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Albirex Niigata J-League newcomer training & design manhole installation type

Albi Rex Niigata Co., Ltd. Albi Rex Niigata J-League newcomer training & design manhole setting type
【Hometown Activity Report】
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The J-League provides “J-League Rookie Training” for new players every year, and in addition to the general training sessions, we conduct regional volunteer activities and management volunteer activities on a club basis. Today’s afternoon, Susumu Honma, Yuki Akiyama, Naoto Arai, Yasunari Okamoto, and Kazuter Fujita, along with students, parents, local businesses and locals in Seimei Town Kameshiro Elementary School, Abashira, Fujitsuka Beach cleaning activities were conducted at the beach and at three places on the beach.
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We arrived at the beach and cleaned up with the children. The children of lower grades proudly brought the trash picked up by the players and put them in the trash bag, checking whether it was burning trash or non-burning trash. All the upper-grade children, while having fun talking with the players, picked up their love and rubbish.
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Kazuki Fujita, who has experience in beach cleaning activities during the academy period, said, “By doing this kind of activity, we can also get energy. We will continue activities to give energy to local people and children. “I want to go” and was looking back. Arai, who visited Kameshiro Elementary School last month, finished her activities and said, “I got enthusiasm from the children. Also, I want to play in a way that makes the children smile with good results in the next game.” I made up my mind to prepare for the Yokohama FC game.
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Similarly, this afternoon, at the south exit of Niigata Station, the “Design Man Hall” was held as part of the Albirex Niigata Support PR Project by the 150th anniversary of the Niigata City Open Port Business Execution Committee. From Niigata City, Deputy Mayor Takahashi Construction Deputy Mayor of the Executive Committee attended, and from the club, Captain Kato, a major player, attended.
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The design manhole presented for the first time on this day. With a refreshing design that reminds of the open port city, Kato also liked to say “It looks bright!” It will be installed in two places, Niigata Station South Entrance Station Square and Niigata Station Manjoguchi Station Square, and from around noon on 26th (Fri), player’s voice messages will be streamed. Check out what players are talking about what messages.
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Following the 150th anniversary of the opening of the port this year, Deputy Mayor Takahashi received an encouragement for a victory in the Yokohama FC game, which is based on the opening city as Niigata, and for the start dash of the second half. Kato will express his gratitude for his support and encouragement on a daily basis, fight with all his strength to enjoy the victory with everyone in Niigata, and will make a strong determination that “We will enliven Minatomachi Niigata through football” Told me The good wave that was born in the league match 2 consecutive wins is generated not only by clubs and teams but also thanks to supporters, partner companies and members of each region in Niigata Prefecture. The start of the second half of the race, which is scheduled for the day after tomorrow. We will fight with all our power with the heart of many of you in mind.

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