Packed with the best in the world of the Summer Olympics and Paralympics “Guinness World Record 2020”

KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Packed with the best of the world of the Summer Olympics and Paralympics, “Guinness World Record 2020” A best-selling yearbook that can be enjoyed by parents and children. This year’s theme is Robot! Kadokawa ASCII Research Institute, Inc. (Head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Noriko Kase) will release Guinness World Record (R) 2020 on September 5. “Guinness World Record” is the most popular yearbook for children, the best in the world. This year, in particular, the Summer Olympics and Paralympics, the world’s best sports, and many robot records. The classic superhuman records, huge records, celebrities and world records from all over Japan are also available. Includes the world’s best summer Olympics and Paralympics The Olympics range from players with Guinness World Records such as table tennis Ima Misato, golf Justin Rose, and Paralympic Archery Zara Nemati to records related to tournaments such as “Olympic Village First Olympic Games” and “First Torch Relay”・ Records that make the Paralympics fun. The latest robots and celebrity records are also enhanced. There are many robots from Japan and overseas that have world records, such as science fiction robots like Star Wars’ C-3PO, AI basketball robots, push-up robots, and insect-type robots. In the Japanese original page, world records of famous places such as THE ALFEE, Yoshiharu Hanyu, Tetsuya Takeda, the largest instant noodle tasting party, the largest rugby scrum, a swing set that can ride 100 people at the same time, etc. Is also substantial. While having fun, children can learn the “scale” of the world This book introduces the best in the world with rich visuals. For example, on the page of “the tallest tree”, we compared about 115m of Sequoia to the height of Big Ben in England. It explains why you can grow up so high. By knowing the world’s largest and world’s smallest, that is, by knowing the “scale” of the world, children can enjoy learning about their position in this world. [Image 1

Hen: Craig Glendi List price: 3,300 yen + tax Size: A4 size deformation Number of pages: 272 pages All color ISBN: 978-4-04-911033-3 Issue: Kadokawa ASCII Research Institute Release: KADOKAWA Inc. (C) 2019 Guinness World Records Limited [Main contents of this document] 1. Get to know the best of the Summer Olympics and Paralympics for 2020! The Olympic and Paralympic Games each time a wonderful record is born. A number of players and tournament records certified by Guinness World Records, including Usain Bolt and Michael Jordan. [Image 2

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2. Posted useful information such as robots, technology, natural environment, and amazing records! It’s packed with useful information such as Boston Dynamics and Agility Robotics robots, the fastest self-driving cars, the largest science museum, and plastic garbage found deep in the ocean. [Image 5

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3. Classic superhuman records, huge records, collector’s records. There is such a person! The most superlative record, a huge collection, a huge collection, which is a classic of Guinness World Records, such as the most toothpick to put on the beard, the most spoon on the face, the heaviest snake, the collection of dragon balls and transformers Is also substantial this year. In addition, this year we have picked up soap bubbles and speed cubing. [Image 8

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[Image 10

“Guinness World Record 2020” lottery Letter from the editor-in-chief Guinness World Record Day Most watched Guinness World Record videos Tokyo will get hot in 2020! Speed ​​and height / Strength and technology / Memories and records / Historical records Japan original page Artists, actors, players / talents and eutubers / world-class Japanese brands / the best in the world using the body / everyone’s challenge / a lot of amazing feats / huge things, a lot of things / the most athletes in the world Earth Snapshot: The tallest tree / North America / South America / Africa / Europe / Asia / Oceania / Antarctica / Summary animal Snapshot: The largest crocodile type ever / desert / grass / mountain / open ocean / rainforest and forest / reef and coast / river / lake / wetland / tundra / ice / snow / pet / summary Human Snapshot: Tallest men / oldest people / hair / body beautiful / body hacking / size issues / summary Records Snapshot: Enjoy the biggest pizza / collection / tremendous food / food! / Challenge with everyone / Strength and stamina / Strange feats / Amazing skills / Soap bubbles! / Fire! / People are Awesome / Summary Hot sports Float in the air / play like a pro / skillfully balance / speed cubing Adventurous Snapshot: Largest popular ball / ground / air / underwater / mountainer / climbing / ice world / summary society Snapshot: The richest person / school / big business / rich people / shopping / the most expensive / consumer technology / urban life / environmental conservation / summary robot What is a robot? / Robocar / Dragonfly robot “Bionic Opter” / Atlas / M-2000iA / Kengoro / Kathy / X-47B UCAS / Wildcat / Curiosity / Robbie the Robot Technology and engineering Snapshot: Biggest space facility / Surprising vehicle / Big science / Giant things / Big toys / Architecture / Sticky things / Space exploration / Summary Art & Media Snapshot: Highest image / Movie 1 / Movie 2 / Music 1 / Music 2 / Video game / Fort Knight / TV: Highest demand … / Comic / Social network / Summary Sports Olympic Preview / American Football / Baseball / Basketball / Ice Hockey / Soccer / Rugby / Tennis / Ball Sports / Cricket / Martial Arts / Bicycling / Auto Sports / Weightlifting / Artistic Sports / Target Sports / Golf / Athletics / Marathon / Swimming / Water Sports / Winter Sports / Extreme Sports / World Sports / Summary Records across Japan Niconico Super Conference [What is Guinness World Record?] The Guinness World Record began in Ireland in 1951 with the question “What is the fastest hunting bird?” Held by the Chief of the Guinness Brewery. Currently, it is published every year as the world’s largest, small, heavy, light, fast, high, etc. book that introduces the world’s best and introduces in rich visuals. Published in countries around the world. Widely known as a classic Christmas present in Europe and America, this yearbook is very popular with children and their mothers in Japan. * About the release of videos on the website Many of the world record videos published in this book are available on the Guinness World Records Japan Co., Ltd. website (URL).

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