ADARA, specializing in global travel customer data, announces analysis of flight booking data during the Rugby World Cup

ADARA, Inc ADARA specializing in global travel customer data announces analysis of flight booking data during Rugby World Cup Inbound measures by grasping the trend of visiting passengers ………………………………………………………………………………………… ADARA (Head office: Palo Alto, Japan, USA), which provides highly accurate digital marketing solutions by analyzing the behavior patterns and purchasing trends of travel customers based on travel data provided by more than 200 data partners worldwide. Branch office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, URL:, to prepare for the Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan Games, which will be held from September 20 to November 2, We will present the visiting passenger data of the event period, which is unique to the data corp that can not be obtained by one company alone, by combining the flights in Japan, the stay and reservation status in Japan, and the elite membership status. * Data co-op is an effort to increase the value obtained from data by sharing each other’s data between companies. [Image 1

This year’s Rugby World Cup will be held in Japan in 12 cities from Hokkaido to Kyushu for a long period of 44 days from September 20, so spectators will visit the whole country, and inbound related all over Japan It’s a great opportunity for the industry. This time, ADARA is based on its own flight reservation data obtained from partner airlines around the world, W from major participating countries Australia, New Zealand, UK, Island, Italy, France, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa We conducted data analysis during the cup holding period. 1. Percentage of major participating countries in flight reservations to Japan Looking at data on flights to Japan booked from September 2018 to April 2019, one year before the Rugby World Cup, the ratio of major participating countries is usually 5 to 20% of the total during the normal season On the other hand, in the second half of September when the World Cup starts, it jumps up to about 50% (image 1), and it can be seen that many people from different western countries visit Japan. [Image 2

Image 1: Percentage of major participating countries in flight reservations to Japan 2. Flight search / reservation channel Many of the visiting international visitors from Rugby World Cup major countries are searching for vacancies and bookings on the airline’s website, but travel customers from Europe compared to travel customers from other regions in Metasearch The usage rates of OTA and OTA are high in both search and reservation. (Images 2, 3) [Image 3

Image 2: Flight search channel [Image 4

Image 3: Flight reservation channel
3. Number of days traveled to Japan by visiting passengers from Rugby World Cup main participating countries Looking at the number of days spent in Japan before and after the World Cup period from major countries participating in the World Cup, approximately 20% will stay for at least 3 weeks, and approximately 40% will stay for at least 2 weeks, with an average of approximately 16.4 days. You (Figure 4) It can be seen that the Tourism Agency’s visit to foreign consumption trends in Japan for 2018 will stay longer than the average 9.0 days of the 2018 annual report, and various landings through sightseeing and experience tours using the match day and day It will be an opportunity to enjoy the type goods and services. [Image 5

Image 4: Staying days [Image 6

Image 5: Travelers

Four. Reservation rate / travel wealth rate rate of business class or more of visiting passenger from major participating countries *
The next thing to note is the percentage of the wealthy visitors to Japan during the Rugby World Cup. In particular, more than a third of visitors from Europe have reserved seats in business class or higher. (Fig. 6) In addition, the travel rich population ratio increased in all regions when comparing the visiting ratio of visiting passengers in Rugby World Cup period to the visiting period in regular period. (Figure 7) * Travel rich is defined as a travel customer who falls under any of the following 1. Find or book flights of business class and above within the last 90 days The tendency to search or book luxury accommodation over 2.4 stars 3. Top status holders in mileage and hotel club members [Image 7

Image 6: Reservation rate above booking business class [Image 8

Image 7: Travel wealth rate
[Data extraction condition] Online flight reservation data from 1st September 2018-30th April 2019 from ADARA partner airlines Target reservation flight: Date of departure: After September 10, 2019 Return flight: before November 12, 2019 Period of stay: will stay for 5 days or more during the Rugby World Cup 2019 Target countries: Major participating countries in Rugby World Cup 2019 Australia / NZ: Australia, New Zealand Europe: UK, Island, Italy, France Others: Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa With the rapid increase in the number of tourists visiting Japan, overtourism is an issue nowadays, in the inbound industry, the issue is “quality over quantity” and “how to increase the amount of consumption”. In the Rugby World Cup, many wealthy people stay in Japan longer than average. In addition, tourists are dispersed in many areas because it is held in 12 cities nationwide from north to south. The year before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games is a great opportunity to strengthen inbound inbound measures. As a data marketing partner for the travel industry, ADARA will continue to contribute to the promotion of tourism and travel marketing in Japan. The booking trend report of the rugby W cup visitor to Japan is here → that’s all
◆ About ADARA (ADARA) | ADARA. Know What Travelers Need Next. ADARA contributes to the development of the industry with the global travel brand. We build Travel Data Corp (Data Co-op) with the most abundant data in the world and provide companies with insights based on the profiles of individual travel customers. ADARA users gain a real value-based understanding of travel patterns, trends and relationships with behavior patterns from over 8.5 million monthly travel customer profiles of their customers and global travel brands spanning more than 200 companies can do. ADARA provides intelligence to refine personalization and traveler relevancy through actions (customer journeys) leading to travel customer purchases for sustained growth. The three pillars of Lean (Learning), Act (Measure), and Measure (Measure) make it possible to verify marketing effects that can be measured on a traveler basis. Press Release (PDF): Fact book: [US headquarters] Company name: ADARA Inc. Representative: Layton Han Location: 1070 E Meadow Cir, Palo Alto, CA 94303 USA Established: 2009 Website: Facebook Page: [Japan office] Location: 〒 104-0031 3-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Square Garden 14F In WeWork Established: January 2016 Website: Facebook Page:

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