Can you work in the world of RPG games? Real life work RPG “Wappin Guild” for IT engineers will start service in March 2020

Survey Box Co., Ltd.
Can you work in the world of RPG games? Real life work RPG “Wappin Guild” for IT engineers will start service in March 2020
Launch campaign to get in-app items by submitting portfolio in advance ……………………………………………………………………………………………
Survey Box Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Takenori Kobayashi) has been making a quest for “hero” with various IT skills from March 3, 2020. We decided to release the app “Wappin Guild” that can be requested, and started accepting pre-registration for “Hero”.
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■ What is “Wapping Guild”?
“Wapping Guild” is an app that allows you to request quests (jobs) from “heroes” who have IT skills such as “designer”, “engineer”, “marketer”, and “creator” just like an RPG game. Let’s shape your thoughts together by summoning the “Hero” to your business or project. Of course, you can make use of your own IT technology, become a brave, actually undertake work quests, earn rewards (Japanese yen) and experience points, and level up (in the app).
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■ Features of “Wapping Guild”
In the Wappin Guild world, all work is ordered and ordered via guilds on a quest basis. Here are some of the things you can do with quests! [Image 3


1. Challenge the work quest together!
You can easily throw business contracts to IT heroes in battle! You can easily request a quest in just 3 steps!
2. Quests are sold out !!
Quests are sold out once (business contracts), so you can be sure of your results within a predetermined budget!
3. You may order from famous people !!
With open innovation through external SNS, you may be able to request a quest for that very popular person on Twitter!
■ Story
“Guild saves this broken world”
In 2020 AD, the world was on the verge of collapse and decline. With the advent of the Demon Army, people were gradually destroyed and their skill cards were taken away.
This time, the Wapping Guild was able to restore the four clan heroes who managed the lost skill cards by restoring some of the functions of the machines used by ancient civilizations.
Register for the Wapping Guild and save the world!
A campaign to raise the skill card level by submitting a portfolio in advance! Pre-registration link:
■ App Overview
Official name: “WappinGuilde”
Official site:
Usage environment: iOS only
Release location: App Store
Price: The app is free. The user pays the quest success reward to the hero according to the requested quest.
Supported areas: Currently only available in Japan.
■ Operating company
Company name: Survey Box Co., Ltd.
Capital: 5,570,000 yen
Representative Director: Taketaka Kobayashi
Location: 532 Waseda Genomakicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Establishment anniversary: ​​August 28, 2017
Business description: Commercialization of all fantasy
■ IP information
Trademark registration number: No. 6056270, No. 6062771, No. 6056280 Acquired Patent pending
■ Inquiry window
Wapping guild management window

For more information about this release(Japanese):


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