Tokyo Sky Tree Town “SKYTREE (R) in MIDGAR FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE” details decided! (Cafe menu)

Tokyo Skytree Town
“SKYTREE (R) in MIDGAR FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE” detailed decision! (Cafe menu) A collaboration event commemorating the release of the remake of the world-famous game FINAL FANTASY VII
Tokyo Skytree (R) sold on PlayStation (R) in 1997 from Thursday, February 6, 2020 to Wednesday, April 22, 2020, and has sold more than 12.3 million units worldwide so far “SKYTREE (R) in MIDGAR FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE” will be held to commemorate the release of “FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE”, a remake of “FINAL FANTASY VII”.
[Image 1d41446-64-602340-1.png
“ SKYTREE CAFE ” on the Tembo Deck Floor 340 will be “ 340th HEAVEN CAFE ”, which resembles the bar “ SEVENTH HEAVEN ” appearing in “ FINAL FANTASY VII ”. Sell In addition, every time you order one item of the original cafe menu, you will receive one random gift from five types of original coasters.
Place Tembo Deck Floor 340 SKYTREE CAFE
Time: 8: 00-21: 45 (L.O. 21:15)
* Time may be changed due to circumstances.
Black curry rice (1,300 yen)
It is a black curry with a cloud and Sephiroth motif color. The weapons that express them are Monaka, and the hair color is sesame and pumpkin sauce.
[Image 2d41446-64-214484-2.jpg
Pineapple drink (900 yen)
It is a carbonated drink that expresses the cloud of the former Soldier who took Mako. Lemon and Muscat jelly accent!
[Image 3d41446-64-944948-3.jpg
Hibiscus drink (900 yen)
Express the red of Aeris’ clothes. The top is decorated with Elias-inspired flowers. Sweet hibiscus drink.
[Image 4d41446-64-861664-4.jpg
Ice chocolate drink (900 yen)
Expresses Barrett’s bones and affinity with the color and taste of chocolate. Treated with sweets inspired by gatling. It is a
chocolate-sweet drink.
[Image 5d41446-64-465885-5.jpg
Iced latte drink (900 yen)
Expressed black and white of Tifa’s clothes with ice latte. A drink with strawberries inspired by the red globe.
[Image 6d41446-64-697494-6.jpg
* All prices include tax.
* Because it is a limited menu, it will end as soon as it is gone. * Contents may change without notice.
※The image is an image.
* The number of purchases may be limited without prior notice. 340th HEAVEN CAFE Original novelty
[Image 7d41446-64-819482-7.jpg
Every time you order one original cafe menu, you will receive an original coaster!
* The type of coaster cannot be selected.
* It will end as soon as it is gone.
Released in 1997, spectacular and inspiring stories, attractive characters, and images using the latest technology attracted many people, and more than 12.3 million copies have been shipped and downloaded worldwide. Have achieved.
■ About the “FINAL FANTASY” series
A role-playing game from Japan that has earned a high reputation around the world for its state-of-the-art video technology, unique worldview, and rich storylines since its first release in 1987. The company is also actively expanding into the European and US markets, and has achieved a cumulative worldwide shipment and download sales of more than 149 million units.
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