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  • 【YOSHIKI PR Office】 YOSHIKI appeared in “X-MEN Dark Phoenix” Hollywood World Premiere! Realized for the first time after repeated offers from distributors

【YOSHIKI PR Office】 YOSHIKI appeared in “X-MEN Dark Phoenix” Hollywood World Premiere! Realized for the first time after repeated offers from distributors

YOSHIKI PR Office YOSHIKI appeared in “X-MEN Dark Phoenix” Hollywood World Premiere! Realized for the first time after repeated offers from distributors


The world premiere of the latest SF masterpiece series “X-MEN Dark Phoenix” will be held at “TCL Chinese Theater IMAX” in Hollywood on June 4 (Tuesday), LA Time, and YOSHIKI will Appeared on luxury red carpet.

At this premium event, YOSHIKI followed the gorgeous Hollywood stars such as the cast of the movie, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Sophie Turner, and Oscar actress Jennifer Lawrence, adorned the red carpet.

YOSHIKI had been invited to the World Premier many times in the past by FOX, a distribution company, but in the form of responding to repeated offers, participation in this event was finally realized.

YOSHIKI is the originator of “X-MEN”, and has long been in close contact with Stan Lee, who is a Marvel Comics publisher and died in November last year.

Produced by Stan Lee, the American comic “Blad Red Dragon” has been published in the United States from 2011.

A superhero based on YOSHIKI plays an active role. The design of today’s red carpet will be broadcast on June 6th at “YOSHIKI CHANNEL” and “YOSHIKI CHANNEL INTERNATIONAL”.

In the show, we have conducted exclusive interviews and watch out for what has been said from the mouth of YOSHIKI, which creates a new foundation in the Hollywood film world.

YOSHIKI has been appointed as a music director for a large Hollywood movie to be released next year, and is expected to be in the future.

Red Carped Performer

● New and old X-MEN cast gathered in a gorgeous attire together!

Participating casts: James McAvoy, Michael Fasbender, Nicholas Holt, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, Thai Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-Mcphy, Evan Peters, Famke Janssen, Jessica Chastain Many other series performers

Movie information

“X-MEN: Dark Phoenix” June 21 (Fri) National Road Show

YOSHIKI CHANNEL program summary

“Emergency participation decision to the red carpet of super premium event that YOSHIKI IN HOLLYWOOD attracts attention all over the world! The digest video of the pattern & the exclusive direct hit interview only for YOSHIKI CHANNEL will also be broadcast once!” Broadcast date: June 6 (Thu) 21:00 (A week after the end of the broadcast by time shift, it can be viewed)


YOSHIKI CHANNEL International Program URL:

YOSHIKI Official Instagram:

YOSHIKI Official Site:


With YOSHIKI CHANNEL It started in August 2015 as a paid membership channel in “Nico Nico Channel” provided by “niconico”.

Currently, Nico Nico Channel boasts a number of members in the ranking of the music artist channel.
At YOSHIKI CHANNEL, there are numerous live venue live broadcasts such as the Japan Tour, Wembley Arena Performance, YOSHIKI Solo Classic Tour YOSHIKI CLASSICAL, and Premium Dinner Show, including X JAPAN’s Ishinomaki Charity Live.

And beginning in New Year talks with Tetsuya Komuro in the beginning of 2016, Golden Bomber, GACKT, THE ALFEE Takamizawa Toshihiko, Sid, LUNA SEA, Porno Graffiti, Pico Taro, CHEMISTRY Kaname Kawabata, Kiyoharu, Marty Friedman, Nogi Saka 46, Koma Rina and Takayama Imi, AI, and allies HYDE, KISS Jean Simmons, Paul Stanley, Marilyn Manson, and former Prime Minister Koizumi at the New Economic Summit 2017, Salesforce Chairman and CEO Mark Benioff in 2018, Managing Director Chairman and President Rakuten, · talks with Hiroshi Mikitani, and valuable talks with super luxurious guests Many broadcasts.

Also, in conjunction with the release of the documentary movie “WE ARE X” of X JAPAN, he adheres to YOSHIKI flying around the world for promotion, USA “Sundance Film Festival” “South by Southwest”, Russia “Beat Film Festival”, China International festivals such as “Shanghai International Film Festival”, Mexico “Guanajuato International Film Festival”, “Hong Kong International Film Festival”, Netherlands “Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival”, Hong Kong “Asian Film Awards” We accompany tour of over-dense schedule which visited 10 countries of Europe and premiere tour of Russia. Live broadcasting from overseas as well as Japan is actively implemented.

For more information about this release(Japanese):

Dark Phoenix | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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