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  • TV Osaka Co., Ltd. Masahiro Chono is gaddem at TV Osaka! ! Special program just before the opening of the 11th Osaka Motor Show! November 29 (Friday) at 5:25 in the evening!

TV Osaka Co., Ltd. Masahiro Chono is gaddem at TV Osaka! ! Special program just before the opening of the 11th Osaka Motor Show! November 29 (Friday) at 5:25 in the evening!

TV Osaka Co., Ltd.
Masahiro Chono is gaddem on TV Osaka! ! Special program just before the opening of the 11th Osaka Motor Show! November 29 (Friday) at 5:25 in the evening!
“Large car enthusiasts” Masahiro Chono & Junsuke Okada report the venue of the Tokyo Motor Show! Unlimited to ride and touch the latest models and concept cars freely! In addition, the president of the top manufacturer is interviewed directly!
New energy car, automatic operation using AI! And the automobile industry has become a reality in the sky! What kind of future life will the ever-evolving “car” bring to people? Deliver the fun and excitement of such “cars” to viewers!
The 11th Osaka Motor Show to be held at INTEX Osaka (December 6-9) will be held on November 29 (Friday), at 17:25 on TV Osaka, the special program “Just before the opening of the Osaka Motor Show” SP new combination! Masahiro Chono & Sakai Okada Near future car infiltration report! Is broadcast. Pro wrestler Masahiro Chono, who was appointed as a special supporter of the Osaka Motor Show, and Masahiro Okada, a big car enthusiast, acted as a program navigator and reported the venue ahead of the opening of the Osaka Motor Show. It is a content that delivers the fun and excitement of “cars” to viewers. [Image 1


Prior to the broadcast, a press conference was held on Friday, November 8, at TV Osaka, where Masahiro Chono and Kenichi Hanamoto entered the stage. As soon as Chono appears at the interview venue, “Gattemu! Next, Hanamoto producer talked about the highlights of the program and the appointment of Masahiro Chono. “Recently, there is a lot of news about youth away from the car and the car industry. When I was wondering how to make the Osaka Motor Show exciting, I would like to see the visuals, including the fun of an exciting car. I researched if there would be anyone who would become, but Mr. Chono caught the information that he likes cars, “he said.
In addition, Chono himself was just 35 years since his debut as a professional wrestling, and he said, “I was able to collaborate with Anniversary and became a special supporter.”
Chono, who was appointed as the 11th Osaka Motor Show Special Supporter, is confessing that it has been 35 years since the professional wrestling debut and 35 years have passed since his driver’s license was acquired. Furthermore, when I first talked about it, I was surprised by the offer, saying, “I was wondering if I could do it because it was a historical global show.” “I also like cars anyway,” I looked back on the overseas training era, “I went to the United States, Europe, and Canada, but in this era I couldn’t live without a car. “I drove more than 1,000km, went to the venue and went home to play, and the car was a necessary tool for wrestlers,” he said with nostalgia. “Basics, I like driving”, “Before a big game, I listened to my favorite song to raise morale and switched feelings in the car. I think everyone in the car is like that. “Driving time is your own time and your own space.”
[Image 2


When asked about Masada Okada, who served as a partner on the program, “Okada-san’s love for cars was amazing. If you really like cars, you take a car carefully, “I can only ride a German car because I am German, but Okada is riding a car that I tuned up,” he said. When interviewed for the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 that was held the other day and asked for the impression of test riding on various concept cars, “The automobile industry is not just an era of making cars. I felt that there was a car as an indispensable part in my life, “he said, and realized that in the future, cars will become more rooted in their lives.
Also, the 11th “Osaka Motor Show” was the first time that a special supporter was set up, and he mentioned that he was appointed, “I ’m saying“ Gaddem! ” I think we have to carry the sense of crisis that we have, “prepared words. “I think that the TV industry and other industries are also entering a period of change, but the manufacturers are colliding with each other within the proper framework in the sense of crisis and conflict over the times. I think the car industry has to work together to do something.I’m worried about whether I should do it, but I’d like to do my best to support it, “he said.
[Image 3


When a reporter asked how to enjoy visitors at the Osaka Motor Show, “ Our generations enjoyed driving a car with a license as a kind of status, but in the near future cars I think that it will be a concept that can be used by everyone, and I hope you can see the area at the “Osaka Motor Show” as well. ” “Since the thinking of the people in the car industry has come to the point of ‘Creating a city of the future’, I think that will be the part that will change in the future. There’s a mix of new ones, and there are a lot of different types of cars, and there are still old classic cars from the 1950s and 1960s, so you should know that and enjoy a variety of cars. I would like visitors to enjoy that kind of place, “he said.
[Image 4


When I next buy a car, the question is what kind of function I want. “I’m the only person who cares about design, function, and power, but now I ’m a space. I couldn’t get in with an ordinary car because it was so big that I saw it in the show, the space inside the mini car was very wide, there was no steering wheel, no driver’s seat, and it was very wide. I feel like I’m going to change to something like this. ”I feel that room space will continue to be needed.”
Also, regarding the recent news about “driving”, I was asked how to deal with it, “If I put on a hat on this sunglasses, I would be like the side of driving (laughs).” While laughing at the reporters, “I think that recently, I think that driving manners have improved considerably on the highway due to the mass media and taking up driving well, and it has become safe driving”. “Basically, it ’s a concession that“ please go ”. Do n’t overdo it and do n’t let it go. It was a gentle press conference from beginning to end, showing the spirit of “Yuzuriai”.
[Image 5


Masahiro Chono who responds to a commemorative photo with Takoru and Tacobe In the program, “Black Charisma” Chono introduced the first car and interesting episodes in a quiz format!
Inaccurate Okada has more punishment than that program …? If you look at this, young people want to ride a car!
A special program that fully opens the car’s “funness and excitement”! stay tuned! !
[Image 6


Broadcast date and time: Friday, November 29, 2019 from 5:25 pm to 5:55 pm Performer: Masahiro Chono (Sadao Okada)
Narrator: Kawakita Enka (TV Osaka announcer)
[Image 7


The 11th Osaka Motor Show will be held at INTEX Osaka (Suminoe-ku, Osaka) for 4 days from December 6th (Friday) to 9th (Monday). With the theme of “Restart!” -To the new stage- Cars and motorcycles originated from Osaka for the “2025 Osaka Kansai International Exposition” to be held in Osaka 6 years later, including the fun of cars and motorcycles Communicating the appeal of the future living and mobility society through
[Image 8


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