[WOWOW Co., Ltd.] A birdie battle is inevitable this year too! ? LPGA Women’s Golf Tour Round 19 “Marathon Classic” opens! WOWOW interviews Japanese groups exclusively! !

Corporation WOWOW Birdy battle is inevitable this year too! ? LPGA Women’s Golf Tour Round 19 “Marathon Classic” opens! WOWOW interviews Japanese groups exclusively! ! The design of the heat war is broadcast on WOWOW from 7/12 (Fri)! ………………………………………………………………………………………… The event started in 1984 with the name of the local Ohio-born actor Jamie Farr. The name was changed to Marathon Classic in 2013. The venue, the Highland Meadows GC, is strategically rich and links-style bunkers bother players. If you get caught in this bunker, there is a high possibility of breaking the score at once, and keeping the fairway firmly in the tee shot becomes an iron rule. It is familiar to golf fans as a competition where the annual bardy battle with aggressive golf takes place. Japanese Nomura Toshikyo, Yokohama Sakura, Uehara Ayako and Yamaguchi Suzuki Summer have participated. I would like to leave a good result for the important second consecutive major battle starting from the end of this month. At WOWOW, we conducted exclusive interviews with four Japanese players on the day before the tournament. [Image 1

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■ Nomura Toshikyo Q. Last week was off for a week, how did you spend it? “I went back to my Hawaii home to practice and live the same life as usual. However, I wanted to grow in size and ate more sweets and rice than usual, but it was difficult. Did.” Q. How is your waist condition? “It’s getting better and better. The pain has been better since I changed the training method, and it’s easier to walk when I walk. It’s warm, isn’t it good to be good?” Q. What kind of training do you do? “I have been taught to do training to strengthen the muscles of the lower back, and do it.” Q. In this course, Nomura appears to be compatible. “The condition of the course is good again this year. The green is quite early and the fairway is beautiful. I like the course this week than last week, so I am looking forward to it.” Q. Please give me your enthusiasm for this week. “I have been having pains in my lower back for a few weeks and I have not had very good grades, but I still have big majors and I will do my best to start higher this week.” [Image 2

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■ Yokohama Sakura Q. How is the condition of the course? “I did not qualify last week, so I went a little early and went half on Sunday. The grass is much dry compared to that time. The creek in front of the 10th hole is flooded and it is up to the fairway ( The water was coming, but it looks like it’s getting dry, it’s still heavy on the green all the time, and it’s a recent style to hit it with a carry. For example, if it is 160 yards, I think that if you ever get lost on the 7th or 6th iron, you have to make a firm decision on such a thing as “absolutely 7th”. ” Q How are you doing compared to last week? “I was told by the master that I had to find the arrow not only for the putter but also for the shot after all to fail in the qualifying, it was very big that I was able to fix that part, and it will be a plus for myself I thought it was good last week, but it was on the left, but after I corrected it, I felt it was right, so I think it was really good. ” Q. This week’s course will have a 9th tee in front, and 17th, 18th and 5th par will have a chance until the end. Which part will be important in the course? “I feel like I’m just putting it in the end, but I think it’s better to have a chance to make things better than a birdie battle.” Q. I think it will be a fight against the heat this week, but please give me your enthusiasm for this week. “I want to play for four days, but I have not made money recently, so I want to do my best to earn as much as a dollar.” [Image 3

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■ Ayako Uehara Q The marathon classic starts, but how was it in practice round? “I think the course is finished very well this year, but it seems that it rained a couple of days ago, so the water level at the pond was much higher than usual. This week’s green one or the other Speaking of which, I have a slight habit, but the condition is good, and I think that I will finally be playing green this year, so I will try to work hard to make it a good chance in that area. ” Q. The game continues, but how are you feeling? “I feel good!” Q. Last week was a bit more engaged, but did you come one step further? “Yeah, I’ve been with the Walmart NW Arkansas Championships for several weeks, but I have a lot of chances, but I’m not tied to the results, so I want to be able to quickly get to the results.” QWhat is your goal this week? “This is a very important tournament because it will decide whether or not to participate in the Evian Championship, and I will be working hard to get a good birdy on Thursday and fight on the top.” [Image 4

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■ Yamaguchi Suzu summer Q. What is your impression on this week’s course in practice? “The green was small, and if it was put on the green, there were some holes called birdies.” Q. The 17th and 18th holes are par 5, so I think there will be a chance until the end, but are there any key holes etc? “17th and 18th are not long holes, and if both drivers hit only the driver, I think it will be a hole that Toon can aim for, so I would like to take a birdie.” Q. How is the condition of the course? “I think the condition is good. The practice round was early morning, so the green was damp and heavy, but if I felt yesterday it was green compared to last week.” Q. What is the important point of this week? “Since the wood system has become stable, I want to capture the fairway firmly, and the green is also small, so I want to do it.” Q. How is the condition of the iron? “I still get a mistake at number 6 and so on, but I think it’s a matter of feeling, so it feels like I’m doing everything I can.” Q. This is the eighth consecutive war, how do you feel? “I think the distance of travel is long in the US and I can not experience in Japan, but I am not so tired because I am almost unqualified. Sad (laughs). I am doing training while doing various things. ” Q. If you enter the top five this week, you will have the right to compete at the AIG Women’s Open, but please give us your enthusiasm this week. “Since the shots have been stable, I will do my best to do what I can do now and I will do my best to pass the qualifying session properly.”

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