Koshien History Museum’s 5th topic of “VR video”-the professional baseball “Light Stand VR”-will debut on 10th December! ~

Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Koshien History Museum’s 5th topic of “VR video”-the professional baseball “Light Stand VR”-will debut on 10th December! ~

The Koshien History Museum, operated by Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (head office: Fukushima-ku, Osaka City, President: Masao Tsuji), has been able to experience various aspects of the Hanshin Koshien Stadium with overwhelming realism since last year.・ “Reality) video” has been introduced, but professional baseball “Light Stand VR” will be newly added as the fifth video from Tuesday, December 10th. [Image

This video was shot using a 360-degree camera at the time of the professional baseball day game, and the support scene from the light stand filled with enthusiastic Hanshin Tigers fans is as if it were on the stand. You can have a simulated experience with the video. VR video is a 360-degree video shot with a camera in advance, and it can be watched while experiencing the sensation of being on the spot by installing a dedicated video playback device. The Koshien History Museum has introduced VR video so that visitors can experience various aspects of the stadium, and will continue to consider introducing new content in the future.
The video can be viewed on a VR video terminal installed in the Koshien History Museum.
[Outline of professional baseball “Light Stand VR”]
[Start date and time]
December 10 (Tue)
VR corner near Koshien History Museum 1st floor entrance (December 10, 2019-March 1, 2020)
Koshien History Museum “Koshien Plaza” corner (March 3, 2020-) 【title】
Professional baseball “Light Stand VR”
[Number of terminals]
3 units
[Video time]
2 min 38 sec
【How to Use】
You can watch it by setting a dedicated video playback terminal under the guidance of the staff.
【Usage fee】
Included in the Koshien History Museum admission fee (extra charge is not required).
* “Koshien aerial walk (video time: 2 minutes 15 seconds)”, “high school baseball admission march VR (video time: 3 minutes)”, “professional baseball relief car experience VR” (video time: 2 minutes 30) Second) ”,“ Professional Baseball Ground Maintenance Car Experience VR (Video Time: 2 minutes) ”, Summer High School Baseball 100th Anniversary“ Opening Ceremony VR (Video Time: 2 minutes) ”,“ Final Battle VR (Video Time) : 2 minutes) ”is still available.
◆ Business information for Koshien History Museum

From 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm from March to October) * Admission until 30 minutes before closing time
* Subject to change depending on events.

Monday (excluding game dates and holidays)
New Year’s holidays (December 26, 2019 (Thursday) to January 3, 2020 (Friday) (planned))
Maintenance closed (Monday, February 3, 2020 to Monday, February 10 (planned))
600 yen for adults, 300 yen for children

Hanshin Koshien Stadium next to Gate 16

From December 3, 2019 (Tuesday) to March 2, 2020 (Monday) (scheduled), some areas of the museum will be closed and some exhibits will be relocated (partially suspended).
Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. https://www.hanshin.co.jp/ Koshien History Museum https://koshien-rekishikan.hanshin.co.jp/
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