Mixie Co., Ltd. Monsto Pro Tour 2019-2020 Round 4 Osaka won “4Sleepers”

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Monsto Pro Tour 2019-2020 Round 4 Osaka won the “ 4Sleepers ”
XFLAG (TM) of Mixi Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroaki Kimura) is a total of 100 million prize money from a professional team of smartphone app hunting RPG “Monster Strike” (hereinafter “Monst”) Round 4 Osaka of the national tour “Monst Pro Tour 2019-2020” of the esports tournament, which is a tournament form of a circle, was held at COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA TT Hall on Saturday, December 7, 2019. [Image 1

Winning team “4Sleepers”
In the regular season 4th round, “4Sleepers” aiming for the first victory of this tour is held in the local Kansai area, and won the final game with “Araburus” which boosts the audience with vigorous play, and the prize money 430 Earn 10,000 yen. The points scored for the tour final qualifications that only the top 4 teams can get, earned 37 points, for a total season of 69 points.
“4Sleepers” leader Kuma, who won the fourth round, said in a winning interview, “I have never taken the top since winning the 2018 (Monst Grand Prix 2018 Championship) regional qualifiers, and I ’ve been struggling to date. I think that the first victory that we finally grabbed with five people will be a great confidence in the future as we discuss the possibility of participating in the tour. Thank you for your support! ” It was.
In addition, “GV” is 87pt, and the total points earned are
“4Sleepers”, “Imaike Mural Dons α”, “Arables”, “Insufficient practice”.
The next round will be “Arables”, “GV”, “[Hana] Beast God Gate”, “Dondon Susungga”, “Hanapu”, “4Sleepers”, “Love Bushi” N ”,“ Rokumaru ?? ”8 teams. In addition, tickets for Round 5 Sendai and Round 6 Fukuoka will be sold on the electronic ticket sales site “XFLAG TICKET” until the day (*).
XFLAG TICKET: https://event.xflag.com/events/protour2019
* The sales end time of the day varies from venue to venue. Please check “XFLAG TICKET” for details
■ Round 4 Osaka Results * Acquired points
[Image 2

■ Round 4 Comprehensive results at the end of Osaka
[Image 3

■ The tournament
[Image 4

[Image 5

[Image 6

[Image 7

[Image 8

[Image 9

“Monst Pro Tour 2019-2020” is a tournament-style tournament run by professional e-sports players who compete in a 4-to-4 team battle using the smartphone app “Monster Strike Stadium” to determine the No. 1 “Monst Pro” team. It is a tour. All 12 “Monst Pro” teams * participated in this tour, and the “Regular Season” of the 1day tournament was held over 7 tournaments at 6 venues nationwide. The top four teams in the “Regular Season” overall will advance to the “Tour Final” held in Tokyo (details will be announced at a later date), and will determine the No. 1 professional team in 2019. This tour is the largest tournament-style esports tour tournament in Japan with a prize for each competition (all 8 races) and a total prize of 100 million yen.
* Monst is a professional license certified title issued by the Japan eSports Union (JeSU), and 50 people have a Monst Pro license (as of November 2019). In this tour, the team leader was a professional license holder and XFLAG eSports established
A team with a certain track record is recognized as a professional team that can participate in this tour. Up to 5 team members can be registered.
“Monst Pro Tour 2019-2020” special site:

◆ Regular season
[Image 10

◆ Tour Final * The top 4 teams from the regular season
[Image 11

“ Monst Pro Tour 2019-2020 ” tickets for 5th and 6th games are on sale “XFLAG TICKET” is an electronic ticket sales site for the 5th game held at MOVIX Sendai on Saturday 18th January and the 6th game ticket held at TOHO Cinemas Tenjin Solaria Building on February 1st (Sat) It is on sale until the day of the tournament. Please refer to “XFLAG TICKET” for details on how to purchase tickets.
XFLAG TICKET: https://event.xflag.com/events/protour2019
* “XFLAG ID” registration (free) is required to use “XFLAG TICKET” * The sales end time of the day varies from venue to venue. Please check “XFLAG TICKET” for details
XFLAG will continue to provide “Adrenaline fully open” battle entertainment that you can enjoy with friends and family.
■ Monster Strike
An exhilarating action RPG that makes it easy for anyone to enjoy using the characteristics of smartphones. In a turn-based game where you pull your own monster with your finger and hit it against an enemy monster, you will successfully capture the quest by making good use of “bounce” and “collision” against the walls and monsters. . The feature is cooperative play (multiplayer) where you can play with up to four friends at the same time. The service has been used by many users since the launch in October 2013. As of October 2019, the total number of users worldwide has exceeded 52 million.
■ Monster Strike App Overview
[Image 12

Game Name: Monster Strike
Category: Game (Action RPG)
Play fee: Free (some paid / item charged)
Compatible models (OS):
[IOS] iOS8.0 or later
[Android (TM)] Android 4.3.0 or later (Cannot operate under Android 4.3.0) How to Use
・ Search for “Monst” in each store
[IOS] https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id658511662?mt=8
[Android] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.mixi.monsterstrike [Amazon] https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B01M09D6KY/
■ Monster Strike Stadium App Overview
[Image 13

Game name: Monster Strike Stadium
Category: Game (Action)
Play fee: Free
Compatible models (OS):
[IOS] iOS6.0 or later
[Android] Android 4.3.0 or higher (Under Android 4.3.0 can not work) https://www.monster-strike.com/news/20160223_1.html
How to Use
・ Search for “Monster Strike Stadium” in each store
[IOS] https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id959456987
[Android] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.mixi.monsterstrike_stadium
■ Mixie Group
Since its founding in 1997, the mixi group has been providing communication services that can be enjoyed with close friends such as friends and family, such as SNS “mixi” and smartphone app “Monster Strike”. We envision a future where people’s lives will be enriched, and work to create better communications by promoting businesses and services that encourage communication from the IT perspective. [Image 14


To further develop the entertainment business, in August 2015 we launched the brand “XFLAG” within Mixi Co., Ltd. XFLAG provides “Monster Strike” and “Fight League” with the slogan “Adventurous Adventures” as well as “adrenaline fully open” games and video content to the world. To go.
“Mixie”, “mixi”, mixi logo, “XFLAG”, XFLAG logo, “Monster Strike”, “Monst”, “MONSTER STRIKE”, “Monster Strike Stadium”, “MONSTER STRIKE STADIUM” are trademarks of Mixi Inc. Or a registered trademark.

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