[Mui] Announcement of mui x Wacom’s concept model “Pillar Memories” at the world’s largest electronics show “IFA2019”-Extending the art of life with technology-

mui Mui x Wacom’s concept model “Pillar Memories” announced at the world’s largest electronics show “IFA2019”-Extending the art of life with technology- mui Lab, Inc. (Headquarters / Kyoto City, Representative Director / Kazunori Oki, hereinafter referred to as mui Lab) will be held in Berlin, Germany from September 6 (Friday) to 11 (Wednesday), 2019. At the largest consumer electronics exhibition “IFA2019”, “Pillar Memories” will be exhibited at “Japan Pavilion” in the special area “IFA NEXT” where startups and cutting-edge IT companies from around the world gather. [Image 1

“Pillar Memories” exhibited at Milan Design Week in collaboration with Wacom Co., Ltd. IFA has earned the highest reputation in the world as an event where you can see the cutting-edge of all fields related to electronics, and last year’s IFA 2018 boasts an overwhelming scale of events, attracting 245,000 visitors. “IFA NEXT”, the first partner country system in “IFA” history, was established in “IFA”, which has a history of over 90 years, and Japan became the first partner country (May 7, 2019, (From METI news release). “IFA NEXT” is an area specializing in innovation within “IFA”, and it brings together startups, research and development institutions, and cutting-edge IT companies in various countries. As the first partner country, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will set up “Japan Pavilion” in “IFA NEXT” and 20 companies including J-Startup companies selected from the country will exhibit. As one of the 20 companies, mui Lab has also been decided to exhibit. The IFA NEXT Japan Pavilion will be exhibiting “Pillar Memories” exhibited at the Milan Design Week 2019, a design festival held in Milan, Italy in April. At Milan Design Week, it became an opportunity to showcase the future of technology based on the concept of “calm technology” (minimum design using natural wood) and attracted attention from all over the world. It was. At the IFA exhibition, Wacom Co., Ltd., which provides pen tablet products and digital pen solutions that support people’s creative activities, will provide a digital pen dedicated to this work. [Image 2

A system in which a measurement number is displayed on the side costume case when the height of a child is marked as “ pillar memory ” with a Wacom digital pen [Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/30640/table/9_1.jpg”>

About “Pole Memory” Focusing on the act of recording the growth of a child with a pen on the pillar of a house that exists as a common custom in the world, each of the pens and pillars (furniture), synonymous with everyday life, is organically connected (Connected), cloud Through this, we will create an experience where technology can be integrated into everyday life by recreating “time shared with family members” by exceeding the constraints of time and space. The artistic expression of life is highlighted by the expression of the youngest poet who won the Sutaro Sugawara Award. About Miki Triangle poets. Born in Kagoshima City, lives in Sapporo. He has presented poems at the age of 12, and has received many awards including the Nakahara Chuya Award and the Sugawara Sotaro Award. He has written essays and novels. He has been actively reading and has been invited from many countries including the Slovenian International Poetry Festival and the Lithuanian International Poetry Festival. About mui Lab, Inc. mui Lab is a technology start-up that designs “Calm Design”, a relationship with gentle technology. In the future, the future of technology that is advancing more and more will not be artificial, but based on the concept of “inexperienced nature” that shows the natural state, technology, people’s life, and harmony with nature are at the center of the design concept. The new relationship with digital information is realized through design and cutting-edge engineering. Based on Kyoto, a city that fuses tradition and technology, we are globally disseminating technology that is close to people. mui Lab won the target at Kickstarter at the end of 2018 and won the Best of Kick Starter, received the Innovation Award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas in January 2019, Milan Italy in April 2019 At the Milan Design Week 2019 held in Tokyo, we have jointly exhibited with Wacom Co., Ltd. a new art system “Pillar Memories”, which has received a lot of interest throughout the world. [Image 3

At first glance, you can touch a single tree to exchange messages, receive news and weather forecasts, play music, and operate smart home appliances. [Image 4

Mui Lab’s new office in Kyoto’s 400-year-old furniture district “Yodogawa-dori”

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