[Shogakukan Co., Ltd.] What is the ideal date plan for Hey! Say! JUMP? Cover page & 12 pages with “CanCam”!

Shogakkan Co., Ltd. What is the ideal date plan for Hey! Say! JUMP? Cover page & 12 pages with “CanCam”! Special feature for the first time in 3 years! October issue, August 23 release! ! …………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

Kyun Kyun! Delivery for 8 scenes! “The ideal date plan” raised by each of the 8 members consists of 2 movies and Harajuku, 1 picnic, amusement park, motorcycle, and summer festival. Do you know who chose which plan? Popular idol group “Hey! Say! JUMP” appeared in the October issue of fashion magazine “CanCam”. All members appear for the first time in 3 years on the cover and 12 pages of special features. The special feature is a “date” project that is perfect for summer vacation. 8 Eight members of Hey! Say! JUMP put on “clothes that they want to wear on a date” and went out on location to reproduce the ideal date plan. All the photos were taken from a dating scene with her eyes. For example, Ryosuke Yamada is a meeting place for a movie date. Mr. Yamada, who listens to her earphones and waits for her, recognizes her and welcomes her with a gentle smile. Take a date on Takeshita Street forbidden by idols? ! Mr. Inoo and Mr. Chinen chose both Harajuku dates. Two people who have never been to Harajuku because there are so many fans have realized the crepe and tapioca date that they have been longing for (although it is of course a fictitious setting). Mr. Inoo said, “I just want to try it because I can’t imagine. Chinen says, “Speaking of the place where young people go on a date, after all (Harajuku) Takeshita Street. It was. [Image 2

”The“ date clothes ”chosen by the eight people are a must-see because they have their own personality such as T-shirts, suits, and patterned shirts. The October issue is also a special issue that includes the backstage scenes of laughter. This is the 12th year since debut. The latest live DVD and BD released the other day won first place on the Oricon Weekly Chart. As soon as the first broadcast of the drama “Semi Otoko”, which is currently being aired, with Yamada-san starring, won the top trend word on Twitter. On the 21st, the 25th single “Fanfare”, which is also the theme song for the drama, will be released, and Hey! Say! Kyun to them! The CanCam October issue will be released from Shogakukan on August 23 (Friday). * CanCam10 issue will be released in two volumes: Hey! Say! JUMP Cover Ver. And Sakamichi Sister Cover Ver.

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