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  • Kodansha Co., Ltd. Announcement of winning 3 crowns of “medium psychic detective Rin Shiozuka”

Kodansha Co., Ltd. Announcement of winning 3 crowns of “medium psychic detective Rin Shiozuka”

Kodansha Inc.
Announcement of the acquisition of three crowns of “medium psychic detective Jun Shiozuka”
[This mistake 1st place] [This mistake 1st place] [2019 best mystery] 3 crowns!
This time, “medium psychic detective Satoshi Jizuka” (authored by Sako Aizawa), which was published by our company, won the first place in the 2020 domestic edition of “This Mystery is Amazing!” (Treasure Island).
At the same time, it has been selected as the “Best Mystery of the Year 2020” of “Authentic Mystery Best 10” (Hara Shobo) and “Best of 2019 Mystery” of “2019 Best Book” (Apple Books). And won 3 crowns in the major mystery rankings. The outline of the work and the biography of the author are as follows.
[Outline of this document]
“Medium psychic detective Satoshi Jozuka” (medium
Written by Sako Aizawa, illustration by Shiho Toda
Publication date: September 10, 2019 (As of December 5, 2019, 5 prints / 70,000 copies exceeded)
List price: Main body 1700 yen (excluding tax) ISBN978-4-06-517094-6 Everything is a hidden line.
After reading, the writer, the bookstore clerk, and the reader screamed out this year’s “surprise” mystery!
Shiro Katsuki, who has solved the difficult case as a mysterious writer, meets a woman whose heart is hurt, Jyozuka Hisui. She is a spirit medium and can convey the words of the dead. However, there is no evidence ability, and Katsuki must confront the incident by combining the power of spirituality and logic. On the other hand, a series of murderers who were unseen in Sakai threatened people. If you can hunt down the murderer who doesn’t leave any evidence, it’s only the power of the samurai. However, the murderer’s witch secretly approached her.
Below are the author’s profile and comments.
[Author Profile]
Sako Aizawa
Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1983. In 2009, she made her debut with the 19th Tetsuya Sasakawa Award at “midnight sand yon”. In 2011, “Primitive Man Runaway” was nominated for the 64th Japan Mystery Writer Association Award (short section), and in 2018 “Matsurika Matryoshka” was nominated for the 18th Full Mystery Award.
With delicate brushstrokes, he has drawn the emotions of the characters and has been active across genres such as mystery, youth novels, and light novels. “The God of Novels” (Kodansha Taiga / Series 3 is being published), which was announced in 2016, has received tremendous support as a youth novel that shakes the hearts of readers, and has been decided to become a live-action movie (released in 2020) ing.
[Comment by Mr. Saki Aizawa]
Ten years have passed since I became a writer.
I was only suffering and frustrated, but I was able to continue writing because there were people who said I liked my work.
“Medium psychic detective Satoshi Jozuka” is a novel that would not have been born without the past 10 years with you. Thank you for choosing the best.
[Shadow & Author’s Shadow]

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