General Incorporated Association M League Organization Tickets for watching “M League @ Premium Night” official supporters watching spectators on February 3 (Mon) will be on sale from January 1

M League Organization
“M League @ Premium Night” official supporter on February 3 (Mon) will be on sale from January 1
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The M League Organization (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Susumu Fujita) will hold the “M League @ Premium Night” from January 1 (Wednesday), 10:00 am to February 3 (Monday), 2020 We are pleased to announce that pre-sales of official supporter pre-sale tickets will begin.
“ M League @ Premium Night ” is a special public viewing that began in the 2019 season of the “ M League ”. In addition to watching public viewing at over 900 powerful venues, all 29 M Leaguers will be in one place We also plan stage events through the event and presents for visitors.
In addition, from 10:00 on the same day on January 1 (Wednesday), official supporters will pre-sale tickets for watching the tickets for the “M League @ Public Viewing” to be held on February 7 (Friday) at Belsar Roppongi (Roppongi, Minato-ku). I will start.
Please enjoy the powerful “M League @ Premium Night” and “M League @ Public Viewing” with a variety of contents at the premium venue.
■ M League 2019 Regular Season Public Viewing Ticket Sales
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-M League Premium Night-
● Venue: EX Theater (
Date: February 3, 2020 (Monday)
Holding time: Opening 16:30 Stage event 17:30 Match start 19:00 (scheduled to end around 23:00)
Commentary: February 3rd TEAM RAIDEN / Raiden, Akasaka Drivins, EX Furin Volcano, Shibuya ABEMAS
Ticket price: 8,500 yen (tax included)
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-Public viewing-
● Venue: Bellesalle Roppongi
( Date: February 7 (Fri), March 6 (Fri), March 9 (Mon) 2020
Holding time: Opening 17:30 Match start 19:00 (scheduled to end around 23:00) Commentary:
February 7 (Fri) @ Akasaka Drivins, Shibuya ABEMAS
March 6 (Fri) @ Akasaka Drivins, KONAMI Mahjong Fight Club
March 9 (Mon) @ U-NEXT Pirates, Shibuya ABEMAS
Ticket price: 5,500 yen (tax included)
▼ Ticket purchase method: sold at “Ticket Pia”
* Official supporters can purchase on the 1st of the first month of the game start month, and the general public on the 5th of the previous month, starting at 10:00 on September 6.
■ M League 2019 Regular Season Match & Public Viewing Schedule [Image 4

[Image 5

[Image 6

■ M League Organization
■ Overview
[Name] M League Organization
Chief Advisor Japan Top League Cooperation Organization Chairman of the Board Japan Football Association Adviser Saburo Kawabuchi Representative Director Cyber ​​Agent Inc. Representative Director and President 晋 Shin Fujita
Director KADOKAWA Corporation Vice President Shinichiro Inoue Director Konami Amusement Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Katsunori Okita
Director SEGA Interactive Inc. Vice Chairman Shigeru Yamashita Director テ レ ビ TV Asahi Corporation Director of General Business Bureau 豊 Yutaka Imai
Executive Director, Dentsu Inc.Executive Officer Yutaka Ishikawa Director: Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Co., Ltd. Director and Managing Executive Officer Masato Igarashi
Director U-NEXT Co., Ltd.President and CEO Tenshin Tsutsumi
Auditor Inoue Business Consultants Co., Ltd. Representative Director Tomoji Inoue
[Location] Minato-ku, Tokyo
[Activity start] July 2018
Official site:
“M League” Official Website:
“M League” Official Twitter:
“M League” Official YouTube: “M League” LINE:

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