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Masahiro Inoue Directed stage “ABSO-METAL”-Value x Time = Happy Medal-Appearance of Tojin Kimito as a special guest! ! *

Style office Masahiro Inoue Directed stage “ABSO-METAL” ~ Value x Time = Happiness Medal ~ ! * …………………………………………………………………………………………… In January 2019, they performed “Kin no Fang -JINGA-Reincarnation” at the Galactic Theater and attracted attention as the stage using Japan’s first fusion screen. Silver rock salt producing new entertainment is the title of the original work at Kokumin Mutual Aid Coop Hall (All Labor Residential Hall) / Space Zero on September 4 (Wed)-8 (Sun), 2019. 4 FUSIONICAL STAGE “ABSO-METAL”-Value x Time = Happiness Medal-Challenge new entertainment. At this time, when this work was about 10 days left until the actual production, it was decided that Toya Kimito will appear only as a special guest on Thursday, September 5th. Masato Inoue, who also plays the role of this work, appeared in the role of Kadoya / Kamen Rider Decade, and in the Kamen Rider Decade, Kimito Toya appeared as Daiki Haito / Kamen Rider Diend. It will be the first performance in about 10 years. Comments from these two people have also arrived.

■ Comments from Kimito Toya This time we will be a guest on ABSO-METAL! I’m really looking forward to the starring stage of cute junior Masaki Maki, and the direction of Masahiro Inoue, a 10-year-old partner. See you at the theater on the day!
■ Comment by Masahiro Inoue How many years have you ever performed with him on stage? During this time, I was unavoidably co-starring with a Kamen Rider, but how do you come to destroy the world of ABSO-METAL again this time? . . I’ll just be careful not to steal anything. . . Please come to the stage to see the two people after a long time. The contents may be … Silver rock salt Vol.4 FUSIONICAL STAGE “ABSO-METAL” – Value × Time = Medal of Happiness – is more important than ever.
[Outline of performance]
Silver rock salt vol.4 FUSIONICAL STAGE “ABSO-METAL”-Value x time = happiness medal- 2019.9.4 (WED) ~ 8 (SUN) Kokumin Mutual Aid Coop Hall (All Labor Residential Hall) / Space Zero
◆ Synopsis
◆ “Currency was the most universal and efficient system human creation. Until the birth of Absolute Metal…” A young man Luka who has transferred to “AMORDIE”. The school is in a special environment where talent, appearance, wealth, vitality, and all the elements that make up the human being are converted into possession metal, and only absolute metal is the only absolute value. Had dominated the school with overwhelming power. Luka and Nizel, the encounter is fate or mischief of God? The sensational turmoil that occurs around Absolute Metal will eventually be amplified by involving all students and the entire world. “But, humans have something that can’t be replaced by absolute metal. Only one thing.”
◆ Casting
◆ Masaki Moe Ito Yusuke Yuma Shungo Takasaki Erika Niwa Anka Sugawara doNcHY .. LILY Bad mask Nanshishihiro Kazuma Sato Daisuke Sato Shinichi Godai Sakuragi Maito Yu Tamami Sakai Saoto Ai Tezuka RYU Dragon EGA Yuichiro Hashimoto SHUTO Yoshi Daiki Kawashima Venus Angelic (video appearance) Arihiro Iwata Izumi Sobu Kimito Toya (Special Guest: Appears only on 9/5) Masahiro Inoue
◆ Performance schedule
◆ 9/4 (Wednesday) 19:00 9/5 (Thu) 14:00 (special guest: Kimito Toya) 9/5 (Thu) 19:00 (special guest: Kimito Toya) 9/6 (Friday) 14:00 9/6 (Friday) 19:00 9/7 (Sat) 14:00 9/7 (Sat) 19:00 9/8 (Sunday) 13:00 9/8 (Sunday) 17:00
◆ Venue
◆ Kokumin Mutual Aid Coop Hall (All Labor Residential Hall) / Space Zero
◆ Tickets
◆ ・ Premium seat (front seat with benefits) 8,500 yen
Non-sale mini booklet ・ General seat 7,200 yen ・ Same-day ticket 7,700 yen ・ Visual sheet 7,700 yen (rear center block) ・ General seat 7,200 yen ・ Same-day ticket
[visual sheet 8,200 yen, general 7,700 yen]

◆ Handling
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◆ Screenplay: Taizo Shioda Director: Masahiro Inoue Art / Lighting: Yuji Sekiguchi (balance, inc.DESIGN) Video: Yoriko Jun Stylist: Akihiko Kuroda (KUMSTYLE) Hair Make: Yuka Ito Acoustic: Masato Yuriyama (SE System) Action Director: Nanji Shihiro (BRATS) Dance choreography: EGA Weapon production: Yakuhoito Music production: Daiki Kawashima Stage director: Toshihiro Kajiura Director of production: Reina Otomo Video recording: Hiroaki Mizuno Promotional art: Ikeda Sousui Advertising art cooperation: Fumito Ishii (Du-up) Photo: Mikako Watanabe Production management: Yoneda Motoi Voucher / Same-day management: Junichi Shibata (Tokyo Otokyo) Theme song: Ito Lyrics Taro Organizer: Silver rock salt
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