Cocone Corporation We asked 4,597 women! What is your favorite convenience store chain?

Cocone Co., Ltd.
We asked 4,597 women! What is your favorite convenience store chain? How to fake when you fart in front of the opposite sex?
Cocoro Lab Laboratory (contents in Pokekoro) operated by Cocone Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yosuke Tomita) will run from December 27 (Fri) to January 5 (Sun), 2019 During the period, a questionnaire survey was conducted.
In this survey, 4,597 women participated!
Thank you all for participating!
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This time, we collected questions and worries in advance in the previous questionnaire, and gathered answers from everyone.
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In the question corner, “Favorite convenience store chains”, “Favorite celebrities”, “Cooking when you come out for dinner”, “Do you believe in ghosts and aliens?”
Regarding the song that I listen to when I am depressed, I even ranked Anpanman’s famous song, “If I lose my confidence and I’m going to be lost, I just remember the good things-♪”.
At the trouble consultation section, many wonderful answers were given to consultations such as “How to like myself” and “Tips for riding a consultation”.
The results of the survey are compiled in articles by Kokoro Lab researchers, so please take a look.
[7th] Relaxing Star-Heart Lab
▼ Survey theme
[1st time] Is no-make useless?
[2nd] Is there any hobby you can’t tell anyone?
[3rd] Is there anything you want to tell yourself in the past? (Https://
[The fourth] We investigated manners and etiquette!
[5th] I asked about skin care!
[The sixth] We investigated stress for woman!
[7th] Can I make friends on SNS or online?
[The eighth] The year-end and New Year holidays! Nagusame no Star-Heart Lab (Https://
[9th] Is there really jealousy like a girl manga? (Scheduled for early February) -What is “Kokoro Lab”? –
This is a research center for women’s hearts that exist in the “stars of comfort” in Pokekoro.
A new researcher, Soeco, is investigating the “human,” “things,” and “things” for women.
-What is Pokekoro? –
[Image 3d2505-162-426014-2.jpg
[Image 4d2505-162-300819-3.jpg
“Pokekoro” is an app that coordinates your character’s clothes and rooms to create your own stars. You can enjoy communication with your friends through the characters you created.
With Pokekoro, you can create a variety of cute characters with your own personality, dress them up in your favorite fashion, and communicate with friends you like. Even if things don’t go well in everyday life, if you enter the loose Pokekoro world, you will definitely be healed!
There are plenty of functions to connect with friends, such as a “bulletin board” function that allows you to search for people with the same hobby, and a “lazy star” function that encourages you when you have a hard time. If you’re tired of “away yourself,” why don’t you find your own place in “Pokekoro”, where you can be “real” yourself?
◆ Related URL
・ “Pokecolo” official site:
・ Official Twitter (Pokekoro Kawaii Club): ・ Official Instagram:
・ App store download: ・ Google play download:
◆ App Overview
-Supported OS: iOS 8.0 or higher, Android OS 5.0 or higher
・ Genre: Social network (Character change service)
・ Price: Basic free (some items charged)
・ Copyright notation: (C) cocone corporation.
-About Cocone Co., Ltd.-
Cocone is a digital content company based on social networks that provides services that are supported by more than 15 million women, such as the smartphone character theme app Pokekoro and the story-type puzzle game Cat Nyach. is.
There are “Character” such as “Social services to decorate and enjoy” and “Game with decorating elements”. Focus on services that have “Coordinating” elements and can “Play”. , And defined this genre as “CCP (Character Coordinating Play)”. The company plans, develops, designs, operates and markets all services in-house, and has top-class know-how and achievements in the CCP genre worldwide.
The International Montessori Mirai Kindergarten was opened in April 2017. For the AI ​​era, we are conducting future-oriented education centered on bilingual, Montessori, and computer science.
◆ Main business operated by Cocone Co., Ltd.
・ Pokecolo:
・ Disney My Little Doll:
・ Sanrio @Hello Sweet Days -Hello Sweet Days: https: // ・ Cat’s Nyach -Nya Miserable-: https: //
・ Sencil-Fantasy Dress Up Battle ::
# # Propagate me:
・ Coconets:
・ International Montessori Mirakinda Garten:
◆ Company profile
・ Company name: Cocone Corporation (URL: ・ Representative: Yosuke Tomita, President
・ Established: September 2008
・ Location: 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Realty & Development Roppongi Grand Tower 42F
・ Business outline: Social network service business, social game business, language business

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