Pia movie first day satisfaction ranking announcement! The first place is “Secret Superstar”

Pia Corporation Pia movie first day satisfaction ranking announcement! The first place is “Secret Superstar” …………………………………………………………………………………………… “Pia” smartphone app (Pia Inc .: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) announced the “Pia Movie First-Day Satisfaction Ranking” on August 7, 9, and 10, 2019. [Image

“ Secret Superstar ” (C) AAMIR KHAN PRODUCTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED 2017 The first place is “Secret Superstar”, a 15-year-old girl who dreamed of being a singer who struggled toward her dream and recorded the third place in the world of Indian movies. Disney’s new work “ Lion King ” which made the live action movie of the masterpiece animation released in 1994 the second work of the 14th series “ Peace version ONE PIECE STAMPEDE ” produced to commemorate the 20th anniversary of anime broadcasting Became 3rd. ************************************ 1st place “ Secret Superstar ” 93.5 points 2nd place “ Theater version ONE PIECE STAMPEDE ” 93.3 points 3rd place “ Lion King ” 93.1 points 4th place “ BRING THE SOUL: THE MOVIE ” 92.9 points 5th place “ Carmine Street Guitar ” 88.4 points 6th place “ Peter Lou Manchester Tragedy ” 82.5 points 7th place “ Godstrand’s tragedy ” 82.0 points 8th place “ Carlisle New York love hotel ” 78.2 points 9th place “ My Angel ” 75.9 points (Pia survey on August 10) ************************************ 1st place “ Secret Superstar ” 93.5 points “Amil Khan has many protagonists, but this movie had a different attraction. The story of the relationship between the daughter and mother was well made, while the music scene was unique to Indian movies.” (50 (Age / male) “India’s discrimination was depicted. I felt like I could have a dream because it was difficult to have a dream.” (54 years old, female) “I was shocked to see if there was a cultural difference so far. The virginity was too cruel. It was a difficult problem to solve because I was a child, but I thought someone would reach out if I raised my voice someday.” (54 years old, female) 2nd place “ Theater version ONE PIECE STAMPEDE ” 93.3 points “There were a lot of things that I could understand because all the contents were connected. So I was most impressed by Luffy and Usopp. I want to see if there are more!” (10-year-old boy) “It was a development that I could not take my eyes from the beginning to the end, and I thought it was a one-piece dress. Especially, this time, the action scene was so powerful that it was a satisfying video” (19-year-old male) “I was so impressed that I couldn’t say it right away. I thought it would be“ love ”if I expressed it in a word. I was excited because everyone was playing the main role” (37 years old, female) 3rd place “ Lion King ” 93.1 points “I saw the anime on TV and wanted to see the live-action version. It was more interesting and interesting than the anime, and all the lions and images were real. The childhood simba was cute. Mufasa Was strong and cool. ” (8 years old, girl) “I was amazed by the power of images and sounds beyond my imagination. The story was carefully watched and enjoyed. The people who watched the“ Lion King ”musicals also have a new discovery” (30 years old) ·Woman) “I like the anime version, so I thought about what the live-action version would be, but I put it into the work without any sense of incongruity. Since the friendly songs were played, I wanted to sing along without being able to stay at home. I hope there will be an event screening ” (30 years old, female) * What is Pia Movie First Day Satisfaction Survey? Pia Co., Ltd. conducts an exit survey at the movie theater on the first day of the release, and announces the satisfaction level, which is compiled independently based on a questionnaire survey to the audience, in a ranking format. “Pia” smartphone app https://lp.p.pia.jp/
■ Attached images “Secret Superstar” (C) AAMIR KHAN PRODUCTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED 2017

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