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The live game of the game “Bright & Moai’s Yuru Gachi” PSO2 “7/22 (Mon) broadcast from 21:00!

SEGA Games Corporation Broadcast from the live game of the game “う っ & モ モ ゆ る P” PSO 2 “7/22 (Mon) 21! We will deliver the charm of “EPISODE 6” loosely! ………………………………………………………………………………………… New “PSO2” game live broadcast by niconico is on the air! We will deliver the appeal of the new chapter “EPISODE 6” in popular distribution through live play of “PSO2” new content and new beginner’s plan etc. The appearances are ABT 2019 liveliness familiar Mr. Moai Iwashita and “PSO2” live plan planning first appearance, two people of Idol Samu Yuki! As a limited time project, we will broadcast once a month until December 2019. The second broadcast is from 21:00 to 24:00 on Monday, July 22, 2019! ※ One hour later than usual. ※ Broadcasting will be conducted at SHIP “6”. In addition, there is also a viewer gift for the in-game item “PSO2” to all niconico premium user applicants! ※ The present for July is ・ “EX rare drop magnification + 75%” x 1 piece ・ “Enhanced large success probability + 50%” x 2 pieces ・ “7th Anniversary Badge” x 50 pieces It will be. ※ For details, please check the guidance in the program page of niconico. Perfectly & Moai Yuru Gachi “PSO 2” (Present) Niconiconico Presents ~ niconico official live broadcast

【Broadcast date and time】
Monday, July 22, 2019 21: 00-24: 00 ※ July will be broadcast one hour later than usual. ※ We broadcast at a pace of once a month until December 2019.
◆ Viewing page Nico Nico live broadcasting: https://live.nicovideo.jp/gate/lv320974918 Periscope: You can watch it by tweeting from “PSO2” official Twitter (@ sega_pso2) which will be held on airtime. Performer ・ Moai Iwashita (Narrator, ABT 2019 real condition charge) ・ Sauki 綺 (9nine / voice actor, “BEATLESS” x “PSO 2” collaboration special number appearance)

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