KNT-CT @ HD Soon the gun! “Tokyo Marathon 2020” Kinki Nippon Tourist will contribute to the success by p roviding hospitality and support for the tournament.

Soon the gun! “Tokyo Marathon 2020” Kinki Nippon Tourist will contribute to the success by providing hospitality and support for the tournament.
Kinki Nippon Tourist Group * (KNT), the official partner of Tokyo Marathon 2020, will provide appropriate operation and comfortable hospitality based on the know-how cultivated over many years at the Tokyo Marathon 2020 to be held on March 1 (Sun). We will support the operation of the tournament by providing.
* KNT-CT Global Travel Co., Ltd. and Kinki Nippon Tourist Corporate Business Co., Ltd. (both headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; president: Masahiko Takaura) are working together to support operations. [Image 1d1864-815-297328-0.jpg
[Image 2d1864-815-424392-1.png
The Tokyo Marathon is one of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, which consists of the six major marathons in the world (Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York), and is the largest marathon event in Japan. The “Tokyo Marathon 2020” is also the event that also serves as the race for the selection of Japan Olympic Games
representatives, and is expected to attract more and more exciting races than usual.
The main duties that cooperate in operation are as follows.
? Before the tournament?
? Invited Player Village
KNT will support elite runners invited from overseas at the Athlete Village Headquarters. Immediately after arriving in Japan, we provide a wide range of hospitality support from pick-up and lodging, care during stay, and guidance on the day of the tournament.
? Overseas runner tour
KNT handles official tours from overseas with our group network and specialized agents from around the world as partners. This year, a large number of companions (families) will visit Japan along with runners from overseas. From arrival in Japan to the tour guide for the day before the tournament, guidance on the day of the tournament, pick-up after the finish, after-run party after the run, the employees in charge of the official tour give guidance with the hospitality. [Image 3d1864-815-280789-2.jpg
Tour desk (image)
? Runner reception
-February 27 (Thu)-29 (Sat) @ Shin-Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium Runners will receive a number card (number) in advance. KNT performs “Overseas Runner Reception” and “Help Desk Operation” at runner reception. We have staff in various languages ​​for overseas runners, and are in charge of overseas help desk operations that respond individually and carefully.
[Image 4d1864-815-707996-4.jpg
Runner reception
? Tokyo Marathon Friendship Run
-February 29 (Sat) @ Meiji Jingu Gaien Area
On the day before the tournament, the Tokyo Marathon Friendship Run, a fun run event where you can enjoy and interact with runners coming from abroad, enjoy the traditional culture of Japan and interact with Japanese runners and volunteers. You. The “Tokyo Marathon Friendship Run” has been well received every year as an event full of hospitality to enjoy the Tokyo Marathon.
KNT is a partner of this event, and also manages the tournament from reception to setup and operation.
The runners will enjoy the hospitality event and fun run with a smile filled with fresh towels distributed as souvenirs. This year, about 3,000 people (including 2,200 foreign runners) will participate. [Image 5d1864-815-272565-5.jpg
* Tokyo Marathon Friendship Run commemorative image

[Image 6d1864-815-372105-6.jpg
Friendship run (image)
[Image 7d1864-815-363698-3.jpg
After-run party (image)
? Tokyo marathon the day of the competition
Operation management of runner accommodation bus
When you start right in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the runners move all the way to the finish. Eight gates on the course have a fixed time limit, and runners who cannot cross the gates in time will be transferred to the finish point by the accommodation bus. KNT manages the operation of accommodation buses at each barrier. Of course, I will not forget to give sincere cheers to runners during my work.
? Information: Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2020?
-February 27 (Thu)-29 (Sat) @ Toyosu Market 6 Block Outdoor Space Among the related events, “Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2020”, which is held in conjunction with the runner reception, is a free admission event where you can enjoy the world of running, introducing the latest gear and apparel, and experiencing many demonstrations.
At KNT, we will publicize your journey to a major marathon that visitors from all over the world will long for. There are also tours with the right to run, so those who aim for Six Star Finisher are a must see.
[Image 8d1864-815-114716-7.jpg
※Please check here for more details.
[Image 9d1864-815-248691-8.jpg
KNT booth (image)
[Image 10d1864-815-246427-9.jpg
Tokyo Marathon EXPO2019 (image)

の 他 In addition to the above, we will also provide transportation services for tournament officials and media officials, as well as run runner-up invitations for high school students in affected areas in Tohoku. Every year, we enter as a group volunteer, and employees from all over the country support the tournament through volunteer activities.
Kinki Nippon Tourist Group has been involved in many large-scale events and international sporting events, making use of the experience and knowledge accumulated over many years. The Tokyo Marathon 2020, which will be held soon, will contribute to the success of the tournament.
○ “Tokyo Marathon 2020” Official Website ○ “Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2020” Official Website

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