[Yamaha Corporation] Implemented at all 12 facilities including Tokyo Stadium, Ariake Gymnastics Stadium, Tokyo International Forum, etc. -Started multilingual environment development using SoundUD at facilities owned by Tokyo

Yamaha Corporation Implemented at all 12 facilities, including Tokyo Stadium, Ariake Gymnastics Stadium, and Tokyo International Forum -Started multilingual environment development using SoundUD at facilities owned by Tokyo Entrusted with the Tokyo consignment project “Business consignment such as introduction of multilingual broadcasting equipment in metropolitan facilities” Yamaha Co., Ltd. has now commissioned the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “Entrustment of Multilingual Broadcasting Equipment for Metropolitan Facilities”. In this business, the environment for introducing multilingual broadcasting applications using our SoundUD * will be prepared by March 2020 in 12 facilities owned by Tokyo and others. In this way, it will be possible to display the contents in a multilingual translated text on the smartphone of the visitor in a form linked to the announcements that flow at each facility in real time. We will continue to promote the introduction of “SoundUD” together with members of the “SoundUD Promotion Consortium” consisting of 294 companies and organizations, so that foreigners and people with disabilities can enjoy safe, secure and comfortable facilities. We will continue to support the improvement of available environments. * Sound Universal Design. Platforms and technologies developed and advocated by Yamaha to convey information equally to everyone across language and hearing barriers. Tokyo Gymnasium / Tokyo International Forum / Musashino Forest Sports Plaza Tokyo Stadium / Ariake Arena / Ariake Gymnastics Stadium Ariake Tennis Forest / Oi Hockey Stadium / Umi no Mori Water Stadium Canoe Slalom Center / Tokyo Aquatics Center / Tokyo Tatsumi International Swimming Center [Image 1

State of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “FY2018 Study on Utilization of ICT at Competition Venues” To date, we have supported multilingual initiatives for public facilities in cooperation with the SoundUD Promotion Consortium member companies and partners. In 2016, evacuation at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku conducted in preparation of the “education / training program” in the “Study Committee on Evacuation Guidance in Facilities Used by Foreign Visitors” by the Fire Department Prevention Division, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Starting from training, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “SoundUD” was used, including “Investigation and research on ICT utilization at the 2018 competition venue” and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Contract research on provision of evacuation information at the 2019 competition venue”. We have supported the development of an environment where facilities can be used safely, safely and comfortably, and have confirmed their usefulness. Confirmed great effect by evacuation drills for foreigners and people with hearing impairments [Image 2

To the wrong exit because you cannot understand the details of the evacuation guidance announcement [Image 3

Immediate evacuation guidance announcements are translated and displayed for the correct exit [Image 4

Did you understand the correct evacuation information using SoundUD? n = 110 “SoundUD” (Sound Universal Design) is a platform and technology developed and advocated by the Company to convey information equally to everyone across language and hearing barriers. Enables information to be displayed on ICT devices such as smartphones using voice as the starting point without going through the Internet. For example, the translation information can be displayed in text in conjunction with the announcement, or useful information can be displayed in conjunction with the background music. Another feature is that it supports not only voice, but also information provision in conjunction with GPS and Bluetooth (R). With the “SoundUD” compatible spot, if you have one compatible application, you can easily access various information required in that space. In October 2017, we launched the “SoundUD Promotion Consortium” with our company as the secretariat, and we are currently working with 294 companies and organizations to promote the cross-industry of transportation, facilities, tourism and media. “SoundUD Promotion Consortium” Official Website: https://soundud.org/ [Image 5

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