[2K / Press Release] Here it is. The future of NBA. The latest popular series “NBA (R) 2K20” is available today!

2K [2K / Press Release] Here it is. The future of NBA. The latest popular series “NBA (R) 2K20” is available today! The Washington Wizards player Yasushi Yamura also appears in the game! The world’s only NBA official basketball game released worldwide Today, 2K announced that the NBA (R) 2K20, the world’s best-selling NBA official basketball game, has been released worldwide! NBA 2K20 continues to challenge the possibilities of sports games, aiming to exceed the limits, with the highest graphic quality, innovative game modes, and a wide range of player operations and customization. TOKYO-September 6, 2019-Today, 2K announced that the world’s best-selling NBA official basketball game, NBA (R) 2K20, has been released worldwide! NBA 2K20 continues to challenge the possibilities of sports games, aiming to exceed the limits, with the highest graphic quality, innovative game modes, and a wide range of player operations and customization. In addition, NBA 2K20 will play a role as a “platform” that brings game fans and basketball fans together and creates the future of basketball culture through the open world “Neighborhood” that allows online connection with basketball fans around the world. It has become. “Every year the Visual Concepts production team aims to break the limits of basketball games. NBA 2K20 is taking every aspect of the game to the next level. As a member of the community, basketball fans and games I’m looking forward to playing with my fans now. “(Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts) The latest trailer “NBA 2K20” Momentous Trailer ”has been released. Numerous NBA star players have appeared, big players who have been transferred also appeared in the new team, and not only the appearance of the players but also the details, such as facial expressions, flowing sweat, the players’ favorite moves, are expressed in the actual NBA You can see the reality that makes you feel breathable. Experience the excitement of the latest NBA with the highest graphic quality! “NBA 2K20” Momentous trailer → https://youtu.be/CTwqIsxr1Yg In Los Angeles, USA, a release commemorative event was held on September 5 (Thursday) the day before the release, in addition to influencers and artists, such as Demian Lillard, Dwayne Wade, and the cover player Anthony Davis The event venue was filled with enthusiasm with the participation of active star players and gorgeous guests. A hands-on booth was set up at the venue, where players could play games prior to launch, and many visitors enjoyed playing the game. In the venue, items that appeared in the game were displayed, and in the latter half of the event, music live by the up-and-coming rapper NLE Choppa popular in the United States was held. [Image 1

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In “NBA 2K20”, we have further developed the foundation of the series that has been built over 20 years by improving and adding various functions. Here are some of them: Ultimate Reality-NBA 2K20 is upgraded with more expressive player gestures, advanced shoot control, new dribble move sizing system, improved off-ball movement, and new lead and react defense With the motion engine, you can experience the most realistic player operation in the history of the series. Take your skills to the next level! MyCAREER “When the Light Comes Here”-The main feature of this year’s MyCAREER mode, directed by LeBron James and SpuringHill Entertainment, is a story that reflects the present, focusing on the problems that are occurring in modern society. is. Players will become a rookie of NBA expectations and seek to shine both on and off the court. It ’s up to the player to decide whether he ’s able to climb into the star ’s position. Supervised by the up-and-coming filmmaker Sheldon Candice, the amazing performance attracted by the cast of talented actors such as Idris Elba and Rosario Dawson, as well as the gorgeous cast of NBA’s old and new all-stars, impressed with the trip of MyCAREER Breathe life. MyPLAYER-A new takeover control that allows you to choose your own takeover and the MyPLAYER growth system (which allows you to tweak your badges while aiming to limit potential) MyPLAYER Builder maximizes the potential of MyPLAYER in every way. WNBA-For the first time in the series, all 12 teams belonging to WNBA and all players appear in the game. You can play in quick match mode and season mode. Of course, gameplay, animation, playstyle and visuals are all made exclusively for girls. One in Music-In collaboration with Steve Stout and UnitedMasters, this year’s soundtrack includes a wide variety of great songs from musicians from all over the world, from famous artists to newcomers. In addition, as a new attempt for creation and discovery, the soundtrack will be updated as soon as the game is released, and songs from various top artists will be updated and added as needed. Find future stars in the music world through in-game live concerts and streaming new songs. MyTEAM-Fantasy Card Collector is still alive in “NBA 2K20”. New events and prizes will also appear. MyTEAM is full of rewards, including daily goals, card upgrades, renewed triple threats and limited time events, and even more luxurious prizes. The simplified user experience will be appreciated by both experienced and newcomers. You can always stay connected with the community through locker codes, rankings, developer tips, and Team of the Week. Evolving Neighborhood-Neighborhood is even more energetic and lively. A lot of fun is waiting for players, including participation in 2K Compete events, unlocking animations with the new show-off stick, 9-hole disc golf course rounds, and the most limited gear ever. Live commentary that has improved-Kevin Harlan, Ernie Johnson and other gorgeous people in sports and video games have created a flexible game commentary just like a real broadcast. Audio experiences such as over 60,000 new lines, completely new studio shows and pre-game rituals, interviews with MyPLAYER, video and milestones, and over 2,000 audience reactions and voices that vary from venue to venue I can not see.
■ “NBA 2K20” Official Ambassador Yasushi Yamura (Washington Wizards) related information
■ Atsushi Yamura appears in the game and can be used in the game! [Image 3

Satoshi Yamura (Washington Wizards) has been appointed as the official ambassador of “NBA 2K20” in Japan. Yasushi Yamura appears not only as an ambassador, but of course as a player that can be used in the game. As with other players, you can freely manipulate the real Yamura player, who is reproduced by scanning the whole body. Please play to your heart’s best skills such as exciting dunks and splendid blocks.
■ Get an original postcard by purchasing the package version! To commemorate the release of this work, customers who purchase a packaged version at a video game store or online store nationwide will receive the “NBA 2K20” Special Yamura Kaoru Postcard ”. (Limited quantity) This postcard is a design that uses a special illustration drawn by Dai Tamura, a popular illustrator for the NBA 2K20 project, and is a precious postcard that can be obtained only for non-sale / present gift projects. We now have.
■ The original commercial featuring Yamura Yasushi is also airing! In addition, the original commercial featuring Yasushi Yamura is featured on TV mainly on the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup broadcast and sports-related programs that started on September 1, and at the same time on September 6 on the Web It has been decided that it will be developed around the release of. “NBA 2K20” Japan original TV commercial “Yamura Samurai Battle” ・ TV commercial 30 seconds: https://youtu.be/1UKPvUyXevg ・ TV commercial 15 seconds: https://youtu.be/nuNRqFFxMCY The CERO rating of “NBA 2K20” is A. For more information on NBA 2K20, please visit nba2k.jp. For the latest information on NBA 2K20, follow NBA 2K on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Click here for the official website of NBA 2K20 http://nba2k.jp/ Click here for 2K official Twitter https://twitter.com/2k_japan Click here for the official NBA 2K20 Facebook page: https://ja-jp.facebook.com/NBA2K/ 2K is a sales label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO). An online account (13 years old or older) is required to access online features. For more information https://www.take2games.com/legal/jp.html and https://www.take2games.com/privacy/jp.html please look at. The latest NBA official basketball game, the most popular and best-selling in the world! “NBA 2K” is the world’s only NBA-certified basketball game that celebrates its 20th anniversary since its launch in 1999 and is a mega-hit game with a cumulative series of over 90 million games worldwide. All NBA players, including the old and new, are registered, including “Miscellaneous of Basketball” Michael Jordan. You can also create your own original dream team. In addition, active NBA players are thoroughly pursued with realistic graphics and play sense, sound and directing enough to be used in game simulation, and there is a sense of reality that can be mistaken for real NBA video I’m waiting for you. In this work “NBA 2K20”, the game mode that was popular from the previous work has been further improved. With friends and players from around the world such as “MyCAREER mode” where you can enjoy the original character in NBA’s top player in story mode and “Neighborhood” where you can play games in the same space as other online players You can connect with basketball fans from all over the world. [Image 4

<Product informationRelease: September 6th (Friday) Price: Regular version ¥ 7,000 + tax, Digital Deluxe Edition ¥ 9,500 + tax Legend Edition ¥ 12,800 + tax Supported devices: PlayStation (R) 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Xbox One (C) 2005-2019 Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. and its subsidiaries.2K, the 2K logo, are all trademarks and / or registered trademarks of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (C) 2019 NBA Properties, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Officially licensed product of the National Basketball Players Association. [Distributor] 2K / Take Two Interactive Japan

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