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  • [Recruit House Co., Ltd.] A new T-shirt shop appeared “SUUMO” new TV-CM second edition! “Sumo March” is arranged in the style of the popular song “Neko-Kaiai” in the room of Sumo Also pay attention to the assault live!

[Recruit House Co., Ltd.] A new T-shirt shop appeared “SUUMO” new TV-CM second edition! “Sumo March” is arranged in the style of the popular song “Neko-Kaiai” in the room of Sumo Also pay attention to the assault live!

Recruit House Company New TV-CM 2nd appearance of “SUUMO” starring T-shirt shop! Completed “Sumo March” in the style of Yaba T’s new popular song “Neko-Kaiai”. Real estate and housing information site “SUUMO” New TV-CM Start on air from Saturday, August 17 …………………………………………………………………………………………… New TV-CM of the real estate and housing information site “SUUMO” planned and operated by Recruit House Company (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Ken Kanno) will start broadcasting on Saturday, August 17 We will inform you about the outline. The second installment of the SU-MO TV-CM, which featured the popular rock band “Yabai T-shirt shop” (hereinafter “Yaba T”), was completed. The stage this time is a room of SUMO. We are paying attention to the sumo march with a new arrangement and the performance performance of Yaba T3. [Image 1

[CM outline] Yaba T carries out assault visit live to Sumo who sleeps well! Awakened SUMO …!? A sequel to the first series in which Sumo was added as a new member and the new Yaba T became a hot topic. This time, it starts with a scene where three Yaba T people go to the sumo room and woke up. The first three people speak gently from the entrance. A sumo who opens her eyes but seems sleepy. Three people who have been numb are going up to the room and performing their best live performance! “Sumo! Sumo! Sumo Search!” “Sumosmo Smo Smo Smo Smo Smo ♪” and Yaba T Arrange Smo March. Then, the inspired sumo started the session with the guitar in the room, and if you noticed it was a big break in the house. After the performance is over, Suyama tries to sleep twice casually, and Koyama-san closes the curtain with a sharp tsukkomi called “Sleep twice!”. In addition, Ms. Goro and Masanori Hata appear as guests in the 30-second version of the CM. Watch out for Sumo, Yaba T and the dream.
■ On-air information August 17, 2019 (Sat)-TV on Air * 30-second ver. Scheduled to be broadcast 8/19 (Monday) 8: 00- NTV “Clean”, 8/21 (Wednesday) 22: 00- NTV Wednesday drama “Disguise Affair” * August 15 (Thursday) 12: 00- YouTube channel “SUUMORECRUIT” (www.youtube.com/channel/UCDCNBGQKwrNVfpnd8ReRWmA) You can watch TV-CM and making video.
■ Credit information “Sumo and Yaba T Home Visit” Hen 30 seconds “Sumo and Yaba T Home Visit” Hen 15 seconds [Photo taken]
■ The first work in 5 days is enough! In the broadcast of the previous work, there was a response from an unexpected “that person”! This is the second commercial of “SUUMO”, which is the second appearance, but the Yaba T who entered the studio is the most open person and the difference between the number of music video production staff I was surprised. I happened to take a rest until the day before, and this day was the first work in 5 days, so the 3 people were happy. This time, it was a shoot that required a performance in addition to the performance, from the shooting at the previous live house, but he said enthusiasm that he was looking forward to shooting. When I talked to the three people who finished the first half of the filming, “Actually, I saw the first commercial and Mr. Akashiya knew Yaba T,” Shibata confessed the response of the previous work. Koyama-san and Morimoto-san, who heard it, were surprised to hear their voices unintentionally. However, they seemed to have mistakenly mistaken the band name, and the three people who faced the second half with the motivation of “Let’s learn firmly in this second edition!”
■ Matsugorou appears as a special guest! Three people of Yaba T at the first meeting … The second half is a photo shoot with Mutsugorou and Masanori Hata, who was greeted as a special guest for the 30-second version of this work. Mutsugorou-san. When the three who went to greet themselves introduced themselves as “I ’m a t-shirt shop!”, Mutsugorou-san seemed to like the band name, “I ’m much better than the“ Kashikoi ”T-shirt shop!”. Three people were impressed by the face-to-face with Mutsugorou, who had been watching on TV for some time. When asked about co-starring with Sumo, Mr. Mutsugoro also analyzed Sumo from a unique perspective, saying, “Isn’t it a living thing that is close to plants with chlorophyll due to its color and appearance?” “It ’s an interesting creature,” Mutsugorou was alive and well. In addition, in the scene where you can love SUMO with the familiar “Yoshi-Yoshi-Yoshiyoshi”, laughter spilled unexpectedly from the shooting staff, including Yaba T, and it became a constant shooting scene with a smile from beginning to end. After successfully shooting, Yaba T and Mutsugorou look forward to the completion of “I’m looking forward to the CM” I was doing. [Image 2

[Interview after shooting]
■ Attention is the “must have a cat” -style arrangement “smart march” When I asked Yaba T about the highlights of this commercial, he told me with a little embarrassment, “Because it is a band, the type of acting is not possible at all”. In addition, regarding the particulars of the sumo march this time, “It was arranged based on Yaba T’s early song“ Neko-Kaitai ”. When asked about the co-starring with Ms. Goro, Koyama-san responded, “I wanted to do Yoshi-Yoshi-Yoshiyoshi!… Morimoto,” Morimoto-san said, “Why is it!” (Laughs) He answered at the perfect tempo. Also, after Sumo, who has a bad wake up appearing on the CM, when asked how the three people ideally woke up, Shibata said, “When I woke up with a hard chest, the ideal big cat was actually on board” In addition, two people were stupidly saying “What is the ideal cat! (Laughs)”. When asked about the story about housing, Morimoto said, “I am actually searching for a new home using the SUUMO app! The app is super convenient! The conditions of the ideal house can be saved, so the new property is perfect for the conditions. The information is coming in rapidly, so check it as soon as you have a smartphone! ” When asked, Mr. Shibata answered “What are you absolutely checking?” And Mr. Morimoto answered, “There is an independent wash basin”. “What is it! (Laughs)” immediately comes in. Actually, this was also the case of the first commercial filming, but it was Mr. Morimoto who was particular about “the presence or absence of an independent washbasin” without blurring. Lastly, when I asked what I wanted to challenge this year in the first year of the Rehabilitation Year, he said, “I want to realize the participation of the red-and-white singing battle that I have been aiming for since 2015.”

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