【Tokyo Metro】 Corporate advertisement to find the story of Tokyo Tokyo Next Story

Tokyo Metro Corporate advertisement to find the story of Tokyo Tokyo Next Story -July 24th, 2019 (Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games 1 year ago) released. Performed by Kento Yamazaki. To ………………………………………………………………………………………… Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. (Head office: Taito-ku, Tokyo; President: Akiyoshi Yamamura, hereinafter “Tokyo Metro”) is the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games (hereinafter “Tokyo 2020”) and the development of Tokyo beyond that We start advertising to convey corporate attitude to contribute. In this advertisement, Kento Yamazaki talks with people related to Tokyo 1964, Tokyo 220 in a train, and draws a figure of thinking about Tokyo in the past, present and future. We will share with you the spirit of Tokyo Metro, which supports Tokyo in the future and Tokyo in the future. This advertisement will be published on TVCM, Metro station and in-car displays and Youtube sequentially from July 24, 2019 (Wed). 【Tokyo Metro Official Channel】 www.youtube.com/user/TokyoMetroOfficial/ [Image 1

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CM overview What kind of story was born in Tokyo in 1964, when the Olympics were held last time in Tokyo? And what kind of story will be born in 2020? It is a corporate advertising series where Kento Yamazaki talks with various people and finds a story of Tokyo one by one. The place of dialogue is on the rail that connects the long history with the past. Inside the car of the slightly mysterious Tokyo Metro where no one else is riding. As we have done so far, I would like to continue to support Tokyo full of stories. It is a company advertisement that was filled with the aspiration of Tokyo Metro. # 00 Yamazaki Sage Mr. Yamazaki, one of the generations who did not know Tokyo in 1964, was swayed by Tokyo Metro, and imagined the appearance of Tokyo in 2020, while thinking of Tokyo at that time. You can talk about the feeling of looking forward to encounter with the story while showing the image of getting down to the city. [Image 3

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# 01 Kento Yamazaki Yoshihiro Sato (former Hibiya Line driver) Mr. Yamazaki talks with Mr. Sato, the former Hibiya driver. Ms. Sato talks about the rising Tokyo scene for the Tokyo 1964 event and the subway at the time of the rapid development following the opening of the Shinkansen, and Mr Yamazaki feels that there is now Tokyo ahead of that change. [Image 5

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# 02 Kento Yamazaki Kyoko Yata (“Oriental Witch” member) Mr. Yamazaki talks with Mr. Tata of volleyball former Japan representative “Oriental Witch” who won the gold medal at Tokyo 1964 Olympics. Mr. Tada talks about the bond with his teammate at the time. The Tokyo 2020 Games are said to be cheering with their grandchildren. Mr. Yamazaki’s heart is shaken by the story of the people who set the stage in Tokyo. [Image 7

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# 03 Yamazaki Kento Doan Ritsu (professional soccer player) Mr. Yamazaki talks with a professional soccer player, Doan. Doan talks passionately about his feelings for football and his enthusiasm for 2020. Mr. Yamazaki made his heart roar, as the day to witness his activity in Tokyo is about to come soon, Look up at the Olympic Stadium (New National Stadium). [Image 9

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Performer # 00 # 01 # 02 # 03 Kento Yamazaki [Image 11

Born September 7, 1994 (24 years old) from Tokyo 2016 39th Japan Academy Awards New Face Actor Award 2018 IQIYI Awards Asia Best Actor Award Since then, he has been active in dramas, movies and commercials. In July 2018, he starred in the drama “Good Doctor” (CX). Published April, 2019. Starred in the movie “Kingdom”. Summer of 2019 released in the animation movie “Ninokuni”, with the voice of the protagonist in 2020, starring movie “It is difficult to fall in love with otaku” “Theater” will be released # 01 Yoshihiro Sato (Yoshihiro Sato) [Image 12

Born July 5, 1941 (78 years old) 1960 Joined Teito High Speed ​​Traffic Corps (corporation subway), the predecessor of Tokyo Metro. In 1964, he became a driver and got on the Hibiya Line, which opened its entire line this year. Experience the Tokyo 1964 tournament and the changing Tokyo as a driver. 1999 subway company retirement # 02 Yoniko Tanida (Kinuko Tanida) Current Name: Izugawa [Image 13

Born on September 19, 1939 (80 years old) Born in Osaka Prefecture Shitennoji High School → Nisshinkaizuka (-1964) Tokyo 1964 Olympic women’s volleyball gold medalist. Oriental witch member. She has been active since Shitennoji High School, and has become a member of Japan’s representative Ace Attacker with a sharp spike and has won the World Championship title etc. Contributing to the gold medal as an Eastern Witch Ace Attacker even at the Tokyo 1964 Olympics. After the Olympics, he played at Fuji Club, owned by Mr. Chikage Awashima. He is still active as a volleyball coach in his hometown Osaka. # 03 Do An Ritsu [Image 14

Born on June 16, 1998 (21 years old) From Hyogo Prefecture Professional soccer player. Living in Groningen, The Netherlands. Born as a third son of three brothers and started playing soccer under the influence of his brother. Joined a senior team junior youth, and achieved his first ever triple crown at a national convention when in second grade. He will be the top team in the high school second grader, and will make an official game debut with the youngest record in club history in May 2015. Transferred to a team in the Netherlands 1 division in June 2017. Its activity has attracted attention in the world.

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