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  • WOWOW Co., Ltd. In December, gorgeous cards are in full swing! WOWOW commentary “TK of the world” Takasaka Go enumerates “UFC245” attention points that are inevitable for the fierce battle! !

WOWOW Co., Ltd. In December, gorgeous cards are in full swing! WOWOW commentary “TK of the world” Takasaka Go enumerates “UFC245” attention points that are inevitable for the fierce battle! !

In December, there are lots of luxury cards! WOWOW commentary “TK of the world” Takasaka Go enumerates “UFC245” attention points that are inevitable for the fierce battle! !

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(From left) Max Holloway, Alexander Volcanovsky, Kamal Usman, Colby Covington, Amanda Nunez, Germain de Randomummy (C) Getty Images On December 15th, Japan time, “UFC245” will be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Max Holloway vs Alexandre at the main event with Kamal Usman vs Colby Covington’s UFC welterweight title match
This is a tournament that combines Dar Volkanovsky’s featherweight title match, Amanda Nunes vs. Jermaine de Randemiy’s women’s bantamweight title match, and three gorgeous title matches.
The highlights of Usman vs Covington and Holloway vs Vorkanovsky were told by Tsuyoshi Takasaka, also known as the commentator of WOWOW “UFC-Ultimate Martial Arts-”.
–It’s UFC245 with a lot of gorgeous cards, but where is the main event welterweight title match, Usman vs Covington?
“In the first place, both are top wrestlers.”
-Usman is the NCAA Division 2 Wrestling National Champion, and Covington is the NJCAA National Champion.
“So they both want to take the takedown and control on the ground, but before that, the first point is which one can take the lead at the stand. Suddenly tackle. However, because they have high ability to take down defense each other, I think it will be difficult to get them. ”
-What are the main features of the champion Usman?
“Usman has a bigger attitude than the boxing attitude, and the striking strikes from there, making the attitude difficult to read the tackle. Is happening. ”
-It’s hard to tell if a hit will come or a tackle will come. “And I think that Usman can move right and left in the same way. So, when you assemble, sometimes you move the left group even in the right group. Even in the last game where you won the throne by defeating Tyron Woodley, there was a flow of teaming up and hitting the left elbow to take down. I was n’t able to deal with it.
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Kamal Usman (C) Getty Images
-Also, unforeseen attacks will work. Covington, on the other hand, overwhelmed former champion Robbie Roller last time, but how was it? “Comparing Usman and Covington, I think Covington is superior in terms of the pressure that goes forward in the first and second rounds.”
–The first half might be advantageous for Covington.
“On the other hand, when it comes to the second half of the game, it is very easy to understand and tired. However, even if the movement gets worse, it will not be in a state until it is attacked by the opponent. However, even in the match against Hafael Dos Anjos, the second half was also deprived of the takedown, which is more than just a technical problem. I don’t think it was left, so there is a hole, but I think Covington is overwhelmingly strong in the first half. ” -Covington has a strong submission.
“The ultimate strength comes from the strength of the instantaneous power. Submissions use a tremendous amount of energy at the ultimate moment. I am superior in physical control because it is a player who can continue to attack at the same pace from the 5th round. It’s also an “incomprehensible system” (laughs). ”
-You have strength beyond common sense that is unique to UFC champions. “So, I think Covington will probably start from the beginning in this title match, but whether it can happen, such as if Usman beats it, or hits the counter or takes down, or Whether Covington is able to take advantage of a strong advantage, that seems to be a big point. ” -So, this game is worth watching 1-2 rounds.
“I think so. However, even if Covington runs out of the second half of the stamina, he can launch a neat attack after the team has been assembled, so who will control the development of the team after the second half? I would like to mention that as one point. ”
[Image 3

Max Holloway (C) Getty Images
-Another match, Holloway vs. Volkanovsky’s featherweight title match. “Neither of them is a strong type that doesn’t pull. And both are strong physical, have stamina, and don’t care if they are struck. Tall and long reach Holloway, and a small and stunning Volkanovsky And the figure is quite different, but it is common. ”
――This battle is a top-of-the-head showdown between the championship champion Horoway, who is overwhelmingly strong in featherweight, and Volkanovsky, who is currently winning 17 consecutive MMAs. We ’ve won the striker Frank Edgar, so is the champion the best?
“I don’t feel like that. Holloway won the game against Edgar, but I didn’t feel like I was overwhelming Brian Ortega or Jose Aldo. is.” -Certainly, it wasn’t as cruel as the past.
“I thought what was different, I looked at the footage of the game against Edgar in detail. Holloway’s strength is“ off-balance ”, and it can be banged even if the attitude collapses. It ’s not just a neat boxing and kicking technique, but “why can I hit it from here?” “But it was a big weapon, but I didn’t see it much in the game against Edgar. I felt like I was trying to hit it when I was in the right posture.”
――I felt like I was fighting carefully and calmly, not a rough feeling. “ This is just speculation, but when I played against Dustin Poirier in the Lightweight Temporary Championship Decision Battle on the first class before the game against Edgar, I was tired because I probably kept hitting it from an impossible position So I think there was a need to fix it. ”
――That’s why the largest weapon in Holloway was cut away.
“Holloway is usually very strong, but the so-called“ X-factor ”element is an off-balance strike, so I think it ’s no mistake to have won so far. Well, if it lurks in a ring and it’s a small piece, it might be dangerous if you’re a fighting fighter like Volcanovky. ”
–Vorkanovsky is coming out without fear.
“It ’s technically faithful to the basics, but it ’s physically strong anyway, so it ’s not unusual for the violence to come after pressure. Both are the types that get energetic after being hit. However, if you have the same type of feelings, the chasing side is more advantageous, so personally, you have to fight the original way to the Holloway, but keep the opponent working perfectly. I want you to do it. ”
-To put it simply, I want you to regain the character of Holloway. “Yes, I think Volkanovsky rides emotionally, so I think it ’s difficult to win with just the so-called legitimate style. It depends on whether Holloway is violently rampaged. I think that. ”
(Interview / text by Horie Gantz)
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