, which began development in the second half of 2018. Experience the world where northern, southern and eastern people survive in their own way on the vast Pywell continent through realistic characters, immersive scenarios and high quality cutscenes. . The director of Jung Jason who was the director of “ Reel Online ” and Lee Eter director who was also responsible for the action part of “ Reel Online ” “ C9 ” are also in charge, PAC2019 Will be officially announced at.
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Through this new announcement, Pearl Abyss will provide gamers around the world with an innovative and extraordinary gaming experience, and will continue to challenge various genres and platforms in the future. Related Sites
● “Plan Eight” teaser site: https://plan8.pearlabyss.com/
● “Dokebi” teaser site: https://dokev.pearlabyss.com/
● “Red Desert” teaser site: https://crimsondesert.pearlabyss.com/
● “Shadow Arena” teaser site: http://shadowarena.pearlabyss.com/

For more information about this release(Japanese):



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