Tsukitsu Gakuen Group Nihon Keizai University creates a women’s rugby club

Tsuzuki Academy Group
Nihon Keizai University creates women’s rugby club
Invited Mr. Muneshi Kamigami from Fukuoka as director

Nihon Keizai University (Location: Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President: Akitsuka Tsuzuki) is pleased to welcome Mr. Muneshi Sasagami (former Coca-Cola Laboratories Japan Co., Ltd.) as the director for the new female rugby club. Has been officially
Mr. Kakigami was born in Fukuoka Prefecture and participated in the national competition for the third consecutive year in Saga Technical High School. In Kanto Gakuin University, he was active in the stand-off from the first year, and in the second and third years, the National University Rugby Championship was held. Achieved consecutive victory. After graduation, he returned to Fukuoka and joined Coca-Cola West Japan Co., Ltd. (currently Coca-Cola Laboratories Japan Co., Ltd.), contributing to the promotion of Coca-Cola Red Sparks Top League and being selected as the representative of Japan. We have many achievements.
On November 8, 2019 (Friday), I attended the director inauguration meeting with the President of the University of Tokyo, Akiko Tsuzuki, at KOROKAN, Nihon Keizai University.
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Left: Director Muneshi Sasagami Right: President Tsuzuki Akizuki At the beginning of the interview, President Tsuzuki stated, “In order to strengthen women’s rugby as a team and at the same time break through the limits through rugby, the ultimate team sport, The background of the request of Mr. Sakakigami to take over as a director who has a unique policy and is able to take the plunge to challenge is essential for the newly established female rugby club. Was told. [Image 2


President Akizuki Tsuzuki
According to Mr. Kamigami, “I am happy as one of the passionate rugby that the first World Cup in Asia was successful” and “Rugby has the correct answer as long as there is a mistake, as long as the game continues “It is also a diversity sport in the sense of respecting individuality,” he said, and emphasized the significance of human development through rugby. In addition, it is enthusiastic that the creation of a place for challenge is a reason to have been appointed as the director who started from scratch because the desire to create a starting point to sympathize with rugby from places such as Kyushu and Fukuoka is sympathizing with the philosophy of the mission of the university. It was
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Director Satoshi Sugami
Mr. Sugigami is not only a director of women’s rugby but also an assistant professor at the Faculty of Business Administration. You will be in charge of leadership-related subjects, and will also make efforts to strengthen communication skills and human power.
In addition to improving competitiveness through activities, acquiring sportsmanship, and learning rugby, also known as the ultimate organizational sport, students learn teamwork and human power such as “ONE TEAM”. Emphasis is placed on the significance of gaining, and we look forward to coaching the director.
■ Nihon Keizai University (Tsuzuki Gakuen Group / (School) Tsuzuki Ikuei Gakuen) The Tsuzuki Gakuen Group was founded in 1956 with the spirit of “Study of Life through the Extension of Individuality” as its founding spirit. Nihon Keizai University, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018, is a university that has 17 specialized courses with a high degree of expertise centered on economics and management.
Location: 3-11-25 Gojo, Dazaifu-shi, Fukuoka
Representative: President Akiko Tsuzuki
(Tsukigakuen Group) http://tsuzukigakuengroup.com/
(Nihon Keizai University) https://www.jue.ac.jp/
Business description: A group of school corporations headquartered in Minami-ku, Fukuoka

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