A must-see for all companies’ SNS staff! The book “The Strongest Thinking Method to Change Business on Instagram” Released on August 13 from Technical Review

ROC Co., Ltd. A must-see for all companies’ SNS staff! The book “The Strongest Thinking Method to Change Business on Instagram” Released on August 13 from Technical Review ……………………………………………………………………………………………
August 13, 2019 (Tuesday), “The strongest way to change business with Instagram” (published by Sho Sakamoto, published by Technical Review) will be available at bookstores and online stores nationwide. This book, which surpassed 12,000 copies in Japan and was translated and published in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, just like the book “Turning Facebook into the Strongest Sales Tool”, is just an operation manual for Instagram. In addition, we are telling you about specific utilization know-how and techniques from the perspective necessary to attract people such as customer acquisition and recruitment in this Instagram era. [Image

The strongest way of thinking to change your business on Instagram [Book Outline]
◆ The latest Instagram marketing know-how that is indispensable to Instagram staff is integrated into this book!
◆ You can update to a business thinking method that matches the Instagram era!
◆ By understanding the essence of attracting customers, we can see how to collect people and sell things on Instagram!
◆ Not just for industries that handle tangible products! What is Instagram usage for industries dealing with intangible products?
◆ It is most suitable for adoption and branding! Instagram is not just selling things! More than 1 billion Instagram MAUs (the number of users who open Instagram apps once a month) worldwide. It is said that there are over 500 million DAUs (number of users who open apps every day). MAU in Japan is 33 million, of which 43% are men and 57% are women (as of August 2019). Stories has also grown into a function used by 70% of Japan’s DAU. As with regular posts, the use of stories has become essential. Due to the influence of this story, the monthly active rate in Japan reached about 85%. This is a LINE-like number that you will use every day. Furthermore, the number of times a Japanese searches for hashtags on Instagram is said to be about three times the world average. In Japan, “Insta-Ei” became the buzzword grand prize in 2017, and it can be seen that Instagram has been rooted in people’s lives as a place to collect information and share everyday life. There is no way to use Instagram for business at the present moment of Instagram. This book summarizes the thoughts and methods necessary for this purpose as “the strongest way of thinking to change business with Instagram”. This book is useful for those who are in charge of Instagram at a company or those who want to use Instagram for business. Please pick it up. [Book information] “The strongest way of thinking to change business on Instagram” List price: ¥ 1,580 + tax Release date: Tuesday, August 13, 2019 Format: 46 pages / 296 pages Issued by Technical Review Co., Ltd. Amazon: https://amzn.to/32W3zgj Rakuten: bit.ly/2OmIIzC In addition, you can purchase at each online store and bookstores nationwide. [Author Profile] Born in Kobe in 1990. In high school, he decided to eat as a band, but the visitors experienced three events. I realized the importance of attracting customers and converted the events that continued to be in deficit even though they were high school students into surplus with the method of attracting customers using the blog that was popular at the time. Organized “Shigyo x Music = LIVE” for the purpose of raising the recognition of the profession. Attract more than 1,100 people via SNS without spending money. He started his career as the youngest administrative scrivener in Hyogo Prefecture at the age of 23, but he founded the SNS consulting business based on this achievement. Later, the book that turned Facebook into the strongest sales tool published at the age of 25 was translated overseas and was a hit in Japan and abroad. Over 50 lectures per year, including seminars on SNS marketing, internal SNS training, and entrepreneurial lectures for students. Currently, as representative of ROC Co., Ltd., which develops SNS promotion business nationwide, is responsible for SNS measures in various industries from small and medium-sized companies to listed companies. Also, As an IT journalist familiar with SNS, he is also active in media such as television and weekly magazines. [Author company information] Name: ROC Co., Ltd. (Rock) Headquarters location: 807 Sannomiya Sky Building, 1-14 4-chome, Uekami-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe Representative: Sho Sakamoto, Representative Director Representative Books: “Books that Turn Facebook into the Strongest Sales Tool” “The Strongest Way of Thinking to Change Business on Instagram” Business description: SNS promotion business (operation agency, support for in-house production, LP production, etc.) Official site: www.rocinc.co.jp/ [Publication Seminar Information] A seminar has been decided to commemorate the publication of this book. This is a special event for readers who can bring books free of charge. Don’t miss this opportunity to listen directly to the author. September 10 (Tue) 18: 30-20: 30 @ Everyone’s meeting room Tokyo Station 4F Capacity 30 September 19 (Thursday) 18: 30-20: 30 @ Prince Meeting Room Capacity 25 September 24 (Tue) 18: 30-20: 30 @Osaka Lifelong Learning Center Second Training Room (Osaka Station 2nd Building 6F) Capacity 40 Books can be used as tickets, so please purchase them in advance and come to the venue. 1. Purchase “the strongest way to change business on Instagram” at bookstores and online 2. Apply from the dedicated form (forms.gle/mZkNaYLXTCJtwdc68) 3. Go to the venue with books on the day

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