[Star Music Entertainment Co., Ltd.] Making Europe a vortex! DJ moe completes the 11 tours of dance music in Europe with great success!

Star Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. Turn Europe into a vortex! DJ moe completes the 11 tours of dance music in Europe with great success! Triumph performance at ULTRA JAPAN 2019 has been decided! ……………………………………………………………………………………………
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Japan-based DJ / track maker DJ moe returns home after completing a one-month European tour from July 6th. It was a great success in 11 performances in 6 countries, leaving a big mark in the home of dance music in Europe. [Image 2

Best performance in the world’s best dance music festival! DJ moe appeared in numerous festivals in July during his European tour. Starting from the Slovenian “Woodland Festival”, they performed on behalf of Japan at various popular festivals. July 14th appeared in “ULTRA EUROPE” where European dance music fans are enthusiastic. Although she appeared in 2017, she made a comeback in response to a passionate love call. On July 20, he appeared in the dance music festival “Tomorrowland” in Belgium. This “Tomorrowland” mobilizes about 400,000 people every year and is one of the world ’s best festivals alongside “Coachella” and “Download Festival”. DJ moe appeared on the stage where super-popular artists such as A-Trak and Jauz are listed. [Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?t=youtube&url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=0l41x0yEOBc]
Appeared in ULTRA JAPAN for 4 consecutive years! [Image 3

DJ moe’s momentum has proven to be valid in the European dance music scene. During the tour, four consecutive years of appearances at ULTRA JAPAN 2019, one of the largest dance music festivals in Japan, were announced, and the triumphal performance was decided as early as possible. DJ moe has been performing in “ULTRA JAPAN” since 2016, and this is the first main stage appearance. Be sure to pay attention to DJ moe who has been at the forefront of Europe for a month and has improved. ————————————————– ————————————————– ———– [DJ moe profile] [Image 4

As the youngest Japanese, ULTRA EUROPE, ULTRA AUSTRALIA, ULTRA JAPAN, EDC JAPAN, WIRED MUSIC FESITIVAL and many other large festivals were selected, and in December 2017, the first NIKE support from domestic DJs , Asia tour. He has appeared in major clubs and festivals in over 10 countries. Her DJ skills and a wide range of music selections and visuals were established as the next generation DJ icons. He has performed with many artists since his appearance with VITAL IC, DUSTY KID, etc. at the Audio Tokyo Electronic Music Festival which appeared at the age of 18. He also works as a radio personality for block.fm, Japan’s largest dance music radio station, and welcomes famous artists such as Flume. The original song “Babe” It was picked up by the “NEST HQ” label, presided by Skrillex. In 2018, it is scheduled to be released from overseas labels. Her view of the world is active not only in the music scene, but also as an NYLON official blogger, and has been selected as a model for the street brand “Neon Mafia”. Twitter: twitter.com/mtmt__moe Instagram: instagram.com/djmoe_official/ Contact Us Star Music Entertainment Inc. TEL: 03-6809-0871 / Fax 03-6809-0872 info@starmusic.co.jp

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