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  • 2020 Compulsory programming education at elementary school. Utilizing programming learning materials of team lab. STEAM Learning Promotion Association opens a programming class for children.

2020 Compulsory programming education at elementary school. Utilizing programming learning materials of team lab. STEAM Learning Promotion Association opens a programming class for children.

STEAM Learning Promotion Association 2020 Compulsory programming education at elementary school. Utilizing programming learning materials of team lab. STEAM Learning Promotion Association opens a programming class for children. -Sequentially open nationwide from winter 2019- The STEAM Learning Promotion Association (headquarters: Kyoto City, Chairman: Tatsuo Yasuda), who implements STEAM education, utilized programming learning materials provided by team labs that develop systems and digital content using the latest technology. A co-creative programming class “Play! Developed “Genius Programming School”. Not only learning programming, but also moving the character “People” drawn by the children themselves and doing group learning with classmates and working with the problem-solving power, creativity, and people needed in the AI ​​era You can nurture the collaborative power to advance. The classroom will start in winter 2019, starting with the “Ecole de Anfan”, a global school for studying in Nagoya, which is a pre-testing school.
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■ Background of the opening of the “co-creation programming class” From April 2020, programming education will be compulsory at elementary schools. This is for the purpose of human resource development required in the upcoming AI era or the Society 5.0 * 1 era advocated by the government. It is said that about 50% of the working population in Japan will be replaced by AI and robots, etc., as conventional routine work and other tasks performed based on rules will be replaced. STEAM Learning Promotion Association and team lab consider that collaborative creativity is the most important thing in the future society, that is, collaborative creativity, and change the day to a more co-creative experience through the experience of enjoying co-creation I think that experience is very important for people now. Along with the enforcement of the Course of Study * 3, programming classes have begun in various places, and the learning materials consist mainly of learning with robots and scratches. At present, there have been issues such as few tasks that foster joint creativity, such as many tasks that can be basically completed by individuals alone, and easy bias toward “working” skill learning that makes full use of tools. Under such circumstances, the STEAM Learning Promotion Association has set up “Development of 21st Century Skills” as its banner, based on STEAM learning advocated by the company. In the “OECD Education 2030 Project” announced by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the competence required in 2030 (behavioral characteristics that produce results through work) is “power to create new value”, “conflict” And the ability to overcome the dilemma and the ability to take responsible action. Based on these, STEAM Learning Promotion Association has developed a learning curriculum using Team Lab’s programming learning materials. I started “School of Genius Programming”. [Image 2

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* 1): Society 5.0: A human-centered society that achieves both economic development and solutions to social issues through a highly integrated system of cyber space and physical space. * 2): According to the paper “THE FUTURE OF EMPLOYMENT, 2013” * 3): According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s “2017/30 Revised Study Guidelines, Explanations, etc.”
■ Learning material “Play! What is Genius Programming You learn the programming while playing by moving the picture you drew in the program you created. The program is created by operating the tablet and combining blocks, so you can intuitively learn the basic idea of ​​programming. If you freely draw “People” on paper, your life will come to life and appear in the grassland. People can make various movements such as walking and running, jumping and surprises, cheer dances and solan dances. People can be moved freely by instructing the order of movement, time, and direction from the tablet. This grassland also has people made by people around it. You may collide with other people, talk to them, or do something unexpected by yourself. Through your own people, you can interact with other people by interacting with other people by programming or interacting with each other and creating new ways of playing. URL: https://www.teamlab.art/jp/w/programming [Image 4

■ Curriculum to learn three abilities through team co-creation experience (1) Problem-solving ability through programming thinking Learn about space recognition, automation by branching and repetition, exploring the shortest route and designing time to match timing. This is a curriculum where you can acquire problem-solving skills through programming thinking. (2) Creativity Experience creation through a curriculum that creates dance, music, and stories. Repeat the process of observing what is currently present, learning the type, and trying different combinations. Learn that anyone can create. (3) Collaborative power A group of several people and all of the classes will work on group work. You will experience a process where a variety of solutions are born as you make a strategy to win the game or devise game rules so that more people can enjoy it. [Image 5

■ “Play! Features of “Genius Programming School” The following three points are different from the conventional programming class. (1) Mechanism to increase student motivation Students learn programming by moving “people” drawn by students. Unlike classrooms where everyone uses the same looking robots, students work hard to get their emotions into their “people” and move freely. Girls are also crazy about participating. (2) Original design of class In addition to individual skill improvement, we designed classes to create and solve problems as a team. In order to cultivate basic abilities and creativity firmly in accordance with the abilities and learning speed of each student, a detailed difficulty level design is applied to the tasks to be tackled in class. Team-creating and problem-solving time provides a unique learning experience not available in other classrooms. Develop creativity together with your friends, while you are amazed at the troubles and miracles caused by you and your people on the big screen. (3) Lecturers who foster creativity Instructors who conduct classes while enhancing student motivation and drawing out students ‘abilities are equipped with skills for creativity, expression and collaboration in addition to programming thinking, and nurture students’ creativity as facilitators . [Image 6

■ “Play! Genius Programming School” is scheduled to open Beginning in the winter of 2019, we will start with “Ecole de Enfant”, a global school for students in Nagoya, the pre-testing school. In the future, we plan to expand franchise nationwide and expand overseas. [Image 7

Ecole de Anfan With the goal of “nurturing future leaders” for fathers and mothers who are active in society with the wish of “the best education for their valued children” This is an educational school that nurtures not only “scholastic ability” that will pass the first applicant school, but also “physical ability”, “English ability”, “human network power” and strong “human ability” through taking the exam and studying abroad. With the goal of “being aware of the education desired by the times and pioneering it,” the “Tokyo University III Brain Project” was launched and “STEAM Education” was introduced in earnest. STEAM Learning Promotion Association The STEAM Learning Promotion Association has been active in the period of great social change called the 4th Industrial Revolution and has provided “Different Programming Learning Content” to contribute to the creation of the world’s leading STEAM-type GLOBAL human resources. To go. People who live in this era need a different way of learning from their parents’ generation. In the present day when the Internet has become widespread, not only in physical space (real space) but also in cyber space (virtual space), we often sympathize with many people, sometimes discuss and persuade them deeply and communicate with each other. We must create new value that is not present. In order to create a new value by integrating a wide range of knowledge in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, and in particular, art The STEAM Learning Promotion Association believes that it is important to cultivate Board members of the STEAM Learning Promotion Association are composed of experts in the fields of design, painting and music as well as education, and propose “STEAM-type learning” to acquire “DesignThinking” that will be required in the future. I will continue. URL: https://playprogramming.school Team lab [Image 8

“Team Lab”, which develops systems and digital contents using the latest technology, is an ultra technology composed of specialists from various fields in the digital society, including artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects. Strike group. Working across the boundaries of art, science, technology and creativity, he works on the concept of collective creation. URL: https://www.team-lab.com/

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