New System Announcement QSCS / QSCS egg / PARTY MAKER members starting in December 2019 will be announced.

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[New System Announcement] QSCS / QSCS egg / PARTY MAKER members starting in December 2019 will be announced.

No.1 Maid Cafe Group Meidorimin (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuichiro Suzuki), a professional group that pioneers the world in Japanese culture, has announced QSCS, QSCS egg and PARTY MAKER starting in December It was.
New QSCS members announced

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QSCS Leader / Chi
Chiu (Akihabara outside Kanda 1-chome store)
Masters, daughters, QSCS has become a new system, and the members who will lead the next generation will further expand their activities. We will lead Meidori Min to the next era! !
From now on, we look forward to your continual support!
New QSCS egg member announcement

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QSCS egg and QSCS egg EAST Director
Pis (Shinjuku East Exit) Master, young lady
Thank you for always supporting QSCS egg!
This time QSCS egg will be a new system.
There will be 17 members, and we will deliver a smile and a smile to you with the fullest fresh power!
The first announcement will be 12/1, the first presentation of the new system! Please come to raise eggs too!

[Image 3


QSCS egg WET Director / Kaori
Kaori (Osaka Namba store) From 12/1, QSCS egg WEST is born! !
Based on the Namba store, the maids in Osaka and Nagoya will cheer you up. I can’t lose to EAST! Let’s nurture the eggs that are indispensable in the future with great attention! !

PARTY MAKER startup members announced

[Image 4


PARTY MAKER Representative / Ayame
Ayame (Akihabara LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven ’s Gate)
12/13 PARTY MAKER has finally started! ! !
Start from 0.
Although there is anxiety, I am confident to entertain my masters! ! Let’s party everyday together ☆ First of all, we will wait at 12/13 (Thursday) Heaven’s Gate! ! !

■ About each team
(Heart) What is QSCS (Heart)
[Image 5


QSCS logo
It is a star cast team selected from all maid casts with over 500 members! Japan’s “KAWAII” and “Moe” culture will be disseminated to the world through waitresses at maid cafes.

Q = Quality
S = Service
C = Cleanliness
S = smile (smile (heart))?
(Heart) What is QSCS egg (Heart)
[Image 6


QSCS egg logo
Aiming to become a “QSCS” that spreads the appeal of maid cafes in Japan and overseas with professional waitresses, “Starcast Mirai” is a challenge to various activities.
Also, together with QSCS, as a maid ambassador, we will spread the charm and enjoyment of Japan centered on entertainment to the world through waitresses, SNS, HP, menus, event appearances, video distribution, etc. The
(Heart) What is PARTY MAKER (Heart)
[Image 7


Professional maid group that excites all party scenes. Private party for up to 80 people, such as company farewell party, sales department achievement meeting / secondary party, year-end party / new year party / birthday party / secondary party for weddings, etc. We can handle diversified parties and parties. Even if you are not familiar with parties and banquet scenes, if you join PARTY MAKER, you can make your usual drinking party an “unusual party”!
MC, of ​​course, with stage performances with otaku, and a magical fun to entertain for all people, regardless of age, gender, or
nationality, to make Meidorimin an entertaining third place for “energy charging”!

・ Release of original song (single album)
・ Stage performance at overseas events and management of business trip maid cafes (Los Angeles, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Montreal, Toronto). Click here for details⇒
・ PR activities on SNS such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram ・ Country TV programs, radio, commercials, internet, newspaper coverage, filming cooperation
・ Directing at VIP / Reception Party from overseas
・ MC and stage performances at social gatherings and events organized by local governments and companies
・ Collaboration with smartphone games

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