“Star Wars”, “Indy Jones”, “Harry Potter” and others will be released. “John Williams” Wind Orchestra Concert will be held soon!

Kyodo Tokyo Co., Ltd. “Star Wars”, “Indy Jones”, “Harry Potter” and others will be released. “John Williams” Wind Orchestra Concert will be held soon! Ran Matsumoto on the “Schindler’s List” violin! …………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image 1

John Williams has produced countless super famous music such as “Star Wars”, “Jaws”, “Superman”, “Indy Jones”, “E.T.”, “Harry Potter”. A concert to enjoy the music of the still living “Legend of Life” John Williams as a brass band is held at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Main Hall on Sunday, September 1st. Conducted by Ichiro Saito, who recently conducted the Cinema Orchestra Concert (Sineoke (R)) composed by John Williams of “Jaws / JAWS”, and performed by the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, who is in charge of the reference performance at the Band Contest. In addition, “Sindler’s List” played by violinist Ran Matsumoto and other songs planned for performance will be announced. We present with commentary of movie writer Yoshihiro Masamichi. John Williams has won 51 academy nominations and 5 awards so far. In addition to film music, he composed themes for two Olympics (Los Angeles 1983, Seoul 1988, Atlanta Atlanta 1996, Salt Lake City 2002 Winter), two symphonies, concertos, and the Boston Pops Orchestra music director for 14 seasons. During the Boston Pops Japan Tour, he composed a song “Sound the Bells!” For the wedding ceremony of Emperor Tokujin, Emperor Tokujin (1993) who was then the crown prince. Many achievements remain. Scheduled performance: “Star Wars” “Harry potter” “Jurassic Park” “Indy Jones” “List of Schindler” (Violinist: Ran Matsumoto) “Superman” “The bell of elegance” “Olympic fanfare and themes” * Random order * The song is subject to change. * There is no video production. * John Williams does not appear. Refer to the following for the sales destination. Kyodo Tokyo Phone: 0570-550-799 (Operator support: 11: 00-18: 00 on weekdays / 10: 00-18: 00 on weekends and holidays) Kyodo Tokyo https://kyodotokyo.com/jw2019 Ticket Pia https://w.pia.jp/t/jw201909 Lawson Ticket https://l-tike.com/jw201909 EPlus https://eplus.jp/jw201909 Rakuten Ticket http://r-t.jp/jw201909 Seven Ticket http://7ticket.jp/sp/jw201909 Also available in CN Play Guide and LINE tickets “John Williams” Wind Orchestra Concert [Date / Venue] Sunday, September 1st, 2019, 15:00 performance (14:15 opening) Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Large Hall Conductor: Ichiro Saito Brass Band: Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra Guest violin: Ran Matsumoto Explanation: Masahiro Yoshihiro [Ticket Information] Price (tax included / all seats specified): S seat 6,000 yen A seat 5,000 yen B seat 4,000 yen C seat 3,000 yen * Children under the age of 5 are not allowed to enter. One ticket is required per person. * Customers who wish to use wheelchair seats should purchase S seats and contact Kyodo Tokyo (0570-550-799) by phone. * Those who have lost their tickets or who have forgotten their tickets will not be able to enter the venue without a ticket. Inquiries / Reservations / Group sales (over 10 people): Kyodo Tokyo 0570-550-799 (11: 00-18: 00 on weekdays / 10: 00-18: 00 on weekends and holidays)
◆ Organization / Planning / Production: Kyodo Tokyo Creator & Performer [Image 2

John Williams (composition) John Williams is America’s most successful film composer who has been active for over 50 years. Composed music for over 100 movies including “Star Wars” 8 works, first 3 works of “Harry Potter”, “Superman” “SAYURI” “Home Alone” “Easy Book Thief” ing. 45 years of artistic relations with film director Steven Spielberg: Schindler’s List, ET, Joes, Jurassic Park, Encounter with the Unknown, Indiana Jones, Private Ryan, Many movies representing Hollywood such as Lincoln, BFG, Pentagon Papers, etc. were sent to the world. He has also composed a number of compositions other than film music, composing themes for 2 Olympics (Los Angeles 1983, Seoul 1988, Atlanta Atlanta 1996, Salt Lake City 2002 Winter), two symphonies, concertos, and the Boston Pops Orchestra. Served as a music director for 14 seasons and continues to be an honorary conductor. The Academy Composition Awards have been nominated 51 times, won 5 times, received 7 Academy Awards in England, 24 Grammy Awards, 4 Golden Globe Awards, and 5 Emmy Awards. Acquisition. In 2003, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) received the most prestigious Olympic achievement award for John’s contribution to the Olympic Movement. In 2009, he received the National Medal of Arts from the US government. In 2016, he received the 44th Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute (AFI). It was the first time as a composer. Ichiro Saito (conductor) [Image 3

(C)? Doko Nakamura Graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University and Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Music. Received the Ataka Prize while attending Tokyo University. Debuted in 1997 with the Osaka Century Symphony Orchestra. After studying in Vienna as an overseas artist from the Agency for Cultural Affairs since 1998, he worked as an assistant conductor of the NHK Symphony Orchestra. He has performed in major domestic orchestras such as N Hibiki, and has also appeared in Seget Hibiki (Hungary), Moravia Philharmonic (Czech Republic) and Oradea Philharmonic (Romania). April 2009-March 2014 Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra standing conductor. Since April 2014, he has been the principal guest conductor of the group. Since April 2014, he has been the music director of the Kyoto Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra. In recognition of his proactive approach to Japanese works, he received the 9th Nagoya Music Pen Club Award in 2014.
Brass Band: Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra [Image 4

(C) Atsushi Yokota Japan’s world-class professional brass band, which was founded in May 1960 as the “Tsunari Wind Orchestra” attached to Rissho Koseikai, and then renamed “Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra” in 1973. Through the performance of a wide range of repertoires, including original brass band works, classical arrangement works, pops, and popular music, he has created a high musical artistry, and has developed wind ensembles that can be enjoyed by many people. He has also appeared in many recordings, television and radio, and is committed to improving, spreading and developing brass band culture. Since January 2014, Takeshi Oi is the main conductor, Thomas Sanderling is the lead guest conductor, and Koichi Fujino is the music advisor. Guest violin: Ran Matsumoto [Image 5

Graduated from Toho Gakuen University, Faculty of Music. Studied under Fukuo Tokunaga. As a soloist, he has performed with Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, Kyoto City Symphony Orchestra, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, etc., concerts with friendly talks, outreach, Kan Inoue, Yoshida brothers, 7th generation There are many collaborations that go beyond the classics, such as Ichikawa Somegoro, and his passionate performance and wide range of musicality have a good reputation. In 2014, he launched the “Mezamashi Classics” Ran Matsumoto version with Fuji TV announcer Shinichi Karabe, and has performed well all over the country. In addition, various activities such as composition activities such as in charge of TV program and commercial theme music, and appearing as an actress in TV dramas and movies are attracting attention. Currently appearing in commercials as an image character for Tokai Tokyo Financial Group “Ork Doll” and Nippi Collagen Cosmetics. Explanation: Masahiro Yoshihiro [Image 6

Movie writer / editor Born in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo in 1972. After graduating from university, he became independent after working in editorial departments such as music magazines, information magazines, and women’s magazines. In addition to editing and writing in “sweet” and “otona MUSE” (both published by Takarajima), serialized interviews and review articles in many media. In addition to being in charge of introducing monthly movies on NTV “Clean” !! and TOKYO FM “Kronos”, he also widely introduces movies on TV, radio and the web. January 31, 2019 Venue: Also commented at the “John Williams” Wind Orchestra Concert at Suntory Hall.

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