T-Point Japan signs official sponsorship agreement with T-League table tennis

CCC T-point Japan signs official sponsorship agreement with T-League table tennis -Starting crowdfunding-“Ping-pong table to the office to improve communication! T Point Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and COO: Kazuhiko Kitamura) is a general incorporated association T-League (headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; chairman: Koji Matsushita) We have signed an official sponsor agreement in March 2019 and will be working on a full-scale support project from the Nojima T-League 2019-2020, which will open on August 29. [Image 1

The table tennis T-League is based on the philosophy of “realizing the world’s top table tennis league”, “improving sports business value of table tennis” and “enriching life through table tennis”. In addition, we are working with the Japan Table Tennis Association and other related organizations to realize the T-League concept. In the first season “Nojima T-League 2018-2019”, which opened in October 2018, the total number of visitors to 86 games for men and women was about 110,000. T-point Japan aims to have many people experience the wonderful power of sports = “moving people’s hearts”, such as golf, baseball, soccer, basketball, skiing, formula car racing, etc. We collaborate with various sports. This time, I am sympathizing with the attitude of the “T-League”, which has been devoted to strengthening table tennis that is familiar to a wide range of people internationally. We have decided to have As the first support project, the communication tool “T” that the T-League devised on the cloud funding site “GREEN FUNDING” operated by One More Co., Ltd., a group of Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. Crowdfunding (https://greenfunding.jp/) of the League Official Original Table Tennis Table [Smash it! Table] will start on August 29 (Thu). We expect that table tennis fans will increase from familiar places through this office table tennis table diffusion project. [Image 2

T Point Japan also conducted a visitor questionnaire at the Nojima T-League 2018-2019 Season Playoff Final on March 17. Among them, “Table Tennis” is a sport that has a lot of experience playing at schools, hot spring lodgings, public halls, etc., and watching T-League with spouses, lovers and children, The results show that they are enjoying the sport as a friendly sport for a wide range of generations, from adults to adults. [Image 3

■ Comments from the T-League I feel reassured that many people in Japan can work with T-Points. In addition, this time, it was also possible to see how a wide range of people, both young and old, are familiar with table tennis. From now on, we will deepen our cooperation with T-points, such as marketing of visitors and efforts to penetrate table tennis into Japan and overseas.
■ T-League overview A national league of table tennis that started in the fall of 2018. Four teams participated in both men and women, each team fought in the regular season of 21 games, and the top two teams advanced to the final. Determine the champion team. Each team is required to participate in the race with the requirement that one or more of the world’s top players belong, such as having been ranked in the top 10 world rankings within the past two years. Not only Japanese players but also the world’s top players are expected to participate. T-League official website: https://tleague.jp/ * The German table tennis league is a pyramid type that is divided into levels from 1st to 16th. The 1st and 2nd parts are called “Bundesliga”, not only in Germany but also in many other countries including Japan. Players are participating.
■ GREEN FUNDING overview A crowdfunding site operated by the CCC Group. In cooperation with approximately 1,500 stores in Japan, “Ashiya Shoten”, “Ashiya Home Appliances”, and “TSUTAYA”, various projects such as gadgets, miscellaneous goods, movies, publishing, music, and sports are posted. Together with 40 partners, we support over 1.8 billion yen in funding for over 1100 projects. GREEN FUNDING: https://greenfunding.jp/

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