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Ken Naoko has decided on parent-child participation! The largest summer festival in Reikawa! “Ena festival 2019” performer final announcement!

Shimizu Okto Co., Ltd. Ken Naoko decides parent and child participation war! The largest summer festival in Reikawa! “Ena festival 2019” performer final announcement! August 10 (Saturday)-12 (Monday) Held Shimizu octo presents “Enaju Fes 2019” Gathered at a genreless free festival in which a large artist appears on the beach where the sea spreads in front of the eyes! ! ………………………………………………………………………………………… The largest summer festival is held at Maehara Beach, Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture, which has also been selected as one of the 100 selections. Furthermore the performer final announcement of the big game appearance! !
■ Shimizu octo presents “Enatsu Fes 2019” live information Date and time: August 10 (Sat), 11 (Sun), 12 (Mon) of August 2019 11: 00-18: 00 will be scheduled Place: At Maekawa Beach, Kamogawa City, Chiba Pref. It is approximately five minutes on foot from JR Tobobo Line “Abosu Yodogawa Station” View: Free Special page: tatari.tokyo/contents/topics/enatsufes Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/enatsufes
▼ Ken Naoko
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▼ The daughter of the study Naoko ・ Hitomi
[Image 2

▼ A person in a certain DJ Live Kids
[Image 3

▼ Mighty Crown
[Image 4

▼ Jr.Dee
[Image 5

▼ color-code
[Image 6

▼ illusion. No
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▼ C; ON
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▼ 83
[Image 9

▼ Yui Yoshinari
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▼ Tsukutaro
[Image 11

The co-starring of Ken Naoko & Hitomi parent and child is decided, the person in a certain festival ・ DJ Live Kids is present, and it becomes a festival beyond the boundaries of the genre. In addition to Mighty Crown, KG-MAN, K-ZION, KINGESSENTIAL and so on, the second half of the 11th is followed by a reggae time that seems to be summer! Tsunoda ☆ Hiro / JAGUAR / misono / Mountain monkey / ReVision of Sence / Pentagon / loose mo! / Poseidon / Ishikawa / Enatsu’s Indulgence / Ageha / Gallo /-True Land Open Group-Zigzag / Quint meets Ryo Yamabuki (El Friede) / Genius Man / Keisandeath / SAYbe. STORE / Folk song girls / Hori Horii / Tokyo other power Honganji /
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Enatsu Festival Executive Committee (within Shimizu Oct) 03-3360-7168 enatsufes@shimizu-group.co.jp Special page: https://tatari.tokyo/contents/topics/enatsufes Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/enatsufes March 12, 2016 Named by Takeshi Takeshi “Juliana Beat” started. January 9, 2019 Major debut. Aqua Munda And Associates Co., Ltd. belongs. March 12 1st Hall One Man at Korakuen Hall May 1 Renamed moment “Enthus enlightenment” renamed June 17 2nd Hall One Man at Tokyo International Forum http://tatari.tokyo https://twitter.com/ayatra_wrs/
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Shimizu octo presents “Ena summer festival 2019” Cooperation: Yodogawa Tourism Association Co-sponsored by: Ayukawa Hokoten Executive Committee

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