A school to become an influencer such as TikToker is established in Tokyo!

RPG Entertainment Inc. A school to become an influencer such as TikToker is established in Tokyo! Lecturers are TikToker-san, who has 170,000 followers, uiui seniors who have 270,000 followers, and many other TikTokers. …………………………………………………………………………………………… On August 15, 2019, a course to nurture influencers was established at RPG (Tokyo / Communication School), a school that nurtures entertainers in Tokyo. TikToker is about video creators who are active on the social network app “TikTok”. Many people now use TikTok for business. School instructors are also working as TikToker, including commercial requests and event appearances. In addition to teaching video production and filming, the school class teaches acting, performance composition, how to work, how to make invoices, start-ups, and independent methods.
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What is a school RPG? A school that originally nurtures performers and entertainers. After graduation, performers can go to Sakai Theme Park and popular stage. In recent years, TikToker and others belong to RPG Entertainment Inc., the parent company, and TikToker teachers come to performer school RPG. The world-famous pantomime performer Nozomi, a group of performers using images, a magic and art circus group, sand artist kisato, and popular YOUTUBER magician Joe Magic joined as teachers. [Image 2

● TIkToker teacher list The list of teachers is on this list by TikToker. Another special lecturer participates in different classes. [Lecturer uiui senior] Monomanet TikToker Followers 270,000. [Lecturer Uchiyama-san] Dance TikToker followers 170,000. [Lecturer Mashimaro JAPAN] 70,000 followers of Magic Entertainment TikToker. [Lecturer YOUBOX] Beatbox TikToker 15,000 followers. [Lecturer Joe Magic] Magician TikToker followers 15,000. [Lecturer I and Grandma] 45,000 people with TikToker followers. [Lecturer Mono-assistant Kamecha] Monokashi music system TikToker followers 70,000. What is the future of TIkToker? The president’s robot Nozomi speaks. “Currently TikTok’s total population is growing at a tremendous rate. YOUTUBE needs to be searched and the competition is tremendous. But TikTok has a different system, so everyone has a chance to become famous. There is a lot of potential for work, but what kind of work request will be made when you become famous by taking a video in making a video, so you have to make that know properly We have created a school where people who have actually worked at the school have instructors to teach not only that but also acting and performance skills from professional instructors.From now on, TikTok is expected to be monetized and the population will further increase ”
● Application Guidelines The Tokyo school is recruiting 6th grade students who are scheduled to enter in April 2020. Application form is accepted from 2019 to March 20, 2020. The correspondence school can go to the communication system immediately from the next month. Inquiries can be made immediately.
● Click here for the school website rpg-entertainment.tokyo/ [Image 3

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