[Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd.] “Your turn” theme song “I want to meet you” 9/4 release CD buyers, 100 people will be invited by lottery and the event will be held on the final day of the drama .

Sony Music Labels Inc. The event for the final day of the drama was decided by inviting 100 people by lottery for those who purchased the CD for 9/4 release of the theme song “I want to meet you”, “Your turn is”. “I want to meet you” is the theme song for the TV drama Sunday drama “Your turn” is sung by Shota Tezuka, the main character who plays Tanaka Kei. The CD will be released on September 4th, and the contents of the recording have already been announced, but this time a new lottery plan for purchasers of the first limited edition and the first edition of the regular edition will be implemented. It was announced. [Image 1

[Image 2

Already, the contents of the first production limited edition / standard edition of the CD have been announced, but only the first edition of the first production limited edition and the regular edition will include a flyer with the application ID for the WEB application lottery plan. Is decided. The prize of this project is 100 people invited to the “Aiming for the Drama Last Time! Shota Tezuka“ Inquiries ”” event as the A Award, and the “Bai Iyoyo Original B2 Poster” as the B Award to 50 people Presented. The A prize event will be held at some place in Tokyo on Sunday, September 8, 2019, the final day of the drama. The application method is a system that lets you access the WEB page described in the flyer enclosed in the product, and enter the ID and required information that are also described, so that you can recognize the success on the spot. You can check the details of the application lottery plan and how to apply on the official website of Sony Music’s Shota Tezuka “I want to meet you”. CDs can be reserved at various CD shops and EC sites, so check it out. Some CD shops / EC sites have also decided to present original postcards to CD buyers as a first-come-first-serve reservation benefit. Also about that, stores that are eligible for gifts are posted on the official website of Sony Music. [Image 3

As for the contents of the CD, the first production limited edition will include 2 new songs sung by “Shota Tezuka” in addition to “Ai Taiyo”, in addition to a total of 3 songs, as well as the instrumental sound source of each song, and the accompanying DVD In addition to the already released Music Video “Drama Special Cut Ver.”, The drama video is extracted from the video, and the music video “Uncut Ver.” And Music Video containing Shota Tezuka’s uncut video performed by Kei Tanaka Is also recorded. The regular edition CD includes the same three songs as the first production limited edition, plus “Piano Only Ver.” Of “I want to meet” only on the regular edition. “I want to meet you”, which can only be heard on a regular CD with piano accompaniment and singing voice. “Your turn” is a series of two cool dramas for the first time in 25 years on NTV, starting in April by Tomoyo Harada and Kei Tanaka. Yuki Akimoto works as a plan / draft for a mystery film depicting the newly-married couple of the year played by Harada and Tanaka. As well as the shocking development of each time, it attracts attention from the depth of the mystery-solving element as a mystery, and “#Your turn” is the first in the world trend ranking on Twitter when the first episode of the first chapter is broadcast It is a drama showing excitement. Chapter 2 “Counterattack” currently being broadcast Also, each broadcast continues to call on the topic of shocking development and the character density of each character. “I want to meet” is broadcast from the play at the start of “Counterattack”, and the contents of the lyrics are drawn as if it was the thought itself towards the wife, Nana of Shota Tezuka, the main character, Because who was singing and what song title was not disclosed at all, various speculations were called on Twitter and a discussion site appeared. After that, the singer name and song title were announced, and DL distribution started. Other than 14 other distribution sites, it was ranked first on the list, and it was a big topic along with the drama.
▼ Shota Tezuka “I want to meet” CD reservation & product details
▼ Reservation is here → https://smr.lnk.to/r7nnFWN Limited edition: CD + DVD (SRCL-11295) ¥ 1,800 + tax -First Limited Edition CD- 1. I want to meet 2. Bookmark 3. Road along the river 4. I want to meet you (Instrumental) 5. Bookmark (Instrumental) 6. Road along the river (Instrumental) -First Limited Edition DVD- 1. “I want to meet you” Music Video 2. Making of “I want to meet you” * Includes a serial ID flyer included for lottery application *
Regular Edition: CD only (SRCL-22197) ¥ 1,300 + tax -Normal CD- 1. I want to meet 2. Bookmark 3. Road along the river 4. I want to meet -Piano Only Ver.- * As a limited edition for the first time, a flyer with a serial ID for lottery benefits is included *
▼ Click here for details on lottery benefits for CD buyers
▼ Prize A: “In front of the final drama! 100 people invited to” Taking the event “to Shota Tezuka September 8, 2019 (Sunday) 12:00 Opening / Reception starts 13:00 Start in Tokyo (Venue information will be announced only to winners) Application period: September 3, 2019 (Tuesday) noon to September 7, 2019 (Saturday) noon B prize: “I want to meet” original B2 poster, present to 50 people * Prizes can only be shipped in Japan. Shipment overseas is not supported. This present will be for appliers from Japan only. We will not ship internationally. Application period: September 3, 2019 (Tuesday) noon to September 15, 2019 (Sunday) noon Please check the Sony Music official site below for details and details on how to apply. https://www.sonymusic.co.jp/artist/shotatezuka/info/509785
▼ Stores eligible for postcard gifts for CD buyers
▼ https://www.sonymusic.co.jp/artist/shotatezuka/info/509786
▼ “I want to meet” Music Video -Drama Special Cut Ver.-
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