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Signature wanted! Become a supporter to protect the sea where dugong of the Nansei Islands lives

[Signature wanted! ] Become a supporter to protect the sea where dugongs of the Nansei Islands live
In December 2019, “ Dugong of the Nansei Islands ” was rated by IUCN as an endangered IA species

The whole area including Henoko and Oura Bay, where the dugong of the Nansei Islands lives, was certified as Japan’s first “Hope Spot” (Ocean of Hope) in October 2019.
Please support this Hope Spot with your signature!

Become a supporter of Japan’s first Hope Spot with a signature to protect the sea of ​​Okinawa, which is very important for Dugong! http://bit.ly/henoko-ourabay_HopeSpot
The IUCN Red List published on December 10th (The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2019-3) shows the sub-population of Dugong dugon inhabiting the southwestern islands of Japan. , Critically Endangered (CR) rated as “serious crisis” (endangered IA).
The number of mature individuals is less than 10, and the number of inhabitants is decreasing.
Until now, the dugong was considered Vulnerable (VU) “Dangerous” (endangered type II) on the IUCN Red List, but for the first time, the dugong in Japan, located in the northern limit of the world, is one step ahead of extinction. It was evaluated that it was in.
The Henoko and Oura Bay area is a treasure-like sea boasting rich biodiversity worldwide.
You can see mangroves and tidal flats in the Oura River and estuary, the largest seagrass beds around the main island of Okinawa in the shallow waters, mud and sandy areas spread off the coast, and breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs in the bay It has developed as our “cradle of life”. There are 5334 species of creatures identified in Oura Bay. There are 262 endangered species.
The sea is home to dugongs, and there is a lot of precious nature where endangered sea turtles land for spawning.
To change this situation, which is very serious for Dugong, be the first supporter to support the first Hope Spot in Japan with a signature!
IUCN Red List / Dugong / Nansei Islands population
https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/157011948/157011982#assessment-information [Mammal] Ministry of the Environment Red List 2019
Statement of the Japan Nature Conservation Society, which was evaluated by the IUCN Red List

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