J SPORTS The 72nd national high school basketball championship “High School Basketball Winter Cup 2019” br oadcasts 118 games of the largest ever in history!

The 72nd National High School Basketball Championship “High School Basketball Winter Cup 2019” broadcasts 118 games of the largest ever in history!
The largest sports TV station in Japan, J Sports Co., Ltd.
(headquartered in Koto-ku, Tokyo, President Shin Shin Kinoshita, hereinafter “J SPORTS” * 1), is Musashino Forest Sports Plaza from December 23 to 29 And Sforta Arena Hachioji will be broadcast in Japan, 118 battles for men and women in the 72nd National High School Basketball Championship, known as the Winter Cup 2019, with live commentary . Also, video distribution services that can be seen on smartphones and tablets
“J SPORTS On Demand * 2” will be distributed LIVE for all games. This year, in addition to the existing 50 schools, one team of men and women from the prefectures of each block competition championship school in 9 blocks nationwide, and one team of men and women from the prefecture where the Kanto block is additionally runner-up (10 teams in total) In other words, the number of participating schools in prefectures to which powerful schools belong is increasing. Last year, 50 men and women participated in 60 schools (120 schools in total), and the Winter Cup will be the biggest tournament to determine the best high school basketball in Japan. There will be more opportunities to participate in high schools that did not come out because of the shadows of the former strong schools.
In addition, the passion of each player is packed in all 118 Winter Cup games. This is the final tournament for third-year high school students, and it is the tournament that attracts the best efforts of the players who challenge the culmination of the third year of high school. At J SPORTS, the 120 most prestigious tournaments aim to be the best high school basketball in Japan
Focusing on the battle, the emotion behind it, and the tears of the results of high school students trying their best, the theme was “Impression is here. Records of tears from 120 schools”. A close-up broadcast of the team including the players after the match will be broadcast. And J SPORTS official Twitter etc. will develop the local situation such as good play of the game and excitement of the meeting venue. We will send you memories and records of the Winter Cup participating schools.
In J SPORTS, all 94 games held at the main venue “Musashino Forest Sports Plaza” will be broadcast live, and all 24 games held at the sub-site “Esforta Arena Hachioji” will be recorded on the same day. We will broadcast 118 games for all men and women with commentary. Enjoy the impressive recording of the Winter Cup at J SPORTS, a TV broadcast that can also be recorded. In addition, J SPORTS On Demand, which can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, etc., will deliver all games live and missed. For basketball packs, the monthly fee is 1,800 yen (excluding tax), and for U25%, the monthly fee is 900 yen (excluding tax). A “multi-screen viewing service” that allows live viewing of up to 4 coats simultaneously will also be continued from last year (see attachment).
Please enjoy Winter Cup 2019, the competition to decide the best high school basketball in Japan at J SPORTS.

[Men] Fukuoka Daiichi (Fukuoka)
The high school champion, Fukuoka Daiichi, won the last year’s Winter Cup from No Seed and won the tournament with the first double score in the final. Since becoming the best in Japan, it has become a target of powerful schools across the country, but since the beginning of this season, it has continued to win without allowing other schools to follow. After winning the high school overall, he will participate in the first round of the Emperor’s Cup All-Japan Basketball Championship and achieve an upset with a 13-point difference against Kagoshima Revnize in the B3 league. It is. The first match in Fukuoka aiming for consecutive wins is a must-see.
[Women] Osaka Sakai Women’s Academy (Osaka)
In last year’s Winter Cup Final, he lost to Gifu Women and missed the best in Japan. Captain Nana Morioka, the starting power forward captain who shed tears at that time, and Hope Fukuda, the shooting guard, were in their third year and reunited with Gifu Women’s in this year’s high school. In spite of the fierce battle, Morioka lost 22 points and Fukuda lost 10 points, but again lost to Gifu Ladies. In this year’s Winter Cup, the final culmination of the two high schools, we will pay attention to the rematch with Gifu Women and the two players who played for the top spot in Japan that they missed last year.
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◆ J SPORTS HOOP! 2019 ~ Student Basketball Information Program ~ Winter Cup Navi November 25 (Monday) Broadcast
◆ J SPORTS HOOP! 2020 ~ Student Basketball Information Program ~ [Winter Cup Another Story] Men’s edition / Women’s edition scheduled to be broadcast in January
◆ [A serious game between powerful schools! ] High school basketball 2020 exchange game New Year Cup Scheduled live broadcast in January Participating schools: Maebashi Ikuei (Gunma) Kaishi Kokusai, Teikyo Nagaoka (Niigata) Hokuriku Gakuin (Ishikawa) Hiryu (Shizuoka) Hokutoku Gakuen (Hyogo) Fukuoka Daiichi (Fukuoka)
◆ High school basketball Winter Cup 2019
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■ Check the J SPORTS Winter Cup special feature site
Tournament information such as tournament combinations, and from mid-December, detailed information on athletes will be posted on the “Player List” page, which is popular every year. “Original videos” and “columns” of hot schools and hot players are released at any time!
■ “J SPORTS Basketball Official Twitter” also provides local information from time to time, such as good-playing videos of the game, interview videos of featured players, and the state of the team’s bench, including cheering seats and back-up members!
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In response to the need to view both matches held on different courts during the same time period, we have launched a “multi-screen viewing” service that allows users to view up to four matches on the same screen. The size and layout of the video player can be changed freely, and the viewing screen can be customized to suit the viewer’s preference.
* 1 Available on PC only. * 2 Limited to LIVE distribution.
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* 1 J SPORTS is a sports TV station with up to 4 channels in Japan that is watched by approximately 6.3 million households via cable television and BS broadcasting (SKY PerfecTV!) Such as J: COM. * 2 J SPORTS On Demand is a paid service. For more information, search for “J SPORTS On Demand”.

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