[AWA Co., Ltd.] A playlist on the theme of “Let’s walk around one station” at Red Park is now available on “AWA”. In addition, we hold a present campaign to win autographed goods

AWA Corporation The red park has a playlist on the theme of “Let’s walk around a station” on “AWA”. In addition, we hold a present campaign to win autographed goods
August 25, 2019 Each AWA Corporation President Tetsutaro Ono [Image

Subscription-type (flat-rate) music streaming service “AWA” operated by AWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Tetsutaro Ono) will be launched on August 25, 2019. Red Park has released a playlist with a selection of songs based on the theme of “Let’s walk one station”. In addition, a gift campaign for autographed goods will also be held. The playlist released this time was created to commemorate the distribution of the first single “Ryo Rin” that was released on Wednesday, August 21, 2019 after the transfer of Epic Records. The music is selected with the theme of “Let’s walk on the station”. THE CHARM PARK “Still in Love” wrapped in an organic and pleasant sound, with this up-tempo work that sang the value of living swiftly without being swayed by various interpretations from the outside, Tokyo Songs such as “Don’t leave me” from Disco New Wave Have a Nice Day! Please enjoy the new work and playlist of the red park that has become a new system and has made a new start. In addition, AWA official Twitter is also offering a present campaign where you can win a red park autographed AWA cap. Retweet the designated posts on AWA official Twitter and present them by lottery from those who follow this account.
▼ AWA Official Twitter Post URL https://twitter.com/AWA_official/status/1165428578806198272 “AWA” started providing services in May 2015. The monthly number of songs is 960 yen (tax included), the number of songs distributed is about 55 million, and the number of playlists of celebrities and users who can only listen to “AWA” Has grown to become the largest music streaming service in Japan, with approximately 11 million subscribers. Furthermore, in October 2018, a business tie-up was made with the short movie app “TikTok”, enabling users of “TikTok” to shoot videos using more music. In addition, if you find a song you like, you can now play the sound source on the “TikTok” app. We will pursue services that allow you to enjoy “meeting” and “reunion” with new music comfortably, expand functions and music, and aim to boost the entire Japanese music industry.
■ “Selected by Red Park: Let’s walk around a station” 01. 凛 爛 / red park 02. DAY DREAM BEAT 03. Choose Yr Side and Shut Up! / Johnny Foreigner 04. more feat. DedachiKenta & FUNTYME / AmPm 05.Still in Love / THE CHARM PARK 06. One / RIP SLYME 07.Superhero 08. Slow Slow Train 09. Taiyou Morpho / Natsuko Solar Eclipse 10. Moments / Swavek Yasukuke 11. Time to BABEL / Dance Foot Works 12. Piece Of Mind / Kehlani 13. Too Proud featuring Jevon / Hikaru Utada 14. Don’t leave me / Have a Nice Day! 15. Flashback! / Owl 16. Rain / Chisato Oe 17. If Only / Sondre Lerche 18. Blue / MoM
▼ Playlist URL https://t.co/alGaVMrfJM?amp=1
■ Red Park Formed in January 2010. Riko Ishino (Vo.), Yonezaki Tsuno (Gt.), Hikari Fujimoto (Ba.), Naho Utagawa (Dr.). Encountered in the high school light music club, Tsuno joined as a support for the bands of Fujimoto, Utagawa, Chiaki Sato (former Vo.). Based in Tokyo / Tachikawa BABEL, made major debut in February 2012. It boasts a high performance as a rock band and features a catchy melody fusion that you will never forget once you listen. In 2014, 2nd AL “Furious Rhythmic” was “56th Shining! Received “Japan Record Award” Excellent Album Award. Yonezaki Tsuno, who mainly composes and composes songs, starts with SMAP’s SG “Joy !!”, YUKI and Morning Musume. His writing skills, such as providing songs for ’16, have been highly evaluated in many fields. In August 2017, Sato of former Vo. Left. While searching for a vocalist, we met a fateful encounter with Ishino who was dissolved by the group Idol Renaissance at the same time. Instant decision to join. The decisive factor was a straight singing voice. In May 2018, “VIVA LA ROCK 2018” was announced as a surprise to join Ishino, and became a hot topic as the Twitter trend ranked first. The different colors of “rock band” and “former idol” will become a further spice, and we expect to meet four people who will utter their souls and sound their souls.
■ App Overview “AWA” is a subscription-type (flat-rate) music streaming service provided by AWA Inc., a joint investment between CyberAgent and Avex Digital Inc. The service was launched in May 2015, with 55 million songs distributed and approximately 11 million playlists created by celebrities and users. In November 2016, we announced a new “Free Plan” that allows you to use all functions except “offline playback” for free per month. A new feature “Highlight Playback” that allows cross-fade playback of short versions of songs has also been added, and the total number of downloads has exceeded 19 million (as of July 13, 2019). In addition, in the Japanese version of Google Play “Best of 2017” announced in December 2017, it won the “2017 Best App”, which is the top of the app. In October 2018, short mu Formed business alliance with B platform “TikTok” in the music business. “AWA” has grown into the largest music streaming service in Japan, both in name and reality. Name: “AWA” https://awa.fm/ Recommended environment:

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