S-Pulse Co., Ltd. Summary of Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 season announcement


S-Pulse Co., Ltd. About the Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 season new system announcement briefing ………………………………………………………………………… The following is an announcement of…


S-Pulse Co., Ltd.
About the Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 season new system announcement briefing …………………………………………………………………………
The following is an announcement of the comments and handouts at “Shimizu S-Pulse 2020 Season New Structure Announcement Press Conference” held today.
2020 season Press conference for new system announcement
≫Comments from the new president and new general manager≫
◆ Shinya Yamamuro President
“Because my previous job was a professional baseball team, it was basically the same sports entertainment business, and I think that I understand the point as it is. It creates the courage, excitement, and ability to live that sports have, I believe that the mission is to bring courage and excitement to the people of Japan, and to make Shizuoka, soccer fans, and sports fans healthy, and at the same time, aim to develop a larger business. You.
It has been a few days since I came to Shizuoka, but I’m surprised by the number of people who love football in this area and the passion for football. Shizuoka Gakuen won the race, but with the opportunity to resurrect Shizuoka, I have no choice but to win S-Pulse. We would like to do our best to achieve a winning team and a strong club.
◆ Kiyoshi Okuma General Manager
“This time, we are inviting director Peter-Kramovsky to take a new departure, and I would like to ask for your support. We will talk with the director while he is working and working. It’s not easy in this world to build and win a team with just that two years of F. Marinos, not just the essence of soccer to switch and ball tight, I felt the idea and belief that could be utilized in offense and defense by multiplying by. There was also something that did not shake up for reinforcement.I think that is also proof that F. Marinos won the championship. We’re accelerating the process of building a strong team, honestly there may be some delays, but we need to communicate rather than simply compromise. However, I want to work hard on each other to create a strong team.
I also feel that while I’m in the soccer world, I feel that we are now in the era of club power, not team power. In addition, I would like to make a strong team by bringing together the family power of my friends beyond the club power. At the same time, I would like to engage in activities rooted in the J-League philosophy. For that, your support is essential. We look forward to Shimizu S-Pulse in the future. ” ≫Comments from new directors and newly joined staff≫
◆ Peter Klamovsky, director
“Hello. I am honored and could live in this Shizuoka city. The city has a history of a lot of victory. However, for a long time, is the state where there is no opportunity to rejoice. I came to here, the club champion (* In Japanese)
We aim for aggressive and aggressive fast soccer. It plays based on the mentality of scoring. And we want to make sure our fan supporters are excited and proud when we look at our team. I want to practice like a champion every day and challenge myself to become better every day. And every week, we need the support of our supporters.
Ganbarimasha ”
◆ Hiroaki Hiraoka Coach
“I have been coaching youth until last year. I’ve been training for a long time, but I’ve been strong in that, and I’ve worked hard to help Peter realize the attacking football that Peter aims for with a new feeling. I hope you like this year. ”
◆ Naoya Imagi Coach
“The starting day is tomorrow, but honestly I’m looking forward to it and I’m looking forward to doing it. I hope that our supporters can’t wait to come to the stadium every game and have a fun-filled team. Thank you for this season. ”
◆ About GK Coach
“I was a top goalkeeper coach until the middle of the 2017 season, but due to illness, I was separated from the team.At that time, I felt a lot of pain, but because of that, I think I’m growing up as a human and a leader, and I’m really grateful and glad to be working again at this club.
The other reason is that I can join this club thanks to Oeno (Katsumi Oeno, Chief of the Enhancement Dept. and Chief of Chief Shimizu S-Pulse Philosophy creator) and Date (Tomoo Date, Chief of the Development Dept.). Mr. Hiraoka (Coach Hiraoka) accepted us for youth and we had a very happy time for two years. It will be a long season, but we look forward to your cooperation. ”
◆ Tsutomu Anno Physical Coach
“I’m honored to be working in a very old and wonderful club. I’ve been working with Peter for two years at Yokohama FM, but I’ve been playing very strong and attractive football. In my position, I want many players to be able to stand and train on the pitch, and to grow further so that they can make the most of the skills they have now. Is my main job, so I want to work with the staff and players to support Peter as a team so that as many players as possible can be active in the field.
◆ Mizuki Moriwaki Analyst
“Your job will be supported through video, but I will do my best to help the manager achieve the goal of soccer. Thank you.”
≫Comments from new players 選手
◆ Ryo Okui
“I’m Ryo Okui, who has been transferred from Omiya Ardija. I think it’s a unique attitude to fight hard in 90 minutes, so I’d like to put out a unique hard work for the team.”
◆ Yusuke Goto
“I’ve been transferred from Oita, and I’m Yusuke Goto. I want to do it for my team. I think that my unique feature is how to start when there is no ball. I think it will come, so I want to polish it. Thank you. ”
◆ Kurihara Ibrahim Jr.
“I’m Kurihara Ibrahim Jr. from Mitsubishi Yowa. I’m a professional first year, but I’m working hard to get involved in the game. I also like to be involved in an attack and produce a chance, so I hope that it feels like “Junior if you raise it here.” Thank you”
◆ Yuito Suzuki
“I’m Yuito Suzuki from Funabashi Municipal High School. I think that the idea at the time of the attack and the breadth of the field of view are for sale, so I hope that you can pay attention to when you hold the ball. I will do my best”
◆ Rika Kawamoto
“I’m Kawamoto, who has been promoted from youth. One of my
characteristics is my dedication in defense and I want to see the propulsion ahead, so I want to put that out. I will do my best to give it back and give it back. ”
◆ Noriega Eric
“I’m Noriega Eric. I’ve been promoted from youth. I’d like to see heading, defense and communication there. I’ll do my best.”
2020 club slogan
S-Pulse is now being tested for courage.
The courage to change!
While cherishing the weight of the history that we have accumulated so far, To look straight ahead and create a new era.
Initiate change with your own power and aim for unprecedented evolution. Updated the identity emblem.
The season when clubs and teams are reborn,
Reshaping the S-pulse is not yet complete.
A club team that shapes the shining future without being bound by the past. The strong S-Pulse revives the kingdom of Shizuoka.
The transformed S-Pulse drives the 2020 season.
2020 Season Staff List ・ 2020 Shimizu S-Pulse Player List
Please see from the URL below.

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