“Dolls Frontline” Comic Market 97 will be exhibited! Information on Christmas events with plenty of gifts

Sunborn Japan Co., Ltd.
“Dolls Frontline” Comic Market 97 will be exhibited! Information on Christmas events with plenty of gifts
■ Dolfro booth appears in Comic Market 97 company booth!
■ “Snow Night Rude Nocturne” event to get Christmas skin

December 3, 2019 delivery
Sambourne Japan Co., Ltd. exhibited at Comic Market 97, which will be held from December 28th (Sat) to 31st (Tue), 2019 in the Dolls Frontline (Dollfro) strategy game for smartphones I will let you know. In addition, we will inform you that we will hold a Christmas event “Snow Night Rude Nocturne” where you can get luxurious rewards such as skins and items from Friday, December 6th.
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“Dolls Frontline” Official Twitter Account
@GirlsFrontline (https://twitter.com/GirlsFrontline)
■ Dolfro booth appears in Comic Market 97 company booth!
“Dolls Frontline” will be exhibited at the Comic Market 97 company booth. On the day of the exhibition, we plan to sell exhibits related to Dolfro and new goods that are only available here, so please come to the venue! .
Goods information will be announced on a special page and official Twitter at a later date.
▼ Comic Market 97 Exhibition Overview
Date: December 28 (Sat)-31 (Tue), 2019
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Hall, Corporate Booth A Hall Booth number: 1254
Booth name: “Dolls Front Line”
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■ “Snow Night Rude Nocturne” event to get Christmas skin
After the maintenance on Friday, December 6th, we will hold a special Christmas item collection event “Snow Night Rude Nocturne”.
This event is an event that aims to be exchanged for luxury rewards by collecting the event item “Momi no Hoshi” on a dedicated stage added during the period. In addition to the Christmas skins “Gr
G36-Children’s Christmas” and “OTs-44-Forest Reindeer”, there are many other gifts, such as equipment, furniture, and items. please. Also, at this event, there is a story on a dedicated stage where you can enjoy the stories of dolls over Christmas presents.
Event PV will be released in advance, so please check the official Twitter. [Image 3


“Dolls Frontline” Official Twitter Account
@GirlsFrontline (https://twitter.com/GirlsFrontline)
▼ Period
December 6 (Friday) after maintenance-December 27 (Friday) 13:00
▼ Synopsis of Christmas event
It was supposed to be Christmas on Iron Blood.
However, because this year’s recession, it was told that no Christmas event would be held, and the Destroyer was obsessed.
Destroyer, who was always inspired by Dreamer and stealing presents from Griffin, goes to Griffin Base with Geger, who seems to have some other purpose.
Premonition of confusion hidden behind the collected presents … The gift battle for the Holy Night was about to begin at the base (without the commander).
[Image 4


▲ Event screen. Clear the stage and get gorgeous rewards!
[Image 5


▲ The story. Iron-blood can’t afford to celebrate Christmas. [Image 6


▲ Left: OTs-44 exclusive skin “Minashi no Reindeer”, right: Gr G36 exclusive skin “Children’s Christmas”
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