[Mori Trust Co., Ltd.] Area events held by 26 companies and organizations related to Kamiyacho! TOKYO God Valley WEEK -Kamiyacho 2019-

Mori Trust Co., Ltd. Area event held by 26 companies and organizations related to Kamiyacho! TOKYO God Valley WEEK -Kamiyacho 2019- Bless Your Physical! Bless your heart and body! -Main content dates: September 6 (Friday), 7 (Saturday) Event week: September 6 (Friday)-12 (Thursday) Founded by Mori Trust Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Miwako Date), the “Kamiyacho God Valley Council” is a globally advanced company and organization related to Kamiyacho and local town associations. The event “TOKYO God Valley WEEK -Kamiyacho 2019-” (free admission), where members of the council gathered to gather a variety of content, will be held on September 6 (Friday) and 7 (Saturday), 2019 (some content) Will be held at “Shiroyama Garden” (Minato-ku, Tokyo) on the 12th (Thursday). [Image 1

As an international business exchange base in Tokyo, this event will connect the world and Japan, the city center and regions, and experience the future of the Kamiyacho area that will transform into a “global and creative area where new value is born”. Themed event. This year will be held for the second time. “Health and physical health” and “Food” will allow you to experience “Wellness”, one of the pillars of our vision of “Kamiyacho God Valley”. In addition to things related to the above, we have content that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. An exhibition of table tennis and corporate table tennis competitions using unusual projection mapping, and rugby player goods that will be held in Japan this year. Furthermore, we will transmit various forms of “wellness” from the Kamiyacho area through contents that can be learned while having fun, such as robot programming classes and talk shows by hot chefs.
■ Wellness (Body sports) Projection Mapping Table Tennis / Competitive Table Tennis Tournament A table tennis area including digital table tennis activities will be established. On September 6th (Friday), a table tennis tournament will be held with the participation of companies and organizations in the Kamiyacho area to enhance the unity of the area. [Image 2

Projection mapping table tennis (Body food) Mr. Keisuke Matsushima talk show “Dangerous food common sense!” A talk show by Mr. Keisuke Matsushima will be held. We will provide a “UMAMI bento” that does not use salt for the first 80 participants. * Advance application system on HP [Image 3

Keisuke Matsushima Eneko chef lecture “Assurmendi” owner chef, Eneko Acha, came to Japan. We will give a lecture at the Spanish Embassy on the “Sustainable Restaurant Practice” we are working on. The first 100 people will be provided with Spanish mineral water, Solan de Cabras. * Advance application system on HP [Image 4

Eneko Acha (Heart, education) Programlab -Robot programming- “Tokyo Metro × Programbo” will hold a robot programming class that has attracted attention in recent years. Through programming education that can be experienced in a short amount of time without reservations, we will develop the ability to think and do well for the children who will lead the future. [Image 5

e-sports experience / SPEED CHESS etc. In addition to the popular game title experience, you can see the demonstrations of professional gamers under the status of TV Tokyo Taguchi Ana. In addition, games such as “SPEED CHESS” are available, where you can play sports with a sense of speed without knowing the rules of chess. [Image 6

■ Other contents Real treasure hunt game A treasure hunt game will be held in Kamiyacho. Get treasures around Kamiyacho! [Image 7

Kamiyacho made by everyone / Sweden Toy Corner Using Lego blocks and Plarail, both children and adults will create the future Kamiyacho. [Image 8

Onarimon Junior High School brass band club The performance of brass band music by Onarimon Junior High School students will be performed. [Image 9

There are many other contents such as the appearance of Tokyo Tower’s mascot “Noppon”, sampling of gummy for children from Vidal in Spain, startup pitch event where companies related to Kamiyacho talk about the future, screening of pre-release movies, etc. For details of each event, please see the Kamiyacho area website https://www.kamiyacho-gv.com/. * Please note that some pre-registration content is available. * All photos are images.
[TOKYO God Valley WEEK-Kamiyacho 2019-Outline]
■ Date: September 6 (Friday)-12 (Thursday) * Main content dates: Friday, September 6 (11: 00-20: 30), Saturday, September 7 (11: 00-18: 00)
■ Venue: Shiroyama Garden (Address: 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo) [Image 10

■ Access: “Kamiyacho Station” (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line) 3-minute walk from Kamiyacho MT Building Exit “Roppongi 1-chome Station” (Tokyo Metro Namboku Line) 6 minute walk from Izumi Garden Exit * General time rental parking lot Opening hours 7:00 to 24:00 all day
■ Organizer: Kamiyacho God Valley Council <Chairperson<Vice Chairperson[Image 11

Member of Kamiyacho God Valley Council
■ Support: Minato City, Minato City Board of Education, Minato City Tourism Association Event information will be updated on the website and official SNS as needed. (Official website: https://www.kamiyacho-gv.com/) * Event details and dates are subject to change.

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