[Nikon Essilor Co., Ltd.] At the end of the holidays, the midsummer Fuji Speedway is the hottest! ? Go to Améfez and experience Nikon Transitions

Nikon Essilor Co., Ltd. At the end of the holidays, the midsummer Fuji Speedway is the hottest! ? Go to Améfez and experience Nikon Transitions Nikon Transitions original glasses cross will be presented to the experience …………………………………………………………………………………………… Nikon Essilor Co., Ltd. (Head office: Sumida-ku, Tokyo; President: Nikola Barbier) is Japan’s largest American event “IKURA’s American” to be held on August 19th (Sun) at Fuji Speedway Nikon Transitions booth will be exhibited at “Festival”. At the Nikon Transitions booth, you can try out Nikon Transitions in various types of frames for free, and you will receive a Nikon Transitions original glasses cross for those who have experience. (* There is a limit to the number.) [Image 1

American car festival for American car lovers held in midsummer blue sky ~ IKURA ’s AMEFES ~ IKURA ’s AMEFES, a festival for American motor sports enthusiasts held once a year at Fuji Speedway, is the oldest American festival in Japan with a history of over 20 years. 2019 will be decided on August 18th! In addition to the powerful drag races, car shows, swap meats, road races and various parades will be held this year. In addition to the IKURA & FUNKEE STYLE led by the organizer IKURA, there will also be live special live performances by artists such as CRAZY KEN (CKB), Sho SHOW (Yokohama Ginjou), MASAO ONOSE (CKB), THE MACKSHOW, and other gorgeous performers that are unique to Améfés. In 2019, the midsummer Fuji, where the sun is shining, will be excited with plenty of American content! 400m drag race destined to compete at 500km / h [Image 2

What is drag racing? Motorsports that are sent from a stopped state on a straight course that originated in the United States and compete for time to goal. The maximum speed of the machine is said to exceed 500 km / h, and it was called drag racing because it was so fast that it seemed to be dragged. Inevitable goose bumps! Amazing engine sound! Drag races that compete for speed at nearly 500 km / h This race has the largest horsepower in the motor sports world. Excellent excellence of 5m / 1 liter in fuel consumption! Before starting the wheel, idle the tires to increase the grip with the ground In the burnout, the smell of white smoke and melted tires The whole body can feel that it is right next door. sound! odor! The power of the machine! There is no mistake in goose bumps. Japan’s largest American car show Here is the “real” value that attracts American lovers American cars (vintage customs, dress-up customs) and Harley-Davidson, selected from all over Japan, will gather at the Fuji Speedway in midsummer. Once you see it, you can’t get tired of all-you-can-eat American cars that are stuck in your head and won’t leave. In addition, domestic old cars and street bikes will also be gathered, and each excellent car will receive an award. Show off your favorite car style with “Sound” and “Design” Various booths will be held in the venue, and will compete for a particular style for each genre. [Image 3

Time slip to America in the 80s? End with an American-style live! After enjoying the car in the sun shining in the sun, let’s enjoy the last day of the holidays by immersing yourself in music with an American live that makes you forget you are in Japan! Overall schedule [Image 4

[Image 11

Nikon Transitions Nikon Transitions is a lens that changes color automatically in response to ultraviolet rays. The everyday glasses will be changed to sunglasses, freeing you from the hassle of changing. [Image 6

Nikon Transitions is a lens that changes the color of the lens in response to ultraviolet rays (extraactive also responds to light) that is used habitually around the world, and the glasses change into sunglasses. Since the lens density changes depending on the brightness of the sunlight and the amount of UV light outdoors, it reduces the stress on the eyes, and because it becomes a clear lens indoors and at night, it plays one or two roles of everyday glasses and sunglasses. It can be combined with your favorite frame and offers a comfortable lifestyle as a stylish eye care because you can choose from a variety of lens colors. Furthermore, it not only cuts glare and UV almost 100%, but also cuts blue light, so it can be used indoors as stylish blue light-cut glasses and outdoors as sunglasses. Date glasses, single focus, near and far use, etc. * All types of eyeglass lenses are supported. [Image 7

For those who drive Day or night The color changes in response to the windshield of the car Glasses lens that solves all the problems of a driver [Image 8

Extra active [Image 9

The extra active in the Nikon Transitions series changes color in response to dazzling light as well as ultraviolet light. Convenient when driving because it reacts to light from the windshield of a car that has been UV-cut. Protects driver’s eyes from sunlight. More than 60% of people feel dazzling while driving. (Examination by JAF MEDIA WORKS) If there is extra active, you will be freed from glare while driving and dangerous sunglass replacement work to protect the safety of the driver. [Image 10

For you who are obsessed with style Experience Nikon Transitions at Améfez At the Nikon Transitions booth at the Améfes, you can experience Nikon Transitions in various types of frames for free. In addition, Nikon Transitions original glasses cloth is presented to those who have experienced. Nikon Transitions supports stylish adults who are not only functional but also particular about their appearance. The adults who come to IKURA ’s AMEFES are all fashionable adults who are obsessed with the style of their car and pursue the style they admired! No matter how many, Nikon Transitions will support fashionable adults who are clever. Nikon Transitions Overview [Image 11

Distributor: Nikon Essilor Corporation Product Name: Nikon Transitions Product site: https://campaign.nikon-lenswear.jp/transitions/201904/ IKURA ’s American Festival Outline
◆ Date: August 18, 2019 (Sunday)
◆ Venue: Fuji Speedway
◆ Official site: http://amefes.jp/index.html TIKURA`s American Festival [Image 12

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