PUBG Co., Ltd. Reiko Kojima appears in a “light” light PUBG cosplay! “PUBG LITE” Pre-experience Exper ience Opening Event

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Atsuko Kojima appears as a “light” PUBG cosplay! “PUBG LITE” Pre-experience Experience Opening Event
~ The first time in my life! Challenge for live streaming of games
PUBG JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Shibuya S. Noguchi Bldg. 10F President Kim Chang-han) will be implementing “PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS LITE” (Following December 13th, 2019) With the announcement of (PUBG LITE), we welcomed the talented Reiko Kojima and held the “PUBG LITE” Pre-Experience Party Opening Event on Tuesday, 10th.
On the day of the opening event of the “PUBG LITE” Pre-Experience Party, fans of the PUBG MOBILE are regularly playing to convey the appeal of “PUBG LITE”, which is now optimized for the Steam version of PUBG. However, the famous Reiko Kojima appears as a “light” PUBG character cosplay. We challenged the first live game distribution in life and talked passionately about our thoughts on PUBG LITE. [Image 1

Kojima-san appears as a “light” PUBG character in cosplay!
A word with a gun in a tank top, with a beautiful shoulder peeking out. [Image 2

The event started with a greeting from Yoichiro Inoue, PUBG JAPAN Co., Ltd. and announced that “PUBG LITE, which can be enjoyed in all situations from laptop computers to high-end computers, is finally released.” Regarding “PUBG LITE”, he commented, “People who have never played a game on a PC until now can enjoy the basic play for free, so please enjoy it according to your own environment.”
Next, Mr. Kojima appeared in a tank top with a beautiful shoulder modeled after a “light” PUBG character. With a model gun and a helmet in hand, taking a pose, he commented with excitement, saying, “The costume and the model gun are really insane!”
※ What is Dongsheng
PUBG is a battle royal game that survives until you are the last one. Since the message of “Win! Win! Dinner is Don win !!” is displayed on the screen of the player who survived to the last one, the player fights for “Don win”.
Celebrate the 10th year of Kojima’s entertainment life with a “light” cake! [Image 3

サ プ ラ イ Surprise with “light” balloon birthday cake on “PUBG LITE” optimized for Kojima who will be celebrating his 26th birthday on December 23rd. Mr. Kojima was amazed at the moment he received the cake and expressed his lightness while lifting the cake with one hand. MC said that it was close to Christmas but what kind of birthday would you like to spend? .
An incandescent “PUBG LITE” challenge video is unveiled for the first time! After the event, for the first time in life, we challenged the live game delivery!
[Image 4

In addition, we announced that videos containing Kojima’s first challenge to “PUBG LITE” will be released on the YouTube channel of PUBG from December 12 (Thursday) the day before the service starts. Part of the show. Mr. SHAKA from DeToNator, who appears in the video, also gave a talk about Kojima-san’s play appearance, saying, “I was really good without any compliments!”
After the event, Kojima-san delivered a live video of the game, which was his first challenge at the event, and won a stunning victory. Mr. Kojima commented with a mischievous smile, pushing the joy to the front, saying, “I ’m really happy! It was super fun! In addition, Kojima-san was the first challenge in his life, “It was fun because there are people who watch it, and the desire to play cool has increased more than when doing it at home!” The event was closed with a comment that can be felt, and the live broadcast was a great success.
[Outline of PUBG LITE]
[Image 5

“PUBG LITE” is optimized to enjoy “PUBG” in every situation from notebook PC to high-end PC. Also, various updates are planned, including a wide variety of costume skins deployed in the MOBILE version and the original “4VS 4 TEAM DEATH MATCH” mode of “PUBG LITE”. We have prepared new elements that can be enjoyed by those who are playing the Steam version.
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[“PUBG LITE” Kojiruri Don Stake Challenge !! Overview]
[Image 6d46743-2-649152-7.jpg
Reiko Kojima played “PUBG LITE” himself and challenged various missions in the game for the first time.
“Don win challenge !!”
DUO aiming to win first while learning the features and operation tips of “PUBG LITE” with SHAKA from DeToNator
And challenge the SOLO match.

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