GAORA SPORTS The 10th professional nova player who will be the fighters of tomorrow will be the first step in the emergency live broadcast!

Emergency live broadcast of the first professional steps of the 10 nova players who will play the tomorrow’s Fighters!
GAORA SPORTS, which continues to deliver Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters tocotons, will change the original schedule of the fighters’ newcomer voluntary training from 10 am on January 11, 2020 (Saturday) and emergency broadcast live.

Approximately three months after the draft meeting attracted by professional baseball fans from all over Japan, new players starting to carry the future Fighters are starting to move! Rookie 10 players including Draft No. 1 Tatsuo Kono (JFE West Japan) will take the first step as a professional baseball player and a member of the Fighters relay! The program will deliver rookies every move!

■ Program title: Fighters newcomer joint voluntary training 2020
■ Broadcast date and time
January 11 (Sat.) 10:00 am-Hiru 0:00 [Emergency live broadcast] January 11 (Sat) 7: 00 ~ 9: 00 (rebroadcast)
January 31 (Fri) 11:30-midnight 1:30 (rebroadcast)
February 1 (Sat) Asa 6:30-Asa 8:30 (Rebroadcast)
■ Appearance
Commentary: Naoto Inada / Commentary: Yuji Kondo
* Program content is scheduled and subject to change.
* For details on program information, please refer to the GAORA SPORTS website (
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