Shogakukan Co., Ltd. The second of the completely new rugby media “80min.” !

Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
The 2nd release of the completely new rugby media “80min.” ! Top league BOOK of the country to enjoy the world’s best rugby! …………………………………………………………………………
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The Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan tournament has given excitement and excitement not only in Japan but also around the world. There are Japan’s best eight, with the dedicated work of those who supported it, and the cheering of the audience. “I’m glad I did it in Japan” and “One of the best tournaments” I was impressed around the world. With the continuation of the World Cup lingering, with Japanese national players appearing in various media, I guess some people have become “rugby losses”.
Good news for such people.
The “Top League,” where many of Japan’s representatives are active, kicked off on January 12, and a hotter battle has been developed than ever. Kobe Steel, Suntory, Yamaha Motor, Toyota Motor, NTT Com, Panasonic, Kubota, Ricoh, Honda, NEC, Toshiba, Canon-16 teams in Japan. Popular players from NZ, South Africa and other countries are coming to Japan, as well as the Japanese national team who caused the big rugby boom at the World Cup.
In order to relive that enthusiasm once more deeply and intensely, the second edition of “80min.”, Which summarizes the appeal of rugby in one easy-to-understand book, has been completed! !
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-Special Appendix-Handy Version, Separate Volume Top League 16 Team Player Directory
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How to enjoy the top leagues 俊 Toshiro Hirose Shinya Makabe 壁 Hirona Yamazaki Introduction of all 16 teams & overnight pickle course
The charm of rugby cut by female photographers: Yuri Tanimoto and Aki Nagao Twink top league biography Peter “Lapace” Love Skafuni 力 Rikiya Matsuda Dan Carter
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Top League All 16 Team Featured Players Guide
Rugby esoteric play illustration
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Introducing the popular rugby goods of “80min.”
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Let’s enjoy the top league 200 times with “One book to enjoy rugby more” that was never before!
Certified by Japan Rugby Football Association
“Japan Rugby Support Mook”
80min. Eighth Minutes 2 ”
Price: 1100 yen + tax
Format / page: A4 size / 142 pages
Now on sale from Shogakukan
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What is “80min.”
I read “eighty minute”.
80 minutes? That’s right.
Rugby match time.
The first half of the 40 minutes and the half time, the second half of the 40 minutes.
An 80-minute serious game of the players who work hard and compete in the game. It is also 80 minutes for those who watch at the same time.
We created this brand from the desire to enjoy the experience. We will continue to develop our brand business in various ways. ☆ Please visit this site ??? “80min.” Digital version

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