[Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd.] Misaki Kiritani appeared in the advice “Zexy Overseas Wedding”, “We will do everything we want to do for the wedding!”

Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. Misaki Kiritani appeared in the advice “Zexy Overseas Wedding”, “We will do everything we want to do for the wedding!” “” Zexy “was used as a reference when choosing a dress.” Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Mio Tsujimura), a monthly overseas wedding information magazine “Zexy Overseas Wedding 2019 Autumn & Winter” (released August 23, 2019 * 1 We will inform you that Misaki Kiritani, who is active as an actress and model, will be appointed on the cover. Misaki Kiritani, who plays an active part in many magazines, dramas and movies, will appear on the cover of “Zexy Overseas Wedding”. In the interview, we received advice from couples who were n’t getting married or recommended in Hawaii. [Image 1

Recommended by Kiritani! Hawaii’s spots are … The shooting was blessed with the weather, and it was the best location to fully enjoy the beach. Kiritani-san has been visiting Hawaii every year for the past few years, and DECK, which was the filming location for this film, seems to be a familiar place in private. When I visited a recommended spot in Hawaii, the answer was “Sandbar”, a white sandy beach floating in Kaneohe Bay. It seems that you might be able to see the sea turtle, which is regarded as the deity of the sea that carries good luck in Hawaii. “Zexy” is “Dress selection reference!” When I asked Mr. Kiritani if ​​he had seen “Zexy”, he was happy to say “I saw the app!” He told me that he actually saw the bride’s comments and said, “I remember seeing the column quite a bit by choosing a dress.” Also, when I talked about the life style after marriage, he said, “It’s good to have more time to share with each other!” What is Kiriya’s view of overseas weddings? “Overseas marriage has a unique happiness”! ” A message to those who refrain from getting married says, “We think that it is better to do everything you want to do because a wedding is a lifetime, so you can do it all!” As for the wedding ceremony overseas, “It is quite difficult to go abroad with a family and friends when it is time like a wedding ceremony. I think there are many things that I can not taste in Japan, so I feel more happy. I think it will come out. ” Also, regarding the marriage itself, I received the advice that “It is good to have a natural relationship that respects each other so that you do not overdo your best.” “XXI Overseas Wedding 2019 Autumn & Winter” will be released on August 23rd (Fri)! The special feature of this issue is “What did everyone prepare for overseas marriage?” We interviewed 304 brides who experienced overseas weddings, and taught them how to prepare for each group. Gorgeous 2 big volume supplements are a must-see for overseas Blythe! “Dress & Hair Book that Dances in the Wind” and “100 Money 100 Questions Book to Make International Marriage Save!” In addition, the “TO DO check sheet” where preparation dandries are progressing, and “Invitation & manners without rudeness and leakage” are also included. Hawaii, Guam, Europe, Bali, Australia, USA etc. Full of information on wedding venues in overseas areas! This is a book that supports the bride who can marry her wonderfully.
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Kiritani Mirei In recent years, she has appeared in the movie “Revenge girl”, the CX drama “There are people you like”, and “Human looks 100%”. Active as a model in many magazines. [Reason for appointment] Misaki Kiritani, who is charming with a pure and transparent smile, is perfect for an image of overseas marriage, and she will be married to her who is full of happiness! I was asked to shoot the cover. A lot of recommended places and favorite ways of spending were introduced in Hawaii, where I felt a lot, and it was finished in a fun and wonderful magazine that gives a glimpse of Kiritani’s private life.
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The special appendix for this issue of “Zexy Overseas Wedding” is a gorgeous 2 large set appendix of “Round Beach Mat & Marche Bag”! Collaboration with the “Watabe Wedding”, a company that produces brides longing for resort weddings, has been realized. The beach mat with a cute pink flamingo pattern is sure to make a big success at the resort beach. Please take them to a wedding abroad and a honeymoon together with a Marche bag that can be used for walking around the city and shopping! Round beach mat: Length about 80cm Marche bag: Length about 55cm × width about 29.5cm

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