General Incorporated Association CHIMERA union Japan’s Largest Street Sports 4th League Final Round CHIMERA A-SIDE THE FINAL

General incorporated association CHIMERA union
Japan’s largest street sports 4 league final round CHIMERA A-SIDE THE FINAL The world’s hottest cards such as Dream Match Nyjah Huston and Yuto Hori Yone, where the world’s top runners come together, are realized in Japan!
CHIMERA Union is Japan’s largest and Japan’s first street sports 4 sports (BMX Flatland, BMX Freestyle Park, skateboard, inline skate) league match “ CHIMERA A-SIDE ” . “CHIMERA A-SIDE THE FINAL”, the final league match, will be held at Aichi International Exhibition Center Aichi Sky Expo for two days from January 25 (Sat) and 26 (Sun). This is a street sports festival unparalleled in the world where the world’s top runners of four sports are in one place. Please expect by all means.
[Image 1d44332-7-226674-0.png
The world is watching!
Top skater, top rider unfolds the world’s best confrontation that can only be seen here
“CHIMERA A-SIDE” is Japan where four athletes of BMX Flatland, BMX Freestyle Park, skateboard and inline skating gather to determine the championship through three domestic qualifying rounds and “THE FINAL” a total of four rounds a year. This is the largest street sports league in Japan.
CH CHIMERA A-SIDE earned unique points in three domestic races, and only the top five winners advanced to “THE FINAL” in the fourth race. Inviting 11 top runners active in the world, it is a special tournament with a total of 16 people, and in skateboarding, the world’s No. 1 pro skater Nyjah Huston, Japan’s top pro skater Hori Yoneo, Shirai Sora, Yuuki Aoki participates in the battle, and a world-focused showdown is realized. In BMX Flatland, the world’s top players such as Logan Martin, Daniel Sandoval, and Wataru Nakamura participate in Japan’s top Motomoto Sasaki, Viki Gomez, Matthias Dandois, and BMX Freestyle Park.
ト ッ プ It is a dream stage where the top runners of each sport gather, which has never been held anywhere in the world. Also, those who have won the A-SIDE challenge have won a total of 54 million yen. A hot and life-changing battle is finally taking place.ホ ー ル In the adjacent Hall A, there will be a stage show, a 23-stage giant jump box “CHIMERA BOX” and various experience contents such as slack line, and a FMX with a motorcycle flying in the air.ご Please look forward to the largest urban sports festival you can’t find anywhere in the world.
■ Final players of the final game “THE FINAL”
● BMX Flatland
自 転 車 A cycling competition in which you perform various actions on four sticks called pegs on both sides of the tires. The feature is that there are a wide range of athletes because there are sizes that match the age. There are no rules for skills, and originality, difficulty, etc. are expressed in a flow combining techniques, and points are competed. Top ranking players including World Champion Yohei Uchino, who has won world titles nine times in total since winning the world title in 2008, participated in the race.
[Image 2d44332-7-498544-1.jpg
Gen Sasaki / Japan
2019 All Japan Ranking 1st
An originator created by Japan that attracts attention from all over the world. His riding style, tricks, splicing, and original styles have fans all over the world.
[Image 3d44332-7-664513-3.jpg
Viki Gomez / Spain
Viki gomez has shined at the top of the world three times
(2010/2015/2016) and has won many titles. His riding style, which handles both front and rear at a high level, is a textbook for many riders. “Dancing Matador” continues to evolve

[Image 4d44332-7-443700-2.jpg
Matthias Dandois / France
Matthias Dandois, the most recognizable BMX FLATLAND rider, has won eight world champions in the past. Many BIG companies announce his signature models, and Matthias’s bustle in the industry is endless All players information:
● BMX Freestyle Park
自 転 車 Bicycle competition using jumping hills, handrails, hills and stairs. Basically, they jump and compete in the air. While the sense of which section to use and how to use it is also questioned, there are many evaluation items such as the height of jumps, the difficulty of tricks, and the beautiful landing. In the FINAL, Australia’s BMX star Logan Martin and FISE World Ranking No. 1 and top performers from around the world participate in Ryumu Nakamura.
[Image 5d44332-7-824252-4.jpg
Logan Martin / Australia
Logan is said to be the best park rider in the world. Gold Medal at X-Games as well as FISE have won. The degree of perfection, all show a different dimension of riding like a near perfect game.

[Image 6d44332-7-256728-5.jpg
Daniel Sandoval / USA
X-Games Gold Medalist. The top ranker who is always in the top position in the world war and FISE. Precisely determine difficult tricks, and stylish movement is also attractive. The United States National Player who won the 2019 US National Champion.

[Image 7d44332-7-318379-6.jpg
Nakamura Wamu / Japan
Series champion of FISE World Cup2019. Despite the world’s top class air height and difficult tricks, it has a reputation for stable riding and is the rider most currently riding.
Player information:
● Skateboard
競技 A race in which the rider stands on a board with wheels in front and back. Compete in sections with obstacles such as slopes, railings, steps, etc., and compete for perfection and difficulty. Rotating a board that is not fixed to a foot, sliding on a handrail, etc., as well as controlling the board in the air, as well as style are important. In THE FINAL, world’s top skaters including the world’s No. 1 skater Nyjah Huston appear one after another. From Japan, the top skaters in Japan such as Yuto Hori, Sora Shirai, and Yukito Aoki participate.
[Image 8d44332-7-291505-7.jpg
Nyjah Huston / USA
The champion who has won more than 20 times in the world’s best skating contest, Street League. There will be no doubt that the tournament will be held in this tournament with a series of difficult tricks.

[Image 9d44332-7-630928-8.jpg
Yuto Horimai / Japan
The world’s highest peak Japanese rider who continues to produce the most achievements from Japan to the world. An all-round skater who has won many big contests around the world and has also been very active in the video part.

[Image 10d44332-7-315504-9.jpg
Sora Shirai / Japan
Sora has his own signature trick as described in the Sora grind and the contest. A promising skater who has won the World Championship in Brazil the other day.
All players information:
● Inline skating
ア Aggressive competition using skating boots with wheels aligned in a row, jumping tricks called air and gliding tricks on iron pipes on various types of jumping hills, and original routines that you can think of in your time. Legendary Franky Morales, FISE ROLLERFREESTYLE Ranking 1st place Joe Atkinson, and winners of various tournaments gather.
[Image 11d44332-7-105889-10.jpg
Joe Atkinson / UK
First place in FISE ROLLERFREESTYLE ranking (as of November 2019). Not only FISE but also all-rounders who have achieved excellent results in various tournaments centered on parks and also have streets.

[Image 12d44332-7-225786-11.jpg
Montre Livingston / USA
The top of the street competition, Blading Cup 2019: 1st place. With outstanding physical abilities, show overwhelming skills at any spot. He has a lot of fans in his unique style and is very popular with his carefree personality.

[Image 13d44332-7-935668-12.jpg
Franky Morales / USA
The United States is an active legend and professional rider based in Miami and quite famous as an HIPHOP artist. His glide style is world-class. The rider most likely to win.
All players information:
■ Experience area contents
[Image 14d44332-7-617130-17.jpg
The huge jump box “CHIMERA BOX” familiar to TVs and other devices. Challenge from a low number of steps, the final height is 23 steps (3m6cm)! Anyone can challenge their own goals with the support and the ability to challenge with confidence.
Freestyle basketball
Freestyle basketball that enhances dribbling and handling techniques to the utmost and synchronizes with the flowing sound. Showcases, hands-on events, and mini competitions will also be held.
[Image 15d44332-7-201431-19.jpg
Duel Soccer
A one-on-one battle in a circular cage with a diameter of 6m. A new style of football that allows you to make decisions based on simple and exciting parts. Freestyle football skills can also be taught. Skateboard / Longboard
Experience for beginners, such as skateboards and longboards, even for beginners. Guidance staff is always on the station so that anyone can enjoy it freely and with ease, so anyone can feel free to participate. Gears can be borrowed, so you can come and enjoy it empty-handed. [Image 16d44332-7-359848-24.jpg
BMX run bike
You can test drive a number of run bikes, such as a run bike that kicks on the ground without a pedal, and a BMX that is sized for children. A special course is set up in the booth with a pylon etc., so even beginner children can enjoy it casually.
Experience sessions such as kids yoga and relaxing yoga.
Experience a lesson where you can challenge from simple lessons to full-fledged difficult poses, and have your mind and body relaxed. [Image 17d44332-7-116300-18.jpg
Double Dutch
A jump rope using two ropes. This is a sport performed by three or more people, and holds a workshop by a professional team where teamwork is most important. Anyone can experience double Dutch. flamenco
Experience party of authentic Spanish flamenco. A flamenco dance workshop is held for children who wish to wear costumes.
(Participation in private clothes is also possible). The content is divided into levels and implemented according to the participating students.

[Image 18d44332-7-169492-23.jpg
Slack line
Experience the trunk! Popular new sports “Slack Line”. Slack line is a new type of sport that performs freely on a belt about 5 cm wide. Improve your concentration and strengthen your core, so you can develop a sense of balance
[Image 19d44332-7-864552-22.jpg
Flag hunt
“Thrill”, “Intelligence” and “Teamwork” intersect in the field! Defeat opponents with the new Extreme Team Sports “Flag Hunt” infrared gun and capture flags deep inside the enemy!
■ Event summary
Date: January 25 (Sat), 26 (Sun) 2020
* 4 events held simultaneously
Venue: Aichi International Exhibition Center Aichi Sky Expo
(5-10-1 Centrair, Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture)
CHIMERA A-SIDE Executive Committee
Co-host: Chunichi Shimbun
Cooperation: Minamichita Tourism Association, Genjika, Mihama Town Supported by: Aichi Prefecture, Chita Peninsula Tourism Area Council Certification: Beyond2020 approval number a001002519
[Image 20d44332-7-710483-13.png

Admission: Free
CHIMERA Union is an organization established with the purpose and purpose of “providing a” place “where you can play freely like an old child and an” opportunity “where you can challenge anything. We hold events, workshops, and elementary school experience sessions in a style that fuses all sports and content, such as urban sports such as BMX and skateboard, and street sports such as dance and double Dutch. The aim is to create opportunities for children to encounter all kinds of cultures, including extreme sports and street sports, and to create an environment where they can become interested in the world through their own experiences and become a dream choice.

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