Amphibious bus “Kap of Lake Yamanaka” 4/27 (Saturday) Completely renewed-From attraction bus full of entertainment to …

Fuji Express Co., Ltd. Amphibious bus “Kap of Lake Yamanaka” 4/27 (Saturday) Completely renewed-From attraction bus full of entertainment to … Great pre-show airing, tour program more participatory ………………………………………………………………………………………… Fujikyushu Co., Ltd. (Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture, President: Koichiro Horiuchi) is aiming to transform the amphibious bus “YANAKANAKO NO KABA”, an amphibious bus operating on Lake Yamanaka, into an attraction bus that feels more entertaining. We will renew the whole from May 27 (Saturday).

“Yamanakako Hippo (YAMANAKOKO NO KABA)”

is an amphibious bus that can be run on land or in water, so you can enter the lake together with the bus and experience the extraordinary experience of cruising Lake Yamanaka that overlooks magnificent Mt. Fuji . Since its launch in 2011, it has been used by a large number of domestic and international customers, but in response to a wide range of increasingly diverse needs in the future, it will be renewed so that many customers can enjoy it from getting on the bus tour to getting off. In addition to directing, it will evolve into a more entertaining bus where you can feel “expected”, “learn” and “excited”. Please look forward to the amphibious bus “Yamanakako no Kaba” (YAMANAKOKO NO KABA), which entertains guests more than ever. [Two new productions] 1. In the new theater room, broadcast a powerful preshow video. In order to increase the sense of expectation and excitement before boarding, a theater room has been newly added, “Recently, a lot of sightings of hippos that should not have been in Lake Yamanaka have been sent. You can watch a pre-show video from the spectacular three-seat theater set at the beginning of the bus tour. 2. Change the scenario in the car so that even small children can enjoy sightseeing while learning. In the past, the voices of the attendant and “knowledgeful hippopotamus” used to ask questions about nature and history of Lake Yamanaka in a quiz format, and the voice of the ramcoder was compared with the attendant, but this time the new character of the hippopotamus of the child The “see”, “listen” and “learn” to introduce a new “Chibi hippo” puppet and learn about the nature and history of Lake Yamanaka and the structure of the amphibious bus together with the child hippo and customers together. Changed to participatory program. This makes it even more enjoyable for families with children.

New character “Chibi Kaba”

■ Implementation date Saturday, April 27, 2019-Sunday, June 30, 2019

■ Contents The original of the new character “Chibi Kabachan” to the customer who presented the screen of the hippo bus to the SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and presented it at the window of the hippo (Yamanakako Asahioka Bus Terminal 2F) We will give you a Choco Marshmallow. (The first 1,000 guests)

Yamanashi Prefecture’s first amphibious bus that began operating at Lake Yamanaka in April 2011.

The design is based on the industrial designer who represents Japan, Mr. Eiji Mitooka, and is designed with the image of the hippo, the king of animals living on both water and land, and the guardian deity of ancient Egypt. With wheels and screws, you can experience the wonders of the world-class Mt. Fuji and Lake Yamanaka from the ground and on the lake in one.

■ Operation day Daily service (may be discontinued due to the weather)

■ The number of operations 8 flights / day (summer increase depending on availability)

■ Place of arrival and arrival Yamanakako Asahi Asahigaoka Bus Terminal “Forest Station”

■ Access Highway bus … Central express bus Fuji Five Lakes line “Yamanakako Asahi Asahika” getting off immediately Train, route bus … It is approximately 40 minutes by route bus, tour bus from Fujikyu Line “Kawaguchiko Station” Car … About 10 minutes from Higashi Fuji Five Lake Road “Yamanakako IC”

■ Charge 2,200 yen for adults, 1,100 yen for children, 400 yen for infants

■ How to make a reservation 1. Fujikyu Call Center 0570-022956 0555-73-8181 2. Date for exclusive use of reservation 090-6160-4696 3. KABA website

■ Notes Rain or shine. However, depending on the weather conditions, you may not be able to enter the lake.

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