NADiff’s new store “Meets by NADiff” at Shinsei Shibuya PARCO will open on November 22, 2019!


New Art Diffusion Co., Ltd. NADiff’s new store “Meets by NADiff” at Shinsei Shibuya PARCO will open on November 22, 2019! NADiff, the art bookstore and museum shop operator, will open its first NADiff store in a fashion building. …………………………………………………………………………………………… NADiff’s new store “Meets by NADiff” is on the 4th floor of the new Shibuya PARCO this Friday, November 22 [Fri] Open to [Image 1

NADiff’s new store “Meets by NADiff” is on the 4th floor of the new Shibuya PARCO this Friday, November 22 [Fri] Open to NADiff’s first store opening in a fashion building will be centered on highly original products that make use of art sensibility, taking advantage of art specialty bookstores and NADiff’s art information tank that operates museum shops. Resonating with the new Shibuya PARCO building concept of “sympathizing and co-creating with designers, creators, etc. Start with the aim of creating a challenging and outgoing shop that is unique to “Meets by NADiff”.
● WALL GALLERY Komura Tsumura Exhibition “Scales and nerves” [Image 2

(C) Kosuke TSUMURA There will be regular exhibitions in the store’s WALL GALLERY introducing artists who create unique creations. As the first project, a new artwork will be announced by fashion designer / artist Kogo Tsumura. You can see the spatial composition of urban space dismantling / reconstructing by overlaying the image of the city with the image of “scales and nerves”. Original goods that will be sold exclusively at the venue will also be released. Kozo Tsumura PRFOILE: Fashion designer and art director. In 1983, he was involved in the Paris collection as a creation staff under Mr. Issei Miyake. In 1994, he designed urban survival wear FINAL HOME, which embodies the idea that “clothes are the ultimate house”, and started fashion brands KOSUKE TSUMURA ​​and FINAL HOME from A-net. Independent in 2015. Musashino Art University Faculty of Art and Design Department of Space Production Design, Tokyo University of the Arts part-time lecturer, Bunka Fashion College Fashion Craft Specialist part-time lecturer, Japan Culture Design Forum member
● Original product The first product as an “art piece” that can be easily incorporated into daily life will start with the collaboration of three artists and a group of fashion designers. As an original item of “Meets by NADiff”, we will continue to collaborate with various artists in the future. Collaboration Artist: [Ayako Otake (painting / photograph)] [Image 3

(C) Saiko OTAKE Born in 1988. Graduated from London University of the Arts Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in 2016 (major of graphic design). Worked on works using various expression techniques such as drawing, painting, photography and collage. Collaboration Artist: [Wisut Ponnimit (Manga)] [Image 4

(C) Wisut PONNIMIT Born 1976 in Bangkok, Thailand. Nickname Tam. 1998 Debuted as a manga artist in Bangkok. Based in Bangkok, he is active in various fields such as manga, animation and music. Collaboration Artist: [Teppei May Woman (Painting)] [Image 5

(C) Teppei SOUTOME Born in Tochigi Prefecture in 1980. Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 2005. In recent years, he has also presented works that mix three-dimensional objects, photographs, and images. Collaboration designer: [PUGMENT (fashion label)] [Image 6

(C) PUGMENT A fashion label based in Tokyo. Established in 2014. We observe the process of changing the value and meaning of clothes in human activities and incorporate them into the production process of clothes.
● First FAIR project Focus on the creation process and concept behind unique creations, such as highly rare art pieces and products by contemporary artists, one apparel item handled by independent designers, highly designed vintage posters, etc. Expand the product First FAIR: [TACOMA FUJI RECORDS] [Image 7

(C) TACOMAFUJI It is a product label that makes t-shirts and musician goods from artists and graphic designers in Japan and overseas with the setting of “fictional music label”. We always send punchy artwork through collaboration with artists who are popular with art fans such as Tomo Gokita. Introducing the items of this season and the lineup from the archive. First FAIR: [YUKI FUJISAWA] [Image 8

(C) Yuki FUJISAWA Designer Yuki Fujisawa is a designer who works on everything from accessories, fabrics, advertisements, and costumes to one-of-a-kind fashion products by hand dyeing. It is attracting attention for its original approach to textiles, such as the “NEW VINTAGE” series, which creates new value as fashion by applying dyes and foil to vintage materials. You can also enjoy selling new fashion items from YUKI FUJISAWA and developing custom-made items. First FAIR: [Yuri Hasegawa] [Image 9

(C) Yuri HASEGAWA Yuri Hasegawa is a popular artist who creates unique and stuffed toys with the power of modeling, creating something familiar from TV, movies, manga, and sometimes sports. The adorable and humorous charm of a stuffed toy is unique to handmade. The theme of this work and the number of sales will be announced at a later date.
● Basic information [Image 10

・ Shibuya PARCO 4th floor ・ Regular holiday Irregular holidays ・ Business hours: 10: 00-21: 00
● Company information About New Art Diffusion Co., Ltd. Started in 1996 with the concept of “dissemination and diffusion of new art”. In addition to the head office “NADiff a / p / a / r / t /” (Ebisu, Tokyo), the store is named “NADiff” and is active as a museum / art shop with five stores including a large art museum in Tokyo.

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